Archived news - February 2009

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23 February 2009: Darkroom Familia - From The Barrio With Hate

"From The Barrio With Hate" is a new project from Darkroom Familia. It's available online at RapBay, Amazon, Except for DRF members it features norte homeboys like Keek Dogg, Mr. Nacho, Ed Dosia, Ace Of Spits, Kasper, Young Lalo, Zak 1 and others. Album includes street single entitled "From The Hood" with Kasper, Keek Dogg & Ed Dosia. Be sure to support Northern Cali vets. Check out interview section to read interviews conducted with Crooked and DRF former member Unknown. Visit Darkroom Familia on Myspace. (show tracklist)

23 February 2009: Keek Dogg - Poor Side Of Town

Keek Dogg - a 14 Caliber member haling from Newark is dropping a new solo cd March 26th. It will be called "Poor Side Of Town" and will be presented by Lil Coner. It will include street anthem "Shed No Tears" with Davina and will also feature Lil Coner and Tito B. Be sure to visit us daily for more info.

23 February 2009: X-Raided - The Eternally Unforgiven

Sacramento legend X-Raided is coming out with a new solo project April 21st. It will be named "The Eternally Unforgiven" and will be released under Gangway label. The album will feature all new songs with beats from Filthy Rich. Visit X-Raided on MySpace.

23 February 2009: Messy Marv

New project from Fillmoe vet Messy Marv is out here. It's a half solo half compilation album called "Cake & Ice Cream Mixtape Vol. 2". You'll hear lots of Messy's solo tracks and guest appearances from Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk, E-40, The Jacka, Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Smigg Dirtee and others. Cop it online at (show tracklist)

20 February 2009: P-Locsta presents - Underworld

There's a new project presented by Netherlands representative P-Locsta. The compilation called "Underworld" is available in digital version only. Hard copies will hit the streets May 23rd. Album features 16 tracks with apearances from P-Locsta, Yun-Gun, Big NoLove, Key Loom, C-Dubb, G-Macc, Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Smuggla and many more. Production was done by P-Locsta, Vince V, G-Macc, Cozmo, Young Erupt and others. There're a few recycled tracks, but majority is brand new. Cop it online at cdBaby and support P-Locsta on MySpace. (show tracklist)

20 February 2009: Kap10 & Arsen - Stereolized

We've got a new project straight from the streets of San Bruno. Arsen & Kap10 (of Trench Town Hustlaz) are out with a duet album, which is entitled "Stereolized". It is available in digital version and includes 15 tracks with appearances from K Dinero (of Nocturnal Hustlers), G. Deville, Skuba, Fred Rock, Zilla & Miss Molly. Production was handled by Adon, Rodzilla, G. Deville, Fred Rock, J-Moe and others. Check ServnU151 blog and visit Arsen and Kap10 on Myspace. (show tracklist)

20 February 2009: Taj-He-Spitz - Life Fast, Die Young

Taj-He-Spitz haling from Fairfield has dropped his new album sometime ago under The Bay's Heavy Hittas label. It is called "Live Fast, Die Young" and features 18 songs with guest appearances from Lee Majors, Relly Rell, Dame, Ice Meez, Boov 5000 & Lil' Stunna. Check it out on and visit Taj-He-Spitz on MySpace. (show tracklist)

20 February 2009: Don Changolini 4000 & 5th present - Extended Family

There's a new project coming out soon from Roseville and Sacramento representatives. Don Changolini 4000 & 5th will release a duet album as Extended Family called "Dinero Y El Poder". It will feature Bugzy, Kreep, San Quinn, Big Oso Loc, Keak Da Sneak, Cutthroat, Night Train and others. Also be on the lookout for a new solo album from Don Changolini entitled "President Of The Game". You can already pre-order both of these releases on Check DC 4000 and 5th on MySpace.

20 February 2009: Kreep presents - California Grind

A new album from Revenue Records called "California Grind" is coming soon to the streets of Northern Cali. It will be presented by Kreep and will feature verses from Jewelz, Kreep, Skee 64, Skrillz, Don Changolini 4000, Tall Can, Brotha Lynch Hung, Keak Da Sneak, Scoob Nitty and many more. Check Kreep & Revenue Records on MySpace. We'll keep you posted on this one.

