Archived news - May 2009

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30 May 2009: Big Rhino - "4 Ever Ridin"

San Jose Latin rapper Big Rhino is working on his solo cd right now. The album called "4 Ever Ridin" will drop soon under Active Ent. and will feature street singles like "Man In Black" and "Somebody Please". Also be on the lookout for the collaboration album from Big Rhino and Big Oso Loc. Check out the tracklist (no features included) and holla at Rhino on MySpace. (show tracklist)

30 May 2009: Lil Coner presents "The Bangerz"

Decoto representative Lil Coner will please his fans with two new projects dropping on his label Connected Inc. soon. Be on the lookout for a new compilation cd called "The Bangerz", which will feature appearances from Lil Coner, Tito B, Big Oso Loc, Rydah J. Klyde, Ace Of Spits, C-Locs, Davina and others. Lil Coner is also working on his new solo cd, which is dropping later this year and will be called "The Day Of The Dead" and will include verses from Turf Talk, Gato Mas Loco, Mad Dog, Big Tone, Doonie, Gonzoe, San Quinn, Lil Raider and many more. Be sure to check for more info. Get at Coner Luciano on MySpace.

30 May 2009: E-Ferocious - "Tha Warm Up"

Rapper E-Ferocious hailing from San Francisco has just brought his new solo album to the table. It is entitled "Tha Warm Up" and includes 22 tracks with appearances from Goodfelonz, Laroo, Hollow Tip, Black C, Fed-X, J. Nash, Kaos and others. The project was released under SharpShootaz Entertainment. Go and visit E-Ferocious on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 May 2009: Jacka - Tear Gas

We're back with the full tracklist to the upcoming Jacka's "Tear Gas" album. As most of you probably already know it will hit the store shelves on June 16th. The cd features 19 tracks with appearances from Devin The Dude, Paul Wall, E-40, Cormega, Mistah F.A.B.,Andre Nickatina, Planet Asia, Mob Figaz, Cellski, J Stalin and more. Production is handled by MG, Joe Millionaire, Traxamillion, Rob Lo, Cellski, Stagmata, Bedrock and a few more. Visit The Jacka on MySpace, peep the video on and also some exclusive material on Jacka's new website. Full tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 May 2009: Don Changolini 4000 & 5th present - Extended Family

The new project from the Roseville and Sacramento representatives is already here. Don Changolini 4000 & 5th have just released a duet album as Extended Family called "Dinero Y El Poder". It features 21 tracks with appearances from Bugzy, San Quinn, Big Oso Loc, Keak Da Sneak, Cutthroat and others. Check DC 4000 and 5th on MySpace. The CD itself is available for example on for $10.99. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 May 2009: Unda Doggs - "Good As $"

The highly anticipated album from Oakland rapper Balance and Frisco MC Big Rich is finally dropping this July. This rap duet is called Unda Doggs and their album will be named "Good As $". The project will include street singles like "Can't Go" with The Jacka & Jimmie Reign (prod. by Traklordz) and "Yay'd Out" with Kaz Kyzah (prod. by CMT). Check out the raw version of the cover/flyer and visit both artists on MySpace: Balance and Big Rich. More info coming soon to

28 May 2009: Darkroom Familia - "Darkroom's Hardest Hits Volume 1"

The collector's item from DRF camp is hitting the streets July 21st. A compilation of 16 featured tracks will be called "Darkroom's Hardest Hits Volume 1". Album will include some of their old, classic songs as well as some joints from their newest releases. The cd is coming out under Darkroom Studios. Visit DRF on MySpace.

28 May 2009: Mike P. - "Whipped Cream"

Fillmoe rapper Mike P. is working on his new solo project, which is entitled "Whipped Cream". The album will be released July 21st under Meshewaa Records and will include 18 tracks with appearances from Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina and San Quinn. Be sure to check his music on MySpace.

28 May 2009: Smoov-E - "Simply Suggestive"

Artist Smoov-E hailing from Sebastopol is coming out with a new solo joint July 21st. If you're feeling his individual, unusual vibes be sure to check his upcoming project called "Simply Suggestive". We'll get a DVD with almost an hour long performance from Smoov-E playing strangest instruments you can imagine (even a typewriter) and spittin' his uncommon raps. All songs will be also recorded on a separate cd. Go and visit his MySpace page to listen to a few tracks and watch a short teaser from his upcoming DVD.

