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22 May 2015: Hollow Tip - Hustle Or Die

You've just heard about Hollow Tip's "Bosses & Gangstas" project and we're already back with another news about this Sacramento representative. The rapper is aiming to deliver a brand new solo album under his rap nick name Nelsiono. It will be titled "Hustle Or Die" and will drop on July 17th under Mercenary Ent. Expect to hear 15 tracks with guest appearances by San Quinn, Rydah J. Klyde, Dubb 20, Smigg Dirtee and more. Stay tuned and check Nelsi out on Facebook and

22 May 2015: Blanco - Molly & Amber

A well known and very fertile Bay Area representative Blanco will soon be back with a brand new solo project, another short one. "Molly & Amber" is scheduled to drop on June 5th under Blanco's Guerrilla Ent. and will be made of 6 tracks - all produced by Bosko. Expect to hear guest appearances by Husalah, The Jacka and Messy Marv. Follow Blanco on Twitter and visit him on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: J Stalin - The Features

I'm guessing that the upcoming J Stalin's project called "The Features" will be just a collection of tracks he's been featured on. The album will be released on June 23rd under and will include 30 tracks with verses from The Jacka, Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, San Quinn, Show Banga, Shady Nate, Glasses Malone, Matt Blaque, Messy Marv and more. Check out J Stalin on Twitter, Facebook and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: DJ 40oz - Throwback Music

DJ 40oz is back with a new project called "Throwback Music". The album is made of 15 tracks with that old school twist into it, because all of the beats are remakes of classic anthems and 90s beats; recooked entirely by Filthy Fill. Except for 40oz you'll hear a whole line up of Latin rappers like B-Dawg, Filthy Fill, Tito B, Chente Corleone, TC Kapone, Troublez, Big Chuco and more. Right now the album is available in digitals on CD Baby; iTunes should sell it in a few days and hard copies should be done too. Check out DJ 40oz on Facebook and peep the track listing below: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: Downer - Down N Out: #1Shot1Kill Volume 1

You might be familiar with North Highlands representative Downer, because back in 2012 he dropped a solo called "United N Wicked Minded" and also appeared on a couple of homeboy rap releases. This June Downer will be back with his new album called "Down N Out" that will drop under Real Over Fake Records. Expect to hear features by B-Dawg, Lil Toro, Happy, Big Rhino, XO Creep, Young Active, Honey, Tweety and more. Stay tuned to for more details and peep Downer on Facebook.

22 May 2015: Bavgate, Buddah Tai, Treechoppa & DBoi - Lifestyles

Fresno based record label called Tree Camp Ent. should be familiar to Bay Area rap fans as it has provided a whole lot of projects to the rap table. The upcoming one will be a collabo album between Fresno representatives Treechoppa, Buddah Tai & Dboi and an Oakland rapper Bavgate. Their joint effort will be titled "Lifestyles" and is scheduled to drop on July 7th both in hard and digital copies. The album will feature guest appearances by Shady Nate, Rydah J. Klyde, Sleepdank, Reek Daddy, Suga Free, Montana Montana Montana & others. Check out all of the artists on Facebook: Treechoppa, Bavgate, Buddah Tai and DBoi.

22 May 2015: J Weez Tha Squadkidd - Product Of Oakland

East Oakland representative J Weez Tha Squadkidd is out with his solo endeavor called "Product Of Oakland". You can purchase its digital version on Amazon. The album is made of 14 tracks with guest appearances by Rico Dolla, D Fact., Lil Leo, Lil D, Reese Da Fly Guy, Con B, Young Jr and Phil Geez. Follow J Weez on Twitter and visit his Facebook page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: Calicoe - The Lean-Tape Vol. 1 (free)

We've recently told you about a duet project from Oakland rappers Calicoe and Rara called "Wild West Oakland". I have just found out that Calicoe is also freshly out with a solo project called "The Lean-Tape Vol. 1". It is now available in a digital version on SoundCloud and Amazon. What you'll get is a set of 23 tracks featuring D-Lo, Con B, Lil Goofy, Boski3x, Jay Jonah, Miami, Hb and more. Check out Calicoe on Facebook and Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: Staxx Nollidge - Lucid Dreams (free)

Fairfield representative Staxx Nollidge is back at it again with a new release called "Lucid Dreams". It's a free-for-download project that is made of 16 tracks produced by D-Spitta, GreedyBoy Fred, aka Frank and Too Young. Next to Staxx you'll hear D-Spitta, Smoovie Baby, Ray Guevara, Tay Rolla and more. Check out the whole thing on SoundCloud and visit the rapper on Facebook and Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: Skrill Gates - Reality Musik Vol. 1

