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28 January 2015: DZ & Messy Marv - Rubber Ducks & Gucci Duffles

There's a brand new duet album from Frisco representative Messy Marv and Seattle, WA rapper DZ called "Rubber Ducks & Gucci Duffles". It is available on RapBay, iTunes and Amazon. The project is made of 15 tracks with guest appearances by Yukmouth, Numskull, Kurupt, J-Diggs, Guce, Glasses Malone, 40 Glocc, Matt Blaque and Luck Lav. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 January 2015: Just Nice & Stevie Ray present The Untouchables

We're back with a release date for the upcoming release by two 831 area code artists - Just Nice and Stevie Ray - called "The Untouchables". Just Nice (formerly known as J-Mac) already brought a solo titled "Lost in Translation" last year. Whereas Stevie Ray was mainly responsible for compilations / collabos and dropped such pieces as "40831 Compilation" with Lexosyl and "Lifez Cheap" with DEA this year. "The Untouchables" is set to drop on February 23rd and will include various people from the Central Coast like Yun-Gun, AK Sound 372, Dre Nitty, Superior 1, Crawlla, DEA and more. The majority of the tracks are produced by Lexo Syl and Dilom, while remaining ones by Double-R and Stranger Arranger. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 January 2015: Zipper Louie & Covatus - The Adventures Of Harvey Wallbanga & Captain Finga Banga

If you're into Vacaville rap scene you should definitely be familiar with Nasty North / Monster Grip camp. This stable has already written its own history. If I'm not mistaken the first release dropped 11 years ago and since then there were tons of new cds coming out each year. Lil Raider should be the most recognizable name, however you should have also heard of Ono Loco, Lil Toro, Filthy Fill, Zipper Louie or Shotgun Rob. Two representatives of the camp - Zipper Louie and Covatus - released their joint project in 2011. They're back with another one which is available now on RapBay and is titled "The Adventures Of Harvey Wallbanga & Captain Finga Banga". Check out the duo on Facebook.

28 January 2015: TreeChoppa - A Dose Of Medicine

Fresno representative TreeChoppa is back with a new solo album called "A Dose Of Medicine". It includes 7 tracks with appearances by Rydah J Klyde (of The Mob Figaz), Bavgate, Sleepdank, J-Rocc, Dboi, Buddah Tai, Dame Michaels and Cutt. Get the album in digitals on CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon. Visit TreeChoppa on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 January 2015: Lay Lay - The GodMother Mixtape (free)

Lay Lay hails from Fairfield and has recently brought her new solo project to the rap table called "The GodMother Mixtape". It is available for free on SoundCloud and includes 13 tracks with production from Magic Beatz, Suleman Band, Urben Beat, Banging Beats and Tye First. Follow Lay Lay on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 January 2015: Rey Resurreccion - Heart Of The City

San Jose rapper Rey Resurreccion is out with a new official release called "Heart Of The City". The project is available on iTunes and should soon arrive to other spots, including Ineffable Music website. The cd includes 14 songs with guest appearances by Pep Luv, Casual and Zumbi. The production was made by Rey Resurreccion, Weezmatic, Goldenchyld, Cutso, Chexmex, Rythmatical and Audible Doctor. Peep Rey on his website, Twitter and Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 January 2015: Majinn Kidd - Scream (deluxe edition) (free)

Hayward representative Majinn Kidd is out with a new project called "Scream: The Deluxe Edition". The album is available for free on SoundCloud and includes 19 tracks with production delivered by Dat Nigga Fritz, Raw Muzik, Dekko and Swagg B. Follow Majinn Kidd on Twitter and check him out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

