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04 August 2015: Heavy Dudey - Dudey Calls

"Dudey Calls" from Oakland representative Heavy Dudey has just arrived to a digital market. You can find the project on Amazon, CD Baby and (free stream). You'll hear 17 tracks with guest appearances by Sirealz, J.Lately, J.Peezy, I.D., Spear and more. Check out Heavy Dudey on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and Soundcloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

04 August 2015: Priv & Reece - Shotgun Playas

Priv and Reece both hail from Pittsburg, California and have recently brought their joint project to the rap table. The album is titled "Shotgun Playas" and dropped under All In Muzic. It was released in a cardboard envelope, while digital version is up on Amazon; iTunes should should have it any day now. What you'll hear is a set of 16 tracks with production from Reece, OTB, Esquire, Hood Noise, Hella Melody and David. Follow Priv and Reece on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 August 2015: Gemini - Casualties Of Life (digital re-release)

"Casualties Of Life" was one of the very first projects that we've reviewed and was one of the reasons eventually was brought to life. This project was released back in 2002 by an 831 area code representative by the name of Gemini (today known as Tha GrindHouse); you can read our interview we did with him a few years ago. Despite an underground exterior of the album it was packed with some well known figures as Yukmouth, Mr. Kee, Young Droop, Smuggla, Yun-Gun, Key Loom and a lot more local artists. Tha Grindhouse is preparing to bring the project back to life and put it on digital market sometime around mid September. He's also working on a new material - an EP titled "Fish And Spaghetti" that is scheduled to be released around the same time. Check out the original tracklist for "Casualties Of Life" and visit Gemini on Facebook: (show tracklist)

03 August 2015: Xai Beats - #DreamBreatheCreate (free)

Lately it's become quite popular that producers release albums with their beats and rap vocals from different artists. Xai Beats hails from Richmond and has recently shared a collection of his music for free download/listen. The project is called "#DreamBreatheCreate" and is hosted by DJ Snow. Over Xai Beats production you'll hear rappers like Pooh Hefner, Young Gully, Birch Boy Barie, Aka Frank, Peezy, C2Saucy, Outrageous Karina, Rich City Stu and more. Check out the whole thing on Soundcloud and follow Xai on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 August 2015: Geezy Jones - Brilliant Ignorance (free)

Vallejo rapper Geezy Jones is back with a new solo release called "Brilliant Ignorance". The album is available for free download on AudioMack and features 14 tracks with beats provided by Chuck Phoenix, Douglas Richardson and 2TheMillBeats. Check out Geezy Jones on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 August 2015: Champ Young & Nitty Bo - Niccolo Macchiavelli (free)

Sacramento representative by the name of Nitty Bo hooked up with Champ Young to bring you their joint project called "Niccolo Macchiavelli". It is a free-for-download release that includes 16 tracks and is hosted by DJ Keys. You can get the whole thing on DatPiff. Visit Nitty Bo on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud; follow Champ Young on Twitter.

01 August 2015: Tro & Sneaks - District 9

"District 9" is a brand new release from Salinas representatives Tro & Sneaks. You can grab a hard copy at Street Beats in Salinas or look out for it coming soon to RapBay. Watch a "Kill'em All" video by Tro and Sneaks attached below:

Check out Sneaks on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and visit Also check out Tro on Soundcloud.

01 August 2015: BeGee - Gas Money Vol. 1 (free)

Sacramento rapper BeGee might be known to the elder part of our publicity, as he earned his name in the 90's. He debuted in 1993 with a release called "Yo Gotta BG", then 3 years later dropped "BlackGorillaMila Tactics". In the next two decades he didn't release much more: "The Postcard 95822" (2004) and "Still Gotta BG" (2011). Finally we have a chance to listen to his new stuff - a free digital product titled "Gas Money Vol. 1" you can check out on rapper's Reverbnation. Visit BeGee on his website, Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 August 2015: COS - Shadows

COS - a Sac-Town representative - has lately focused on digital releases. Nothing changed with his latest project - a new solo called "Shadows". You can purchase it online on BandCamp. The album is made of 19 tracks featuring guest appearances by G Macc, Crookwood, T.A. and Lyrical Vizion. Check out COS on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, BandCamp and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 August 2015: Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately - The Setup

Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately (hailing from the 510 area code) are out with their joint project called "The Setup". It's made of 10 tracks with beats provided by Jamie Way, Oops, Mind & Matta, Falling Blocks and Kevin's Laboratory. Except for the hosts you'll hear Zion I. The album is available in a digital version on iTunes and BandCamp. Check out J.Lately on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. Deuce Eclipse is on Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 August 2015: Thugglicious - Headphonez & Lyricz

Thugglicious represents a feminine part of Fresno rap scene. She is aiming to deliver her solo project called "Headphonez & Lyricz" on August 14th. The album will be made of 20 songs featuring Shake Da Mayor, Legend Lokz, Mac Hard, Rede Red, Gbaby, Authenic and others. Visit Thugglicious on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter and Soundcloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 August 2015: Lil Debbie - Home Grown (free)

