Archived news - January 2009

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31 January 2009: Teal Town Boyz

There's a new project coming out on 408 Inc. this February. Teal Town Boyz' self titled album will hit iTunes and other online spots February 17th. This is just a release date for a digital version only. If you're willing to have a hard copy you'll have to wait a bit longer - we'll let you know. This project is in fact a compilation with majority of San Jose artists featured on it. You'll hear Playa Rae on every song, plus rappers like Stik Gilatine, Jae Rilla, Scrilla Mac, Crhyme Boss, Gangsta Reese, Tekpot, Mr. Kee, Blac, M-Dash and more. The production will be mainly hadled by Remy Remaq, yet we'll also get beats from Vince V., Nickle N Dime, Mr.Sche, Trakzilla and J Deuce. Check Teal Town Boyz on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 January 2009: Magic - Gladiator

Antioch representative Magic is out with a solo cd. It is called "Gladiator" and features 14 tracks with guest appearances from Venom, Maryann, Indecent The Slapmaster & Troy Hazleton. Check out Magic on his official website - and MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 January 2009: The Bay-Team - It's Cold In These Streets

If you didn't have a chance to grab the latest release from DRF crew, you'd better get your money right, cause Northern Cali vets are already working on their next project, which is dropping March 17th. This time it will ba a group album from The Bay-Team - a subgroup of Darkroom Familia, which is made of Duke, Crooked, K.I.D. & D-Roll. The album will be titled "It's Cold In These Streets" and will feature 14 tracks with production from Darkroom Studios and Dub of Psychodelik Productions. Stay tuned and hit DRF on MySpace.

29 January 2009: J-Diggs & I-Rocc - Fixed Fight

Better be prepared for a new collaboration between Vallejo and San Diego artists. J-Diggs & I-Rocc duet album will hit the streets March 17th and will be called "Fixed Fight". This project will include street anthems like "Fast Life" with Smigg Dirtee and "Life Ain't A Game" with A-Wax. You'll hear more appearances from Ecay Uno, Cricet, Tez, Don Diego, Baby Bandit and others.

29 January 2009: Andre Nickatina - Khantology 2: Cocaine Raps

The Bay Area legend Andre Nickatina will release his next collection of best tracks February 17th. The album will be entitled "Khanthology 2: Cocaine Raps 1992-2008" and will feature best gems from Andre's discography. This project will also include a DVD with live concert footage and will drop under I-Khan label. Check Andre on MySpace.

29 January 2009: Berner & Ampichino - Traffic

Frisco rapper and entrapreneur Berner hooked up with Akron, Ohio artist Ampichino to release a duet cd called "Traffic". Album will hit the stores March 17th and will be released under Bern One Entertainment. You'll get beats from Cozmo, Gennesse, Joe Millionaire, Mid West and West Coast Flavor. Check official MySpace page for "Traffic" album. Also be on the look out for a street single from Berner and Bun B, which is called "Got Work" and will hit iTunes February 3rd.

29 January 2009: Jamez Da Youngsta - I'll Never Grow Up

Jamez Da Youngsta - a Slap City Ent. rapper outta Fremont is working on a solo cd, which is dropping April 21st under Slap City & Thizz Latin. The project will be called "I'll Never Grow Up" and will feature artists like San Quinn, Smigg Dirtee, Akazie, Rukus, Sleepie Treez and more. Check the tracklist, cover and visit rapper on MySpace. (show tracklist)

29 January 2009: Cash Crop - Out Here Grinden

Not that long ago rapper Cash Crop (aka B-Tee) released solo cd called "The Harvest". Right now Sonoma artist is back with another solo joint called "Out Here Grinden". The album will be released soon on PistolGrip Productions. It will feature verses from Big Tone, Lil Coner, Lil Raider, Louie Loc, Davina, Berner, Tito B, Mike Marshall, Feddy Hustle and more. Check Cash Crop on MySpace and visit us daily for more hot news.

28 January 2009: Shady Nate - Gas Man: Unleashed

Shady Nate of Livewire camp is working on a new long play solo project. He has already dropped a few mixtapes and street releases. His upcoming full length album will be named "Gasman: Unleashed" and will be released under Livewire Records and Town Thizzness. We already know it will feature single called "Sip Sumthin". Check the cover and visit this Oakland artist on MySpace. More info coming soon to

28 January 2009: Low - New Breed

Richmond rapper Low has freshly dropped a new solo joint called "New Breed". It was released under 360 Music label January 20th. Album features single with Keak Da Sneak entitled "Choozin" and other tracks with appearances from Brotha Lynch Hung, Mac Dre, Lil Ric & Sam Bostic. Production is handled by Rick Rock. Check him out on MySpace.