23 May 2009: Fed-X - The Mob Made Me Do It 2

Some stores already have the new solo cd from the Mob Figaz member - Fed-X. It is called "The Mob Made Me Do It 2" and was released in association with Teek Da Kid of Slap House. It features lots of known Bay Area artists like all Mob Figaz, Yukmouth, Cozmo, J-Diggs, San Quinn, Dubb 20 and more. However it looks like it is filled with recycled tracks. Some songs were taken from Fed-X first solo "Drug War", then there are a couple from Lee Majors, Ampichino, Choze and Jayda albums to name a few and there are probably more. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 May 2009: Davina - "On Some Real"

Sav-It-Out Records' female artist Davina did it again. She's out with her second solo project, which includes most of solo tracks with a few guest appearances from Big Tone, Shadow & The Jacka. You can order the cd directly from Sav-It-Out website or hit your local music store in a few days, as it will officially be released on 25th. Visit Davina on MySpace. (show tracklist)

22 May 2009: Killa Keise - "Yellow Tape Zone"

There's a new solo album from Frisco rapper Killa Keise coming soon. The "Yellow Tape Zone" is dropping under Step It Up Ent. and is already in the pre-order section on Be on the lookout for more info coming soon to and visit Killa Keise on MySpace. Stay tuned.

22 May 2009: Doitmovin - "City King"

Sacramento artist Doitmovin is working on his new project, which is hitting the streets June 23rd. It will be called "City King" and will feature Guce, Sumthin Terrible, Kafani, Smigg Dirtee, Redrum and more. It will be free for download when it drops. We'll let you know about it for sure.

22 May 2009: Cash Crop - "Out Here Grinden"

Cash Crop aka B-Tee reppin' Sonoma (707) is out with his new solo cd. It's entitled "Out Here Grinden" and features some well known Latin artists like Lil Coner, Big Tone, Tito B, Lil Raider, Davina and some local rappers. Check out the tracklist and get at Cash Crop on MySpace. (show tracklist)

22 May 2009: Andre Nickatina - "Ugly Money 2"

San Francisco artist Andre Nickatina is out with a new solo project. It includes a full length movie on DVD and a cd with a collection of well known tracks and a few new with appearances from Mac Dre, The Jacka & Husalah. It's entitled "Ugly Money 2: Love It And Count It" and it was released under I-Khan label. Visit Andre's MySpace page. (show tracklist)

22 May 2009: Loc The Blacktopper - "Ghetto Activist"

Fresno rapper Loc The Blacktopper dropped his new solo sometime ago. It is named "Ghetto Activist: Adapt & Overcome" and features 13 tracks with appearances from Betta Bossalini, Mitchy Slick, J Love, Spider Loc & others. Buy it online at CdBaby for $8. Visit artist on MySpace and check out the tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 May 2009: Brotha Lynch Hung - Gas Station

Finally the release date for the new project from Brotha Lynch Hung has been announced. "Gas Station" mixtape will be released on June 20th, but those who pre-ordered it will get it faster. You can still pay for it on Brotha Lynch's MySpace page. Album features 18 tracks with appearances from COS, Bleezo, G-Macc, Tall Cann, Smigg Dirtee and others. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

20 May 2009: Jacka - Tear Gas

Most of you have probably heard about the upcoming solo album from Mob Figaz member The Jacka. It is about to be released in less than a month: June 16th. You'll get 19 tracks with guest appearances from Devin The Dude, Freeway, Paul Wall, E-40, Cormega, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Andre Nickatina, Planet Asia, Mob Figaz, Cellski and more. Visit The Jacka on MySpace. We've also managed to get a tracklist, no features though: (show tracklist)

20 May 2009: Kobra Abysmal - Bigga Than Muzic - M-Dash

There's a new album from Vallejo artists coming soon. It will be hosted by Kobra Abysmal and presented by Sactown Radio and M-Dash. "Bigga Than Muzic" is scheduled to drop in June and will feature lots of additional verses from Akon, Mistah F.A.B., Jacka, Clyde Carson, San Quinn, Husalah, Rydah, Chunk, NBD and many many more. From the production side it will be mixed by DJ Boy Wonder and beats will be handled by Remy Remaq, Tatem1, XL Middleton and Indecent Tha Slapmaster. Check the MySpace and for more information coming up soon.