26 January 2015: Daily videos update

A.R. - Name Brand
DecadeZ - Get It
Lil Goofy f. 3D - Money On My Mind
Pyro Mainy-Ac & B-Zee f. Trey Hitta - Get The Doe
Cutty Mack - I Smoke That Strong
Panda Vuitton - The Long Way
G.A.S. Click - Got No Patience
Touchscreen Trell - The Potent & Touchscreen Trell
Remedy f. Chippass - Aint Real
Chunk II & Donnie-Man - John Stockton
Tyler Gary - Midnight In Chinatown
Lil D. - Hustle Up
Sune - Hip Hop Junkie
G-Mo Skee - The Wombo Combo
AC Brady - Champagne & Remy XO
Baby Bash f. Paul Wall & Kiotti - Tattoos On Her Side
The Jacka f. Dru Down & Joe Blow - Presidents Face
Big Loco f. N-Sane & Gilly Loco - We Rockin
P3 & Ampichino - I Dont Know What 2 Do
Ronald Mack & Joski - Get Yo Facts Straight
ST Spittin f. Kiid Phresh - Switch Lanes
Louie I.N - All In
G-Eazy f. Christoph Angersson - Tumblr Girls
Mr. Revenue - Who Is Mr. Revenue?
Project Powda & Project Poppa - RNS
The Kid Ryan & Prince Sole - Picture Me Rollin
Nef The Pharaoh - Big Tymin'
Joe Blow - Going Thru It
Kahlani - First Position
Jay-T - How You Feel
Mike-Dash-E - Down For My
Young Robbery, Big Rich, Boo Banga & Peezy - Do It 4Real

You can watch all these and more in our Videos section, where we add new clips almost everyday.

25 January 2015: Stay Solid

"Stay Solid" compilation from Evilside Records is finally out. As for now you can get pressed copies directly through Smokie Loco - the creator of this project and the record label. Get at him via Facebook. iTunes, CD Baby and RapBay should have it soon. You'll also find the album at local music spots in the Bay and Sac. The project includes songs with Smokie Loco, Moreno, Big Oso Loc, Diablo, Nsane, Big Loco, Yung Will, Big Rayzor, Big Rhino, Tweety, Spanky, V-Dub, Chubbz, Lil Bandit, Big Chuco and more. Beats were delivered by Filthy Fill, BMK and Diablo.

25 January 2015: Ironic The King & June - Grind Pays (free)

Vallejo rapper Ironic The King hooked up with Sacramento producer June to bring a "Grind Pays" project. The album is made of 12 tracks with guest appearances by B-Legit, Mistah F.A.B., Show Banga, Young Mezzy, Paris Cimone and Garrett. You can download the whole material for free from Follow Ironic and June on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 January 2015: Slomo - Watch Me

Slomo hails from Sacramento and has recently dropped his sophomore solo album called "Watch Me". The album dropped under DrunkFunkProductions (do not mistake it with another Drunk Funk label that's responsible for Big Chuco's albums). You can get the project in an mp3 version on CD Baby. The album is made of 15 tracks with guest appearances by Luni Coleone, Rawlo, Hennessy, Craze, Killa Gabe, Calico 101 and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 January 2015: Sneaks - The Wake Up (free)

Homeboy rap fans might be familiar with East Side Salinas rapper Sneaks. He has already managed to drop a few mixtapes and group projects with his fellow comrades from Bizness Men Corporation: "Monster County" (with Conspiracy and Slim Gutta) and "Zips, Clipz N Lickz" (with Conspiracy). I've just found out that Sneaks released two projects last year - "Enemies" (download) in March and the latest "The Wake Up" (download) which dropped on December 31st and was entirely produced by Flakez. Both albums are available for free download on DatPiff. Check out Sneaks on his official website, Facebook, Twitter and visit Be also sure to read our reviews of BMC cds. Tracklist for "The Wake Up": (show tracklist)

23 January 2015: Happy - Chasin C Notes

"Chasin C Notes" is the title of an upcoming solo project from Watsonville (831) rapper by the name of Happy. The album will be released on March 17th under Ghetto Ballin Ent. You'll hear guest appearances by Lil Toro, Sneaks, Smokey Loc, Downer, Lil Thugzy, Crook, Rukus, Crow, Dusty, Xplisit, Cartoon, Sincere and more. The production will be handled by Flakez. We'll keep you posted on this one for sure. Meanwhile check out Happy on Facebook and ReverbNation.