18 February 2009: Mikey G - Welcome To This Game

We've got some fresh info from western San Jose rap scene. Rapper Mikey G of R Handsfull Records is releasing his solo album somewhere around April / May. It will be called "Welcome To This Game" and will feature Goldtoes, Gangsta Flea, Gato Mas Loco, Troublez, No Remorse, Fatalist, Travieso, Big Chico, Young Tank and many more. Also be on the lookout for his next project dropping later this year, a sequel cd called "UnWelcomed To This Game". Be sure to cop R Handsfull self titled mixtape which is available now and includes verses from rappers like Mikey G, Mr. Rigo V, Snoopy G, Gato Mas Loco, Troublez, No Remorse, NSanity, Lefty and many more. Contact Mikey G directly through MySpace.

18 February 2009: Troublez - Thug Poet

Another western SJ representative - Troublez - is almost out with his new solo album. You can already pre-order your copy at MySpace pages: on Thugzy or Troublez page just simply click "Buy Now" button under the cover for "Thug Poet" album. It's coming out May 29th under Troublez Music and will feature Bavgate, Equipto, No Remorse, Ace Of Spits, Boogie Locs, Raulie B & Gypsyluv. Remember to read the interview with Troublez conducted by BayUndaground members sometime ago.

17 February 2009: G-Stack - Dr. Purp Thumb

Oakland vet G-Stack has got his new solo cd out today. It is entitled "Dr. Purp Thumb" and you can buy it online at Album was released under Town Thizzness and features 21 tracks with appearances from Mistah F.A.B., Messy Marv, J Stalin, Curcinado, Eddi Projex, Keak Da Sneak, Too Short and more. Check G-Stack on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Ren Da Heatmonsta - Mudville King

Ren Da Heat Monsta is a member of Doja Click and represents Stockton. He's got his solo cd called "Mudville King" out today. It was released by Heatrock Records and includes 19 tracks. You'll hear featurings from Turf Talk, E-40, WC, Too Short, Doja Click, Antidote and others. Check him out on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Teal Town Boyz

If you don't mind buying mp3s there's a digital version of Teal Town Boyz self titled album available now on The album is powered by San Jose rap scene with verses from Playa Rae, Stik Gilatine, Jae Rilla, Gangsta Reese, Tekpot, Blac, Scrilla Mac, Crhyme Boss and many more. If you want a hard copy you'll need to wait till March. We'll keep you posted when it drops on the streets. Check this project on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Philthy Rich Quit Hatin On The Bay Vol. 2

There's a new compilation album available from Town Thizzness, Livewire and So Fresh Clothing. We've got Philthy Rich from Oakland featured on almost every song and lots of other Oakland rappers. Album is entitled "Quit Hatin' On The Bay Vol. 2". Check out the tracklist and cop the cd on (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Erase-E - 2nd Wind

There's a new solo album from Richmond representative Erase-E available today. His new project is entitled "2nd Wind" and you can buy it online at Album features production from THX, Jake One, Mel Linium, Lerin Owens and more. You'll hear 21 tracks with appearances from Young Noble, Dap Daniel, Al West, Mel Lenium and others. Check Erase-E on his MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Flossalini - Flossalini Is My Homie

Sac-Town rapper Flossalini is out with a solo project called "Flossalini Is My Homeboy". You might've heard him on C-Dubb's "Shock Treatment" cd. You can already grab his new album at Dimples locations, R5 Records and mom & pops shops. Album is coming soon to cdBaby and iTunes. This project features 22 tracks with singles like "I Go" with Bugzy and "Box Chevy" with Ralph & Joezy Wells. You'll also hear appearances from C-Dubb, Smigg Dirtee, I-Rocc, Krypto, Gonzoe, Indecent and more. Check the tracklist and visit Flossalini on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Andre Nickatina - Khanthology 2: Cocaine Raps 1992-2008

Frisco veteran Andre Nickatina has recently dropped his new project. It's a cd and dvd combo called "Khanthology 2: Cocaine Raps 1992-2008". It features 15 songs from his previous releases with features from Equipto and LoLo Swift. Check him out on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Cali Soldiers

There's a new album from Bay Area group The Cali Soldiers. The cd is called "Cali Soldiers Vol. 1" and is already available on It officially hits the streets February 27th. The group consists of Farah Dews (San Francisco), Fonz (San Francisco), J-Dutch (Oakland), Dirty Cal (Vallejo) & Lockdown (San Francisco). Album features Turf Talk, San Quinn & Big Rich. You'll hear beats from J. Mendova Productions and street slaps like "Ice Cream", "Da Club Cut" and "Yep We Got Em". Album drops under J. Mendova and Farah Dews Entertainment. Check Cali Soldiers on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Magruff Muttley - 408 Factorz