19 May 2009: J Stalin & Mayback - "The Real World Part 2"

There's another project from East Oakland's Livewire camp. This time the cd was handled by J Stalin & Mayback to bring back the second part of "The Real World" series. Album also features verses from other Livewire members and Balance. Check out the tracklist and visit DJ Fresh, who was responsible for the production site, on MySpace: (show tracklist)

19 May 2009: Philthy Rich - "Loyalty B4 Royalty"

Philthy Rich ain't lazing around, as he's working on lots of new projects. One of them is a new cd dropping under Slappin' In The Trunk sign. It will be called "Loyalty B4 Royalty" and will feature 13 songs with appearances from J Stalin, Stevie Joe, Shady Nate, Kaz Kyzah, Dubb 20 and others. Go and visit Philthy Rich on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 May 2009: Yung Moses - "The Dream Team"

Livewire camp is lately flooding the market with new projects, artists, collabos etc. Among other cds we'll see a solo album from rapper Yung Moses. His record will be presented by Slappin' In The Trunk Ent. and will be entitled "The Dream Team". The project will include verses from J Stalin, Beeda Weeda, D-Lo, Sleepy D & more. Check Moses on MySpace.

18 May 2009: Tha Sav Krew - self titled

If you haven't heard of Tha Sav Krew yet then you should focus right now. This group consisting of San Jose youngsters has already released a joint album with a group Tha Faculty, Ca a couple of years back. Now they're back with their "solo" joint. Sav Krew is Moonshyne (also a producer), S Dolla$, C-Dogg, Block Life and Rambo. Listen to these charizmatic artists and their detailed production on their MySpace page. You can also buy the album for a low price of $9.99 on CD Baby. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 May 2009: Shack Boyz has just contacted J Dub - a producer, a member of Shack Boyz and the founder of Rapshack Records. We were told that the new Shack Boyz album is only available for free download right now. It will be pressed soon. You can take it from HERE. Shack Boyz consist of Gloc, Trell, J Dub and Newsbrief. You'll hear 17 tracks with beats from The Beat Basement, J Dub, 2Toxic, Trell and Justinkase. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 May 2009: Shoddy Boe - Back To Tha Basics

The new cd from the Shiesty Ridaz Productions is out now. West Vallejo cat named Shoddy Boe has just released his second solo called "Back To Tha Basics". It features cats like Snype, Young Vicious, Mistah Slick, Young Cutt, Bobby T., Brii, Yung Gooda and more. Visit him on his MySpace page. You can buy the album for $9.99 on CD Baby. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 May 2009: Ivan Franco - Ear Candy

Sacramento representative Ivan Franco is back with his second solo release. The new album is titled "Ear Candy" and it has dropped recently. You will hear his Spanglish flow on 25 tracks together with appearances from such people as Glasses Malone, Jimmy Roses, Doey Rock, Duke Shiesty, T-Nutty, Tre Mak and more. Be sure to check out his MySpace page and if you like his music you can buy it at CD Baby for $11.97. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 May 2009: Don Changolini 4000 - President Of The Game

The Roseville (916 area code) representative Don Changolini 4000 is about to release a compilation together with 5th in a couple of days. Yet he also has a solo scheduled to drop on June 16th. His second solo endeavor will be titled "President Of The Game" and released under Thizz Latin, so expect geust appearances from people like Jimmy Roses, Goldtoes, Lil Coner, Reek Daddy, Big Tone, Tito B and more. It will feature two covers: one in American theme (on your right hand side), the other in Spanish one (titled "El Presidente Del Juego"). Be sure to check his MySpace page.

18 May 2009: Mob Figaz - The Best Of The Mob Figaz Volume 2

Even though Mob Figaz focus on their solo careers for the last couple of years they tend to come up with some collaboration albums. Rydah, Jacka, Husalah, AP.9 and Fed-X are back with the volume 2 of their "The Best Of..." type of album where you will hear known tracks from the already released projects. Look out for this one on June 16th.