Oakland femcee by the name of Lil Debbie is out with her new EP project called "Home Grown". You can either listen to it for free on Spinrilla or purchase its digital version on iTunes. The album is made of 8 tracks featuring Wiz Khalifa, Paul Wall and Bricc Baby. Production is handled by Stoney Deluxe, Mike-J and more. Be sure to get at Debbie on her website, Twitter or Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 July 2015: Da' Unda' Dogg - The Ghost Of The Hustlers Past

"The Ghost Of The Hustlers Past" will be another 100% pure solo from Crestside, Vallejo rapper Da' Unda' Dogg. The project will be made of 11 songs produced by DobCee and will hit the stores on August 18th. You can already pre-order its digital version on Amazon and iTunes. Peep Da' Unda' Dogg on his website, Twitter and Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 July 2015: Work Dirty presents Capo La Familia II

Back in 2013 Vallejo rapper Work Dirty (of The D.B'z) brought a self titled release from his group called Capo Click made of himself, Freez Mahn, Blize Kidd (aka Peezy B.), Woodstock and Mali Mall. August 14th is the release date for "Capo La Familia II" that will feature new music from Work Dirty's camp. Peep Soundcloud to check out the first anthem called "Twisted" from Work Dirty, Freez Mahn and J Banks. Also visit rapper on his Facebook page.

31 July 2015: E.Klips Da Hustla - Crown On My New Era Raised In The Dope Era

Be on the lookout for a brand new solo release from Sacramento representative E.Klips Da Hustla called "Crown On My New Era Raised In The Dope Era". The album is scheduled to drop on September 25th and will be made of 10 solo cuts produced by E.Klips himself. Check out the rapper on his Facebook page.

31 July 2015: King Reegz aka Regal - Long Live The King Vol. 1 (free)

San Francisco representative King Reegz (aka Regal) is out with a new project titled "Long Live The King Vol. 1". It is available for free in digital version on rapper's Bandcamp. The album includes 16 tracks produced by King Reegz himself, Jay Stilla, Serg1, Gialono and others. Except for Regal you'll hear Zak1, Big Mack, M Dot Brando, Barnone, Fly Mar, T-Roy, Gemimac and RJ Boone. Follow King Reegz on Twitter, check him out on Facebook and visit Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 July 2015: B.I.G. Malo - The Inconvenient Truth

San Francisco representative B.I.G. Malo is quite a fertile rapper. In the last few years he managed to release two solo projects ("A King Has No Friends", "Justifiable Homicide") and two collabo albums recorded along with Dubb 20 and Black Meen. He's aiming to bring his fans another solo endeavor titled "The Inconvenient Truth" which is scheduled to drop on August 18th. The cd will be made of 18 tracks featuring Rydah J. Klyde, Dubb 20, Big Mack, Mac Minister, Bruce Banna and few more. Check out B.I.G. Malo on Facebook and Reverbnation. Purchase his previous releases on iTunes. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 July 2015: Heavy Dudey - Dudey Calls

Heavy Dudey hails from Oakland and will release his new project on August 4th. The upcoming album will be called "Dudey Calls" and will be made of 17 tracks with guest appearances by Sirealz, J.Lately, J.Peezy, I.D., Spear and more. Check out Heavy Dudey on Facebook and Soundcloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

TC Kapone

Reviews - 31 July 2015:

Another decent solo project from San Jose representative:
TC Kapone - Street Vision

Lexosyl & Stevie Ray present

Finally in a pressed form, very solid compilation presenting talents from Salinas over classic West Coast vibes:
Lexosyl & Stevie Ray present - 40831 Compilation

Mr. G

Up-and-coming artist from Sacramento with his debut release:
Mr. G - 808's & 16's


A definitely not-your-average type of rap product:
Varcity - Love Making And Home Cooking

30 July 2015: Killa Tay & Mac Reese - Tunnel Vision Volume 2

It's not even a year since Killa Tay and Mac Reese dropped their joint project and they are back with a second volume of "Tunnel Vision" - this time an LP release. The album is made of 16 tracks that you can purchase online in digitals on iTunes and You'll hear additional appearances by T-Millz and Stressmatic of The Federation. Follow Killa Tay and Mac Reese on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 July 2015: Smiley aka Sykotik - Sick N Deranged EP

Smiley aka Sykotik originally comes from Le Grand (209) and delivers that sick and twisted type of rap. We've had a chance to talk with Smiley back in 2011 (read the interview) and study a few of his compilations (read the reviews). The rapper is working on his new project called "Eternal Darkness", yet before it drops he'll bring you an EP album titled "Sick N Deranged" that will include guest appearances by Twisted Insane, Redrum, Benedict Apollo, Doomzday Dkay, Akazie, Rsin, Krow and more. Check out Smiley on Facebook and stay tuned to us - we'll keep you posted on his moves.

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