Archived news - June 2009

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29 June 2009: Big Rich - Heart Of The City

Even though the official relase date for the new Big Rich's cd is June 30th (tomorrow) it is already available in the couple of stores, including on-line ones. Just visit or to purchase the "Heart Of The City". This 3 Story Muzik & Street Cred Music Group release features production from D-Animals, Automatik, Money Alwayz & S.O.D.A. Guest appearances include The Jacka, Dem Hoodstarz, Glasses Malone, 3 Story Gang and others. Visit Big Rich on MySpace and check the tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2009: Gas Mask Colony - Genuine Masters Of Ceremony

If you're into rap and hip-hop blend then you should watch for the debut LP project by the San Francisco group Gas Mask Colony. You might have heard their underground EP project "Top Bottom" released 3 years ago. The group consists of Dregs One, Grambino, Relikhan and Telli Prego. The debut full-length project is titled "Genuine Masters Of Ceremony" and will be released this August. You'll hear appearances from Jacka, Mike Marshall, Equipto, Bored Stiff and San Quinn, while the production will be handled by Dregs One. Visit their MySpace page and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2009: Haji Springer - Hurry Up & Buy!!

There's another release by the Indian rapper Haji Springer coming soon. His sophomore official album will be called "Hurry Up & Buy!!" and will drop on August 18th. It will feature 20 tracks and among them the single "Hurry Up & Buy" recorded together with Chingo Bling. Watch the video for it on youtube and check the artist's MySpace page.

29 June 2009: Interview with Flame of Ghetto Star Recordz

We've had an opportunity to interview another homeboy rapper. This time it's a young, vicious and savage artist outta Sunnyvale, California - Flame. He released his second official solo album "Making Major Moves" this year. Now you can know more about him: see how he started rapping at the young age, read about his Ghetto Star Recordz label, learn how hard he's working on his name, find out something about his personal life and many more.

Check out the teaser below and read the whole article at the Interview Section:

[ Bay ] : Let's start off with some basic info. Tell your fans where you're from, who you're and what're your roots ?

[ Flame ] : What's up to everyone out there, I'm Flame, I'm 20 years old from Sunnyvale, CA born and raised here, so Sunnyvale is where my heart is at, it's what made me, who I am today and I have alot of pride in it.

[ Bay ] : How did you come up with "Flame" as your rap name ? Is it connected with your charizmatic flows or means something else ?

[ Flame ] : When I was in junior high right around the time that I started rappin people started calling me Flame, because they said I was spittin fire. [...] [ read more ]

26 June 2009: Rees - Before The First

There's a new solo project by the Sunnyvale rapper Rees. He dropped his latest album this month under Vocal Profit Ent. & Ghetto Star Recordz. It's entitled "Before The First" and features appearances from The Game, Scoot Dogg (of Dem Hoodstarz), Jim Jones, Flame, Santino, Mr. Clean & others. Go and check Rees on MySpace. (show tracklist)

26 June 2009: Blanco & Hyfe - Out On Bail

Two Bay Area rappers Blanco & Lil Hyfe are out with a mixtape project called "Out On Bail". It was released under Guerrilla Ent. and includes over 30 tracks, with skits, new songs and a bunch of freestyles. You'll hear guest appearances from Flawless, Yukmouth, Lee Majors & Taj He Spitz. Go and grab it on and visit Guerrilla Ent. official MySpace page. (show tracklist)

25 June 2009: Young Dru & Self present The Heist Of The Century

There's a new compilation project presented by two 707 area representatives: Young Dru & Self. It's called "The Heist Of The Century" and includes 12 tracks. You'll hear appearances from Young Dru, Selfmade Camp, Young Sav, Acktup, Krypto, Rux and others. Check out the tracklist and visit Young Dru & Self on MySpace. (show tracklist)

25 June 2009: Stik Gilatine - The Fly Guy

San Jose representative Stik Gilatine is working on his new solo album. It will be called "The Fly Guy" and will drop under Playa Rae's Monstaville Records. More info coming soon to Check out Stik Gilatine on his MySpace page.