23 January 2015: Bugzy - No New Jack: Collectors Edition

Bugzy hails from North Haighlands in Sacramento and you might remember him from Self Made group projects (self titled from 2000 and "Flight 420" from 2001) as well as his own albums (self titled and "Get Breaded Mixtape" from 2004, "No New Jack" from 2007). Last year we mentioned that he's coming out with a brand new solo called "The Kings Bible", but as far as I know it never dropped; Instead, he decided to re-release his last solo "No New Jack". The collector's edition features almost all tracks from the original version, five songs from the self titled project (also included on Bugzy's mixtape) and 4 more tracks that I guess are either new or unreleased. You can purchase "No New Jack: Collectors Edition" on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon - only in digitals. Visit Buzgy on Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 January 2015: Dre Vee - Hood Ritch

Dre Vee aka Mr Bay Figga comes from Richmond, but recently lives in Vallejo. Sometime ago he released an album called "Hood Ritch" which is available for free download on DatPiff and also on CD Baby. You'll hear 17 cuts with guest appearances by Mistah F.A.B., Ampichino, Arrangatang Gang, Vic Da Baron, Cali Way$, Spoody, Tae Da Boi, Dip, Levitti, Tha Goon Doxx and more. Peep Dre Vee on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2015: Ampichino - The Eulogy

Akron, Ohio rapper Ampichino is back with his new solo called "The Eulogy". It's up on iTunes now. The project includes 20 tracks with guest appearances by Yukmouth, Killa Tay, The Jacka, Joe Blow, Dubb 20, HD, Philthy Rich, Cellski, Chino Nino, Young Bossi and more. Follow Ampichino on Twitter and visit his official website. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2015: Da' Unda' Dogg - In With The Old, Out With The New

Rapper named Da' Unda' Dogg shouldn't be a mystery for a Bay Area rap fan. He's on the scene for over two decades, representing Crestside in Vallejo. His new solo album is scheduled to drop on March 17th under Pushin Dope Production. It will be called "In With The Old, Out With The New" and will include 15 tracks with production from DobCee. You can already watch and listen to album's first anthem called "Don't Make Sense" - just search for it in our Videos Section. We'll keep you updated on this one. In the meantime peep Da' Unda' Dogg on his website, Twitter and Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2015: Y-Not & Yung Banga - The Outcome (free)

Money Boyz are Y-Not & Yung Banga reppin' Modesto. They have recently brought a new project called "The Outcome" and they are giving it away for free on DatPiff and SoundCloud in digital version. The album includes 15 tracks produced by Cismatic Beats and Y-Not, featuring verses from Young Bari, Staxz, Marlow, City Slikka, Max Payne, J.O, Young Mac and The Chief. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2015: Mugzy Da Money Maker (aka Jamez Da Youngsta) - Heartless Hustla

Jamez Da Youngsta was featured on several times, including an interview we conducted with him a few years ago. He lived in many different cities in California, but now came back to his roots and resides in Watsonville (831). Jamez has recently released his new solo album as Mugzy Da Money Maker. The project is called "Heartless Hustla" and is presented by Goldtoes. You'll hear a lot of guest appearances by artists like Swinla, C-Dubb, Lil Raider, Lil Ro, Shady Nate, Smokey Loc, Da Plug, Lucky Luciano and others. You can purchase the album in digitals on iTunes or Amazon. Check out Jamez Da Youngsta aka Mugzy Da Money Maker on his ReverbNation page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2015: Fly Commons - Greyscale

Bay Area producer Fly Commons - known for collaborating with Richmond rapper Erk Tha Jerk - is freshly out with his project called "Greyscale". It features 12 tracks with verses delivered by Erk Tha Jerk, Nio Tha Gift, Clyde Carson, Locksmith, D. Bledsoe, Jay Ant, Traxamillion, Chose and Taj Stansberry. All beats were obviously made by Fly Commons. You can get the material in digital on iTunes or Amazon. Follow Fly Commons on Twitter and visit him on Tracklist: (show tracklist)

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