28 January 2009: Troublez - Thug Poet

San Jose Latin representative will release a new solo album soon. Rapper known as Troublez will drop a project called "Thug Poet". The cd will feature guest appearances from Equipto, Thugzy, Gypsy Luv, No Remorse & Raulie B. Visit Troublez on MySpace and check us out daily for more info on this one.

25 January 2009: Lee Majors - The Six Million Dollar Man

Oakland rapper Lee Majors is out with a new solo album, which is entitled "The Six Million Dollar Man". It features 20 tracks with appearances from Keak Da Sneak, Yukmouth, San Quinn, The Jacka, Fed-X, Young Dru, Dru Down, Dem Hoodstarz and many more. Check him out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 January 2009: Pho Balo - The Rehab

San Francisco group Pho Balo is back on the stage with a new project. It is called "The Rehab" and was released under Pho Balo Records & Gas Entertainment. Cd includes 14 songs with features from The Jacka, RJ, Destro, Slow Burna, Asia and more. Pho Balo is made of G-No, Faw & Dino Blaque. Buy the cd @RapBay and visit these guys on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 January 2009: Big Rich - Get Down Or Lay Down 3

The third part of Big Rich's mixtapes is in the works right now. Be on the look out for "Get Down Or Lay Down 3" dropping soon. His upcoming full length album called "Heart Of The City" will drop April 14th. As for now you can get Vol. 1 and 2 of "Get Down Or Lay Down" for free on Big Rich's new blog website. Also visit Fillmoe rapper on MySpace and check us out daily for more news.

25 January 2009: Counter Productive - Recycle Everything

Counter Productive is an underground group outta San Jose, which is made of Dirtbag Dan, Skylar G., Abel Abilities and DJ Ichy The Killer. They've recently dropped a new album called "Recycle Everything" which features 18 tracks with appearances from local artists. Get yourself a copy on cdBaby for less than $9. Check them out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 January 2009: Dirtbag Dan & Skylar G. - Buy Product

Another project from San Jose's artists outta Counter Productive crew. Dirtbag Dan on vocals and Skylar G. on productions bring you "Buy Product" cd, which includes 11 songs and 2 instrumentals. Buy the album online @cdBaby and visit Counter Productive group on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 January 2009: Young Zune - From The Grind To The Booth

Vallejo youngster Yung Zune has freshly dropped his solo cd called "From The Grind To The Booth". Album features 17 songs with appearances from Zune's folks: Young Vale & Tyweez and also Baby Bash, Soldier Hard, El Negro, Young Haitti and more. Visit Yung Zune on MySpace. Tracklist (no features included): (show tracklist)

24 January 2009: Darkroom Vets - Evil That Men Do

The brand new Darkroom Familia album is out now. They decided to keep it named as "Darkroom Vets" as only those members who are affiliated with the group for a long time appear on this cd. Therefore "The Evil That Men Do" features only Duke, Crooked, D-Roll, Oso, K.I.D. and Young D. Be prepared for 14 tracks of pure DRF heat. The cd is already available at Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 January 2009: Eddi Projex - I Got The Streets On Fire

There's a brand new solo by Eddi Projex coming real soon. If you haven't heard of this Oakland rapper yet, then you should definitely pay more attention. His second album will be titled "I Got The Streets On Fire" and released on Town Thizzness. You'll hear the production by Swerve, Eric B, Tracklordz, Dublin Beatz, Harm, MastaMindz, Steven King, Mechanix, Trumpet Boy and Rellski. Stay tuned to for more information coming soon.