Cali rapper Magruff Muttley is back again with another project. There'll be a new mixtape (half solo/half compilation) from him available in a couple of days. It's called "408 Factorz" and features over 20 tracks. You might recognize the cover as it's very similar to his other planned release. You can check the tracklist, yet we've heard it might change a bit. Guest appearances include Playa Rae, Snoop Dogg, Uncle Jon, Scrilla Mac, Blac, Stik Gilatine and more. A few exclusive tracks were produced by Remy Remaq, Sean T, Assassin, Prohzak, Tee Gates and Unlce Jon. Check Magruff on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 February 2009: Deebo - Foundation Music

Oakland representative Deebo will drop his new project soon. There's no release date yet, but we know that it will feature tracks from other artists cds with guest appearances from Deebo and some previously unreleased songs. Album will obviously be released under WeeSeed Records and will be named "Foundation Music". Check Deebo on MySpace.

12 February 2009: J Stalin & Mayback - The Real World East West Oakland Edition DJ Fresh

Livewire representatives reppin' Oakland are coming out with a duet album this April. J Stalin & Mayback are bringing back "The Real World" project with part 2 called "East West Oakland" edition. The whole album will be produced by DJ Fresh and will feature Livewire artists, Balance & Lil Kev. Be sure to visit us for the tracklist and release date. Check J Stalin and DJ Fresh on MySpace.

12 February 2009: P-Locsta presents - Underworld

Artist P-Locsta is presenting a new compilation called "Underworld". It will hit the streets May 23rd and will mainly feature verses from rappers outta Sac Town and 831 Area. You'll hear songs with Yun-Gun, Big NoLove, Key Loom, Sav-Sicc, G-Macc, Devious, Bleezo, Semi Automatic, Crip Face, Killa Child, Reachta, Shazman, Young Erupt and many more. And now the thing that might amaze you most. P-Locsta represents... Netherlands! You'd better give him a chance cause his delivery is worth your time. Check a couple of tracks from "Underworld" compilation on its official MySpace page.

12 February 2009: Messy Marv - Prices On My Head: Thug Money On Yo Family

Messy ain't stoppin' his movement. Another project is coming soon labeled with a name of The Boy Boy Young Mess. It's a mixtape entitled "Prices On My Head: Thug Money On Yo Family". It's already available on under the Pre-order section. Album will feature Lil Wayne, Keyshia Cole, Gucci Mane, Jill Scott, Shawty Lo and more. Check Messy Marv on MySpace.

08 February 2009: PSD - Redemption Vol. 4: A Star Iz Born

A pleasure for all Crestside rap scene fans. There's a new project from PSD - a highly anticipated sequel of his known mixtape. "Redemption Vol. 4: A Star Iz Born" is out here and you can already cop it online at Album will hit the streets February 10th. It features 16 songs with appearances from Yukmouth, Don Cisco and Picasso. Project is mixed by DJ Ambush and was released under Gateway Records. Check the tracklist and visit P.S.D. on MySpace. (show tracklist)

08 February 2009: Bueno - Maloof Money

The new street album from Sacra artist Bueno is freshly out. It is called "Maloof Money" and was released on Slap House Entertainment. You can get it on for 8 bucks. You'll hear guest appearances from Goldie, Mistah F.A.B., The D.B.'z, Lee Majors, The Jacka, Balance, Smigg Dirtee and more. Check the tracklist and visit Bueno on MySpace. (show tracklist)

08 February 2009: Quit Hatin On The Bay Vol. 2

DJ Racks & Town Thizzness present "Quit Hatin On The Bay Vol. 2" - a compilation with all new and exclusive tracks. The project will drop February 10th and will feature Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, Keak Da Sneak, J Stalin, Beeda Weeda, Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, Eddi Projex, Kaz Kyzah, Clyde Carson, Shady Nate, Big Rich and many more.

08 February 2009: Hooli Automatic - All Ears On Me

Bay Area artist Hooli Automatic (aka Smooth Ace The Hooligan) has recently brought you a free EP project called "All Ears On Me". It includes 7 tracks and you can download it from Atomic Bomb Production website. Hooli made this album to promote his upcoming full length cd, which he's recording with Hayward superstar Spice 1. Visit Hooli Automatic on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 February 2009: Beeda Weeda - When Tigers Attack!