Skrill Gates hails from Oakland and his "Reality Musik" project has just arrived to RapBay. The album is also available on iTunes and Amazon. You'll hear 8 cuts featuring Keak Da Sneak, J Stalin, Loverance, Young Gully, Lord Rab and H.U. Check out the rapper on Facebook and peep the track listing below: (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: Legendvry - Trap Art (free)

North Oakland rapper called Legendvry is out with "Trap Art". The project is made of 16 tracks produced entirely by SpencerxStevens and FB. The album features Steve Shankle, Billy Bob Shankle, Clyde Shankle, Trife, 8ihn, 4-1 and other cats. Download it for free now on and SoundCloud. Follow the rapper on Twitter. (show tracklist)

22 May 2015: Main Attrakionz - 808s & Dark Grapes III

Main Attrakionz is an Oakland duo made of Mondre M.A.N. and Squadda B. They will be releasing a brand new project called "808s & Dark Grapes III" on June 30th. The album will be entirely produced by Friendzone and will include guest appearances by Shady Blaze, Robbie Rob, Dope G. and Lo Da Kid. Check out Main Attrakionz on Facebook and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

21 May 2015: Hard copies on RapBay - HD, Mozzy, D-Dre

Lately we've told you about some new releases that were so far available online in digital versions only. April brought "Thank You Vol. 1" by HD and "Gangland Landscape" from Mozzy, while a week ago we wrote about D-Dre's "Drug Muzic". Right now you can purchase pressed copies of all of these albums on RapBay.

21 May 2015: M-Dash presents Focused

Vallejo rapper M-Dash (of N.B.D.) has recently dropped his new compilation / solo album called "Focused". It's filled with many guest appearances by artists like Marsh Nut, Tilt, Prohoezak, Mista Cane, Krypto, Shiesty, Rux and more. Production was handled by Tatem 1, C-Major, Shiesty, Lil Shorty, Enrichment, E2DAG, GoonOnTheTrack and Mac Pacino. You can get the album in digitals on CD Baby and iTunes, yet I saw pictures of physical copies (sleeve) on rapper's Facebook, so I guess you can try to reach out to him to get one. Also follow him on Twitter and check him out on SoundCloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 May 2015: NastyMan - Make It Work

It seems that Street Vibe Music becomes a very fertile company bringing 831 rap to the table. We've already told you about Spun Locstah's album called "Foulmouth" that has been freshly released as well as Bigg Spank's "Turf Stories" that's dropping on May 26th. There's another one for all 831 area code rap fans - a solo project from Soledad rapper NastyMan titled "Make It Work". His album is made of 13 songs featuring Yantz, Big Rome, Angeloc, Spiga, Loon E Lou and Young Skrill. You can get it now on iTunes. Get at NastyMan on Facebook and visit him on SoundCloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 May 2015: Jay Boo & Mac Reese - Both Sides Of The Fence

Fairfield rappers Jay Boo and Mac Reese joined forces to bring you "Both Sides Of The Fence" project. The album is made of 11 tracks and you can get it in digital shape on BandCamp, iTunes and Amazon. Check out Jay Boo and Mac Reese on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 May 2015: Seanessy, Nina Loco & Big Slim - Foul Mouthed And Filthy

"Foul Mouthed And Filthy" is a brand new group album from three Northern California rappers: Seanessy (from San Francisco), Nina Loco and Big Slim (both reppin' Chico). You can already get a pressed copy of the project - contact artists directly through Facebook: Seanessy, Nina Loco & Big Slim. Digital version should be available at major e-spots by June 2nd. The album dropped under Filthy Entertainment and features 14 tracks. Visit the label's FB page.

20 May 2015: Hollow Tip presents Bosses & Gangstas

Hollow Tip back with a new project called "Bosses & Gangstas". Even though it's said "presented" on the cover, you'll get more of a solo than a compilation, because Nelsi is featured almost on every track and additionally you'll get 5 solo cuts from this Sac Town vet. Except for the host you'll hear Luni Coleone, Nikateezy, 80 West, C-Dubb, Reece Loc, E Nut and more. Cop the album now on RapBay. Be also on the lookout for another one titled "North Highlands: Code 6442". Peep Hollow Tip and Mercenary Ent. on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

20 May 2015: Spun Locstah - Foulmouth

Check out a solo album from an 831 area code representative Spun Locstah titled "Fullmouth". The album dropped under Street Vibe Music and is available now on iTunes or Amazon.
The project is made of 17 tracks featuring Bigg Spank, Fury, Big Rome, Evil, Yung Puppz, King, AK, Sandman, Dre Nitty and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

20 May 2015: Stresmatic - Mobbin EP

One of the Federation members - Stresmatic - will release his new solo project called "Mobbin" by June 2nd. It's an EP album that will be made of 7 tracks produced by Keeloz featuring E-40, J Stalin, Decadez and Cali. Follow Stresmatic on Twitter and check him out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

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