24 January 2009: C-Dubb & Relly Rel present - Project Mobb

I still remember the "Veteran Status" solo by C-Dubb, repping Oak Park, Sacramento. Not even a year has passed and he's back with another project. This time it's a collaboration cd with another Oak Park rapper Relly Rel. If you're into mob shit then look for "Project Mobb" dropping real soon. C-Dubb has just announced that it's being mastered this weekend. You'll also hear verses from such Sac artists as Luni Coleone, J. Gotti, T-Nutty, Young Loc and Skee 64. And also people from the Bay like San Quinn, Messy Marv and Keak Da Sneak. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 January 2009: J-Diggs -

Well, the new solo album by J-Diggs should be out already as the release date was scheduled for January 20th. We still don't have any solid information whether it's out or not. What we do know though is the tracklist. "" will feature such Thizz related people as PSD, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Dubee, Duna, Boss Hogg, Mistah F.A.B., Bavgate, Dragons and more. will let you know once it's available. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 January 2009: Kap10 & Arsen - Stereolized

The 650 representative - Arsen - is back on the rap scene. He used to be pretty active a few years ago. He came up with a solo album, a collaboration with Mista Cane and a gang of mixtapes. Now be on the lookout for his duo cd with Kap10 of Trench Town Hustlaz titled "Stereolized". It's going to be an album with original beats by Adon, Rozilla, G. Deville, Fred Rock, J-Moe, Mastermind, Infinity Slump and Young PMC. Guest artists are mostly local rappers and K Dinero of Nocturnal Hustlers. The album is scheduled to drop February 16th. Check out Arsen's blog. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 January 2009: Duna & Majr D - El Preseidente

We've already announced that Duna - Crestside representative - was about to drop a duet cd along with a Portland artist Majr D. Well, here it is: "El Presidente" project came out a few days ago under Crack Baby Entertainment. Album includes verses from Snoop Dogg, B-Legit, J-Diggs, Guce, Dubee, Celly Cel, Mac Mall, Reek Daddy, San Quinn and many many more. Check Duna on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 January 2009: Yayboyz - Got Purp Volume 2

Guerrilla Entertainment has just released a new project from The YayBoyz entitled "Got Purp Volume 2". In fact it's more of a compilation as YayBoyz members do not appear on all tracks. The project is hosted by The Jacka and mixed by DJ Kush. You will hear verses from many known Bay Area figures like Jacka, B-Legit, Lee Majors, Dru Down, Keak Da Sneak, Mistah F.A.B., Cellski, Yukmouth and more. Check them out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2009: Hustlematic - Money, Sex & Politics

To be honest I don't see too many Sacramento albums coming up soon. Maybe quality is better than quantity then? Good news is that Hustlematic is back in the game with his 3rd solo. He was known as Sugbear in the late 90's and released a debut solo in 1999. Then he switched his name and came back with "The Gameplan" in 2002. Finally after 2 additional mixtapes we'll be able to hear "Money, Sex & Politics" - the new endeavor by the artist. In fact it is already out, but only digitally - hit iTunes to buy it. Fans of hard copies will have to wait until next week. Listen to Hustlematic's music and download the mixtapes on his myspace page or blog. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 January 2009: Tall T & Jazz Jr. - Intent 2 Sell: The Street Tape

More Sacramento news today. Two youngsters - Tall T and Jazz Jr. known as The Looney Boyz - will drop their debut album on March 3rd. It is titled "Intent 2 Sell: The Street Tape". You can see the draft version of the cover on the right. will feed you with more news soon. As for now visit artists' myspace pages: Tall T and Jazz Jr.

18 January 2009: Ya Boy - Kush 2009

Fillmoe star Ya Boy is back again with another project. A mixtape named "Kush 2009" is out now and features 12 songs with only one guest appearance from Brooklyn. Check the tracklist and visit Ya Boy on MySpace. You can get the copy of this album online on Ya Boy's MySpace page. (show tracklist)

18 January 2009: Young L - Cutty Row / Based Sensation

Berkeley rapper and a lead producer / rapper from The Pack is out with his solo album. Young L put 24 songs on 2 discs to please his fans. The album is called "Cutty Row / Based Sensation" and features singles like "Centerfold" and "M.O.S.S.". You can watch videos for both of the songs on YouTube or spots. Check Young L on MySpace and buy his album on Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 January 2009: Hustle Boys - Rest In Peace Bin Laden

San Francisco natives Hustle Boys are out with a street project called "Rest In Peace Bin Laden". It seems as it was released only on the cd (without artwork). Album features 16 tracks with appearances from Eddi Projex, Doonie, San Quinn, Berner, Jimmy Roses and more. Visit Hustle Boys on MySpace and check out the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 January 2009: Latino Velvet - The Best Of