An Oakland rapper Beeda Weeda hooked up with Slappin' In The Trunk Ent. to make an album. The project will be called "When Tigers Attack!" and will be released soon, but we don't know exactly when. You can already pre-order it on Stay tuned and visit for daily update in news section. Check Slappin' In The Trunk Ent. and Beeda Weeda on MySpace

08 February 2009: Bay Mafia - Out To Get Even

Bay Mafia is a duet outta San Jose made of Young Tank and Boogie Loc. They're recently working on their new album which is coming out under Connected Inc. label. It will be entitled "Out To Get Even" and will feature Lil Coner, Termyte, Big Oso Loc, Troublez, C-Locs and more. Check Young Tank and Boogie Loc on MySpace

08 February 2009: Richy Boy, Mr. Locs & Young Mafioso - Carnalismo Vol. 1

Richy Boy, Mr. Locs & Young Mafioso are Latin rappers outta San Jose working on a group album called "Carnalismo Vol. 1". Album will be entirely produced by Young Tank of Bay Mafia. Check us out for more info coming soon and visit this project MySpace page.

08 February 2009: Thizz Mix Slap House

Thizz Nation and Slap House collaboration bring you Thizz Mix - a compilation project with 20 tracks and appearances from Mistah F.A.B., Beeda Weeda, Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, Rydah J. Klyde, Dubb 20, J Stalin, Dubee, Bueno, Kaz Kyzah and more. Get it on and check the Slap House on MySpace. (show tracklist)

03 February 2009: Stony Danza Criminal Grind West Coast Mafiosos Light Weight Fame

San Jose representative now better known as Stony Danza is preparing to re-release some classic compilations and drop his solo cd. Stony Danza is a member of Mexican Weed Headz and will initiate the re-release of "Criminal Grind" and "West Coast Mafiosos" - both dropping February 24th. The new version for "Criminal Grind" will be named "Criminal Grind: No Grind - No Shine" and will be labeled as 'limited collectors edition'. It will drop under GMG West, Bossalino Ent. and Notorious Sidewayz. Album will feature known tracks like "Dump'n Sideway'z" with Guce & Mr. Sosa, "Evil Side Shit", "San Jo Gangsta Life" and more, plus 3 new songs with verses from Surrill and Stony Danza. The other cd is a refreshed version of "West Coast Mafiosos" now subtitled "Latin Mob Bosses". It also has a new cover and will be released with 3 bonus tracks. Projects are filled with Latin artists like Baby Bash, Mr. Kee, Don Cisco, Louie Loc, members of Criminal Records, Darkroom Familia, LowDown and many more. Get it in the end of this month at online spots like,, iTunes, eMusic, Napster and others. Stony Danza is also working on his full length solo cd called "Light Weight Fame" which is dropping later this year and will feature Royalty, Enormous Tha OX, J. Scrilla, Surrill and more. Check Stanza on MySpace.

03 February 2009: Demolition Men Glasses Malone One West Mixtape Vol. 1

Another Demolition Men project will hit the streets February 17th. Their newest mixtape will be hosted by Watts resident Glasses Malone (of Cash Money / Hoo Bangin') and will be called "One West Mixtape Vol. 1". It will feature 31 tracks with appearances from Bay Area rappers like The Jacka, E-40, Killa Keise, J Stalin, Big Rich, Too Short, Husalah, Mistah F.A.B., Yukmouth and more. There will be a few exclusive songs with beats from Rob Lo, DJ Fresh, J. Silva, Lil Jon and others. Also be on the lookout for "One West Vol. 2" hosted by Mistah F.A.B. himself. Check the tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 February 2009: Funk Season

Be on the lookout for a new compilation from Northern Cali Latin scene. "Funk Season" will be released April 21st under Strong Arm and Thizz Latin labels. It will feature artists like Goldtoes, Turf Talk, Berner, Casper Loc, Rydah J. Klyde, Sleepdank, Javi Picazo, Smuggla, Tokztero, Dem Hoodstarz, Tito B, Alcatraz and more. The production will be handled by Green Goblin. Check it out at MySpace official website for "Funk Season" cd.

03 February 2009: Hoodstarz - Cheech And Chong 2: Face Off

East Palo Alto duet Dem Hoodstarz will please their fans with a mixtape very soon. No release date set yet, but we know it's a sequel project to 2007 release. The second part for "Cheech And Chong" will be named "Face Off". Here comes the cover - more info will be posted soon on Check Scoot Dogg and Bandaide on MySpace.