25 June 2009: Davina - The Last Laugh Is Mine (re-release)

We've got some good news for all Sav-It-Out fans. A debut solo album from Davina will be repressed and released with a new cover artwork very soon. The original cd is out of print and hard to find, so you'll have a chance to grab a re-release of "The Last Laugh Is Mine". The album features Big Tone, Woodie, Mad Dog, Megan & 4Ever. We'll let you know when it drops. Check out Davina on MySpace. (show tracklist)

24 June 2009: Interview with Young Will

We've just conducted a brand new interview with rapper Young Will outta streets of North Highlands, Sacramento. Find out about his collaboration with Self Made and Dubb 20 of Ghetto Starz. Learn more of his record label Feel Good Music and his projects. Check out the teaser below and read the whole thing in the Interview Section.

[ Bay ] : What's up Will, tell people from all over the world a little about yourself.

[ Young Will ] : All the people need to know is I'm from Sacramento, all I do is smoke tree and write rhymes. It's been a long time comin but I'm getting my shine.

[ Bay ] : How did your rap career start? Cause I think I first heard you in 2004 on a couple of projects as a guest appearance.

[ Young Will ] : Well I been rapping for a long time since for ever but I made it my job around 2000. I first started recording at a Hitworks studio on the outskirts of North Highlands. [...] [ read more ]

24 June 2009: J Stalin - Prenup: The Leak

All fans waiting for an Oakland representative J Stalin to drop his upcoming solo called "The Prenuptial Agreement" should be pleased to hear that they will get a street album before it. It's titled "Prenup: The Leak" and it is meant to quench your thirst while anticipating the main release. So far there's not too much information on it, but stay tuned to for more info coming soon. Visit J Stalin's MySpace page.

24 June 2009: E-Bang - Mo' Bang 4 Tha Bucks

We are a little behind with this news, but better later than never. San Francisco rapper E-Bang released his debut solo cd at the beginning of May. He was a part of a rap group Tha Heatseekaz that made an appearance on Baldhead Rick's cd for instance. The solo "Mo' Bang 4 Tha Bucks" features 18 tracks and guest appearances by Regal, Mr. 1, Erk Tha Jerk, Yung Lott, Shad Gee and more. Production was handled by Akil and M.oney A.lways. Visit E-Bang on his MySpace page and check the tracklist; no features though: (show tracklist)

22 June 2009: Beeda Weeda - Breath Of Fresh Air

East Oakland rapper Beeda Weeda is coming out with his new street release. The project will be called "Breath Of Fresh Air" and will be presented by DJ Rick Lee. There's no release date scheduled for this one, yet we've got the tracklist which includes 30 tracks with appearances from Livewire camp, Mistah F.A.B., San Quinn, Kaz Kyzah, Guce, Keak Da Sneak, Eddie Projex and many more. Check us out for more info. Visit Beeda Weeda on MySpace. (show tracklist)

22 June 2009: Pittsburgh Philthy & A-Wax - Bringin' The Bay Back To KC

KC rapper Pittsburgh Philthy hooked up with the Bay Area native A-Wax to release a duet project. Their collabo album is a mixtape called "Bringin' The Bay Back To KC" and features Smigg Dirtee, KC, The Slumz, Bobcat, Tut-C & Beast. The album was released sometime ago under Breakthru Records. Also, be sure to cop A-Wax latest release - The Street Album. Visit A-Wax on MySpace. (show tracklist)

21 June 2009: Stevie Joe - Town Bizz All Stars

Stevie Joe - a Livewire Records member hailing outta East O-Town - is preparing to drop 2 new projects very soon. We'll get a sequel album to "Town Bizz All Stars" and a street cd presented by DJ Ambidekstres. You can pre-order "Town Bizz All Stars" project on now. Both of these releases will be released under Livewire label. Be sure to check for the freshest news on Livewire releases. Go and visit Stevie Joe on his MySpace page.