Famous V-Town duet - Latino Velvet - is out with a "greatest hits" project. Jay Tee & Baby Bash have recently dropped "The Best Of..." under 40 Ounce Records. You'll hear slaps like "Raza Park", "Telly", "Vamanos" or "West Coast Radio". Buy it online at Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 January 2009: Mr. Kee - The Great Paper Chase

San Fracisco Latin giant Mr. Kee is working on his new solo product. It will be a 2 discs set album entitled "The Great Paper Chase". The project will be released under Money-N-Muscle Ent. and will feature Chingo Bling, Turf Talk, Black C, Celly Cel, San Quinn, Doonie, Balance, Ad Kapone, Jay Tee, Louie Loc, Chunk, S.B. and more. Stay tuned and visit Kee on MySpace.

16 January 2009: Swinla - Tales Of A Felon

Finally great news for all San Francisco Latin rap fans. Swinla, repping The Goodfelonz and the infamous Mission District, is almost out with his third mixtape. The title is "Tales Of A Felon" and it will be out on January 21st. It's gonna feature artists like The Jacka, Messy Marv, Boo Banga, Goodfelonz, Killa Klump, Mr. Kee, Chewy Loc and more. It is still a local project, so you'd better hit Swinla's myspace page and look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 January 2009: Cutthroat - The Crack House

There are more news from the Goodfelonz camp today. We've already announced in November that one of the Goodfelonz members - Cutthroat is coming out with his debut mixtape pretty soon. Still the release date for "Tha Crack House" is not known, but we managed to get you a tracklist for it. You should also know that it will be hosted by DJ Killa-A-Hoe. Check Goodfelonz on MySpace and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 January 2009: J-Diggs -

There's finally a brand new album from the Vallejo representative J-Diggs planned to drop on January 20th. His 3rd solo - "" - was postponed many a time, but it will finally be here in a couple of days. As soon as more information is revealed, we'll let you know.

16 January 2009: Lil Rue - Fully Loaded

Livewire Records from west Oakland is announcing more releases for this year. March 2009 is a release date for Lil Rue's debut album. So far we don't have any more information apart from the fact that it will be titled "Fully Loaded", but check for more details coming up. Hit Lil Rue on myspace.

16 January 2009: Lil Rue & Lil Blood - Shottaz

Another relase from Livewire Records is scheduled for April 2009. It's going to be a collaboration from two members of Livewire Da Gang: Lil Rue & Lil Blood. According to current information "Shottaz" will be a mixtape mixed by King James. More information coming this Spring. You may peep Lil Rue's and Lil Blood's myspace pages.

13 January 2009: Big Tone - The Code Of Silence

The wait is over! The fourth solo album from one of the Antioch finest rappers is out here. Big Tone, the CEO of Sav-It-Out Records, has just released his "The Code Of Silence". You'd better collect some money to support this cd, as it features 16 tracks with appearances from B-Dawg, Lil Raider, The Jacka, Davina, Messy Marv, Mad Dog, A-Wax, Shadow, Lil Los, Lil Dee and more. Visit Big Tone on MySpace and buy the album on RapBay. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

13 January 2009: Thizzed Up 'N Dranked Out

According to City Hall Records the "Thizzed Up 'N Dranked Out" compilation should be out on 20th January, yet it is already available on for $11.99. The album features 20 tracks with appearances from rappers like B-Legit, San Quinn, Berner, Keak Da Sneak, Matt Blaque, Jimmy Roses and more. Check out the full tracklist and support this Thizz Latin and Black N Brown project: (show tracklist)

13 January 2009: Seventeen Wit A Bullet

The same thing referes to "Seventeen Wit A Bullet" album. The official date says 20th Jan., yet you're able to buy it straight from RapBay spot right now. Black N Brown is presenting the whole project with support from Northern Cali artists like Shady Nate, Beeda Weeda, Yukmouth, San Quinn, Big Rich, Jimmy Roses, Dem Hoodstarz, Da Robba and many many more. Check the tracklist: (show tracklist)

13 January 2009: Teal Town Boyz

The 408 rapper Playa Rae is making another movement with a new compilation called "Teal Town Boyz". It is mostly filled with San Jose artists, yet you'll also hear people like Mr. Kee, M-Dash or Trey C. As for the SJ representatives there'll be verses from Playa Rae, Stik Gilatine, Crhyme Boss, Jae Rilla, Tekpot, Jay Da Butcher, Blac, Scrilla Mac, Staynless, Tha Critic, Silence, C.T., Gangsta Reese and more. The album will hit and iTunes in a few weeks. We'll keep you posted with the tracklist. Check "Teal Town Boyz" project on MySpace.