17 May 2009: 500 - Concert Hall

Oakland / Pittsburg representative 500 dropped a new solo album at the beginning of May. The new release is titled "Concert Hall" and features 21 tracks. You'll hear lots of guest appearances from local underground rappers like Mr. China, Jhai, Amir, Nyce and more. You can already purchase the album at CD Baby spot and listen to 500's music on his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

16 May 2009: T-K.A.S.H. - Brains All Over The Streets

Guerrilla Funk Recordings announced that two new releases are out now. The first one is the second official solo from T-K.A.S.H. titled "Brains All Over The Streets". Rapper is talking about serious subjects, because - let me quote: "hip-hop community must ask itself whether or not it is willing to step up to the plate and address issues through music and activism that are of importance to all of us". So you'll hear more lyrics about America, government, local and global politics. You can buy this cd at the Guerrilla Funk webpage. (show tracklist)

16 May 2009: Paris - Hard Truth Soldiers Vol 2

Another project that was released by Guerrilla Funk Records is a compilation album presented by Paris himself. The cd is called "Hard Truth Soldiers Vol 2" and includes 13 songs from Paris, T-K.A.S.H., Uno The Project, The Conscious Daughters, Jasiri X, Truth Universal, NYOil & Sandy Griffith. Check out Guerrilla Funk's official website and visit them on MySpace. (show tracklist)

16 May 2009: Shack Boyz

There's a new project from the Vallejo based Rapshack Records label. It's a full length album from four youngsters: Gloc, Trell, J Dub and Newsbrief who form the group Shack Boyz. You'll hear 17 tracks with beats from The Beat Basement, J Dub, 2Toxic, Trell and Justinkase. Go and listen to their music on J Dub's MySpace page and support independent rappers on the rise. (show tracklist)

16 May 2009: F.O.E Ent. presents: Grind To Shine: Tha Promo Tape - Goph

There's a new compilation called "Grind To Shine: Tha Promo Tape" dropping soon from the F.O.E. Ent. (Family Over Everything). This is another project made by the Santa Clara representative Goph this year. Back in April he came out with "Fucc Your Lyfe: Tha Mixtape". On this one you'll hear lots of underground local artists like Young Moeja, Mugsey, Indcent, J.O.E, YG That Dude or Mosies. On the other hand you'll also get verses from such San Jose artists as Gangsta Reese, Critic or Venom. "Grind To Shine" will be a free download project. Visit their MySpace page.

16 May 2009: Acktup - "Mobbin Like Me"

Oakland beast Acktup will be back with his new solo album this summer. It will be a street album named "Mobbin Like Me" and it will drop under Black Fam and Hooker Boy Entertainments. You'll hear features from J Stalin, Beeda Weeda, Philty Rich, D-Lo & Ray Ryda. More info coming soon to Be sure to get at Acktup on MySpace.

16 May 2009: Guce - "I Got That Cake Mix"

SFC artist Guce has freshly released his new project called "I Got That Cake Mix". The project features verses from J Stalin, Killa Keise, Mac Dre, Rydah J Klyde, Jet Black, Usher, Shawty Loc & Young Jun3. It was released under Git Paid Music. Visit Guce on MySpace and check out the tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 May 2009: Money B - The Tonite Show - DJ Fresh

You know that DJ Fresh ain't sleeping and he brings quality releases at least a few times a year. Now he's teamed up with One Of A Kind to produce another part of The Tonite Show series. Vocals will be handled by the Digital Underground member Money B. It is set to drop on July 25th. Be sure to visit the MySpace page and for more information soon.

16 May 2009: Semi-Auto - "Gladiator Dayz"

Northern Cali rapper Semi-Auto(matic) has dropped his new project some time ago. It's an EP album, a pre-release to his upcoming full length LP called "MVG". The EP album is named "Gladiator Dayz" and features 10 new tracks with appearances from P-Locsta, Reactah, Lepht, Deep Cixxx, Marceaneau & Lyrical Dre. Go and cop the cd for only $6 at cdBaby. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

12 May 2009: Hollow Tip - Flawless 2

Some hot news for all Mercenary music fans. Sacramento rapper Hollow Tip is coming out with his new project July 21st. It will be called "Flawless 2" and will drop under Mercenary Entertainment. Album will include 16 songs with appearances from Luni Coleone, T-Nutty, Smigg Dirtee, I-Rocc, Mic-C and more. Check out Hollow Tip on MySpace.

12 May 2009: Clyde Carson - Bass Rock

We're back with some fresh news on Clyde Carson's upcoming cd. The "Bass Rock" EP album will be out June 16th, yet be sure to visit Rasputins June 15th, as it will be available in a limited quantity for only $1. Check out the latest cover artwork and hit Clyde on MySpace.