13 January 2009: B-Fade presents - Sactown, The Bay Area & Backdown

If you're into a Christian / Gospel rap outta Northern Cali there's a new project for you presented by Oakland representative B-Fade. The compilation is entitled "Sactown, The Bay Area & Backdown" and features Agerman, Brotha Ruff, Lee Majors, Conflict, G.C., Lil' La La, R.E.I.G.N., Explicit and more. Be sure to cop the cd on and visit B-Fade on MySpace. Tracklist (no features included): (show tracklist)

13 January 2009: Yun-Gun

831 rapper Yun-Gun is back again with another street release. Fans are still waiting for the highly anticipated LP project "Bloc Burna", yet there's an 8 tracks deep EP available on cdBaby now. The album is self titled and features Krypto & Jonny Rockz. Check it out on cdBaby and get at Yun-Gun on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 January 2009: Ono Loco - Valley Thugg'n

It's been a minute since we brought you some fresh news, nonetheless we've got something for you to read about. If you're into Vacaville Latin rap scene there's a brand new release from Ono Loco rapper outta Nasty North camp. His second solo album "Valley Thugg'n" features 14 tracks with appearances from Lil Raider, Doonie, C-Locs, Keek Dogg, Goldtoes, XO Creep and many more. Visit Ono Loco on MySpace and buy the album directly through Funky Fresh (the man behind the graphics). Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 January 2009: Lil Raider - The Best Of

Keep your eyes on the other Nasty North release - the first collector's item with greatest hits from the Vaca's Latin rap scene pioneer - Lil Raider himself. You'll find 17 tracks on "The Best Of" cd with appearances from stars like J-Diggs, JT The Bigga Figga, Rydah J. Klyde, A-Wax, Doonie & Big Tone. The production will be handled by the immortal Nasty North producer Filthy Fill and Sav-It-Out beat maker Kev Knocks. The album will hit the stores March 17th and will be released under BnB / Thizz Latin. For those waiting for the whole new cd from Lil Raider called "They Predicted I'd Be Dead Or N Prison" you'll have to wait a bit longer, as it's dropping in a few months. Check Raider on MySpace.

08 January 2009: Jacka & 12 Gauge Shotie - The Price Of Money

Now let's get back to The Jacka & 12 Gauge Shotie duet album. These two rappers will release an LP project on 20th of January called "The Price Of Money". There's a 12 songs deep tracklist with no features at all. Production will be handled by J Elliot, Batkave, DJ Rek & DJ Fingaz. Be on the lookout for this one coming this month under Yze Guys Entertainment. Check The Jacka and 12 Gauge Shotie on their MySpace pages. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 January 2009: Latino Velvet - The Best Of

Baby Bash and Jay Tee fans will be pleased with their new release coming out this month. "The Best Of" from Vallejo duet Latino Velvet will feature tracks with E-40, Mac Dre, Celly Cel and more. It will drop under 40 Ounce Records. Stay tuned.

08 January 2009: Designated Hittaz

Vallejo duet Designated Hittaz are out with their brand new self titled album. The group is made of The Natural and DL Da Arsun. The album 20 tracks with guest appearances from Hennessy Martini, Juan Perez, Mr. Mingo, Topkat, Rtist, Pistal and Jennifer Dellafosse. Check the tracklist and visit DH on MySpace on their label (Go Bigg Music Group) page. Buy this album online at (show tracklist)

08 January 2009: Shigady - S.H.I.G.: Talkin' Bout Money Volume One

The Crest Creepaz member Shigady will drop his new release very soon. You can already pre-order "S.H.I.G.: Talkin' Bout Money Volume One" on RapBay. The album is a mixtape hosted by DJ Fresh and mixed by DJ Menace. It will feature verses from Young Jeezy, Akon, J-Diggs, Mistah F.A.B., Johnny Cash, Treal Real, Reek Daddy and more. Check Shigady on MySpace.

08 January 2009: G-Stack - Dr. Purp Thumb

Be on the look out for a new album from The Delinquents member G-Stack coming out February 17th. The project will be called "Dr. Purp Thumb" and will be released under Town Thizzness / 4 The Streets / SMC Recordings. Stay tuned to for more info flooding the net soon.