06 May 2009: Evenodds - Respect The Hustle 3

Frisco duet Evenodds are out with their new album called "Respect The Hustle 3". It is already in the streets and will officially hit the stores very soon. The project includes 21 tracks with guest appearances from Big Rich, The Jacka, Dem Hoodstarz, San Quinn, J. DaVinci, Erk The Jerk and more. Production was handled by M.A. of Evenodds, with a few exceptions done by The Kollective, Mal Amazing, J2 Muzik, D-Animals and Supreme. Check out the tracklist and visit Evenodds on MySpace. (show tracklist)

06 May 2009: C-Way Mafia presents Mafia Business Vol. 1

If you're into Sacramento rap scene there's a new, free mixtape from C-Way Mafia guys. "Mafia Business Vol. 1" features 26 tracks with verses from Bleezo, Savsicc, Scitso, NoLove, Brotha Lynch Hung, CNI and others. Go and download it now for free and support C-Way Mafia music. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

06 May 2009: Killa Sharks 4

San Jose rap scene stand up for another part of a classic Killa Sharks series. Crazy Time Records will release "Killa Sharks 4" this July. Album will feature some of the greatest rappers outta SJ: Crhyme Boss, Cali Grown, Staynless, Brother IG, Stik Gilatine, Big Shea, Gangsta Reese, Jae Rilla, Playa Rae, Big Hujo, Sic Jay and many more. More info coming soon to

05 May 2009: Davina - On Some Real

We're back with some fresh news on an upcoming solo album from 510 female artist Davina. It was scheduled to drop today, yet it's pushed back till May 25th. There's a new cover for "On Some Real" album and we've also got a full tracklist, which includes 18 tracks with a few appearances from Big Tone, The Jacka & Shadow. The second solo from Davina will be released under Sav-It-Out Records. Visit Davina on MySpace and check out the tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 May 2009: Family Biznezz - M.A.E. C-Locs

Homeboy rap fans will be pleased to hear that the new compilation album from some of the best Northern Cali Latin artists is dropping June 5th. "Family Biznezz" will be dropping under C-Locs' M.A.E. and Hoodlife Ent. and will feature C-Locs, Mike D, Drew aka Tokztero, Big Tone, Lil Coner, Davina, Big Oso Loc, Lil Wyno, Tito B, Ace Of Spitz, Mr. 21, Traficante, Frank Gucci and many more. Visit C-Locs on MySpace and check us out for more info coming soon.

05 May 2009: D-Lo - Tonite Show - DJ Fresh

There's another part of "Tonite Show" series - this time it features vocals from rapper D-Lo and obviously beats done by DJ Fresh. Album features Mistah F.A.B., J Stalin, Shady Nate, Philthy Rich, Beeda Weeda, E-40 and more. It was released under Livewire Records. Go and get yourself a copy of "The Tonite Show" with D-Lo on Visit DJ Fresh and D-Lo on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 May 2009: AP.9 - I Am Legend

If you consider yourself a big fan of AP.9 and you belong to impatient ones, you can already get his new solo album on "I Am Legend' is officially dropping May 19th. Except for AP.9 you'll hear Krypto, The Jacka, Shill Macc, Ampichino, Young Gasz, Matt Blaque and others. Beats were made by Indecent The Slapmaster, Kaos, Stixx, Freddi Machetti & Sean J. Check out AP.9 on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 May 2009: VA - California Gold

The new compilation album presented by Goldtoes and Take Flight Muzik is available on "California Gold" will officially hit the streets May 19th. Album features 23 tracks with verses from Louie Loc, Mac Mall, Big Tone, Baldhead Rick, Mr. Kee, Goldtoes, JT The Bigga Figga, Guce, Lil Raider, Jimmy Roses, Berner and many more. The production is handled by Baby Boss, Stinj-E, J-Moe, Matt Blaque, Vitti, JS, TagTeam, Filthy Fill & others. Visit Take Flight Muzik on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 May 2009: It's All So Bay Sick: Volume 1

A new mixtape project hosted by M-Dash is available now. It's called "It's All So Bay Sick: Volume 1" and it was released under BaySick Clothing label. Album features verses from Ya Boy, San Quinn, Indecent, Krypto, Mike Marshall, Stik Gilatine, Trey-C, Playa Rae and many more. If you purchase anything else from BaySick Clothing Store the cd is free, if not, it will cost you $5. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 May 2009: Fed-X - The Mob Made Me Do It 2

Mob Figaz member Fed-X is working on his new solo project. It will be called "The Mob Made Me Do It 2" and will be released in association with Teek Da Kid of Slap House. Album is already in the pre-order section on RapBay and if to believe what's written there it will be released in limited quantity (only 1000 copies). We'll hit you up with more info for sure. Get at Fed-X on MySpace.