19 June 2009: Philthy Rich - The Leak

Philthy Rich is officially crazy. It's not even the middle of 2009 and he's already managed to release (at least!) 3 albums this year. But please remember that there is still a second collaboration with Stevie Joe in works and "Funk Or Die" solo. And now he's announcing another solo titled "The Leak". It will drop under Livewire and Town Thizzness and will feature 13 tracks with appearances from the whole Livewire camp (J Stalin, Jay Jonah, Shady Nate, Lil Blood...) and other Oakland residents like Too Short, Eddi Projex, Mistah F.A.B., Kaz Kyzah and more. More info coming soon to Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 June 2009: Reek Daddy - Super Thug

One of the June 16th releases is another solo cd by Reek Daddy. This Crestide, Vallejo artist brought you a "Super Thug". This N.O.Y.B. release features 18 tracks with appearances from plus appearances from Sleepdank, Dubee, IZ, Mac Cheeze, Mr. Blap and others. The production was done by Mr. Blap, Mac Cheeze, Jacynth & Charlie O. Check out Reek Daddy on MySpace. Tracklist (show tracklist)

19 June 2009: A-Wax - The Street Album

The new street album by the Pittsburg representative A-Wax is out now. The title is simple, just "The Street Album". You can already buy it on for $12. The CD features 17 songs with features from Messy Marv, Black C, Brotha Lynch Hung, Smigg Dirtee, Beta Bossalini, Tiny Doo and more. Visit A-Wax on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 June 2009: A-Wax & Bandana The Ragg - Burgundy Van Music

It's hard to keep track of all A-Wax releases. Apart from "The Street Album" he has also brought a collaboration project with Bandana The Ragg that is currently available on The mixtape is titled "Burgundy Van Music", it has 14 tracks filled with not only verses from both A-Wax and Bandana, but also Magnificent, Beta Bossalini, Mally Mall and more. Have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 June 2009: Yukmouth - The West Coast Don

One of the most anticipated albums from the Bay Area is another solo by Yukmouth who is now independent with his Smoke-A-Lot Records. Most of you probably know that his upcoming 5th solo is coming out pretty soon - July 14th. There is finally a tracklist to this release and it confirms that "The West Coast Don" features guest appearances from Mac Dre, C-Bo, Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk, Dru Down, T-Pain, The Regime and more. Production will be handled by Dame Grease, P-Killerz Trackz, Traxamillion and more. Visit Yuk on MySpace and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 June 2009: Street Sweeper Social Club - Tom Morello & Boots Riley

Now that is something new on the Bay Area rap scene. After half rap half rock cd delivered to you by N2Deep we have another one. This time it's a collaboration from two famous artists: one is Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine, the second is Boots Riley from the well known Oakland hip-hop group The Coup. They formed a group called Street Sweeper Social Club and expect to hear Tom Morello on the guitar and bass, Stanton Moore on drums and obviously Boots on the vocals. The CD came out on June 16th so it should be at your local shops and on-line almost everywhere. Check their MySpace page and the official one too. (show tracklist)

18 June 2009: Big Slep Rock - The Rockness Monster

We've got a bunch of Sacramento rap news today. First of all you should know that the 4th solo album from the Oak Park veteran is coming real soon - this summer. Big Slep Rock brought you "Bread, Broads & Bangin" a year ago and now he's back with "The Rockness Monster". We don't have too much information on it yet, but expect more coming as soon as possible. As of now peep Slep Rock's MySpace page.

18 June 2009: D Rek & Ampichino - Treal Shottaz

After a collaboration with Berner, Ohio rapper Ampichino teamed up with Meadovwiew, Sacramento rapper D Rek. They're about to release their joint project this summer. It is titled "Treal Shottaz" and you can listen to a few tracks on D Rek's MySpace page. will surely keep you informed on this release, so keep on reading our news.

18 June 2009: Cheech - Full Time Grind

There's a new solo album from a Sacramento representative Cheech coming this year titled "Full Time Grind". Cheech has already released a gang of albums like "Hustle Recipes", "Mobb Money" and collaborations. The new one will feature verses from The Jacka, Lee Majors, Scoob Nitty, Mally Mal and Scoob Nitty. Production is mostly handled by Demon with a few also done by HK, Rob Lo and Tree House Cartel. We'll let you know more about it once the release date is closer. Peep his music on the MySpace page.

18 June 2009: Mistah F.A.B. - The Realest Shit I Never Wrote Part 2

Another batch of freestyles performed by Mistah F.A.B. is up for grabs. I'm talking about the second part of "The Realest Shit I Never Wrote", a sequel to the one that dropped a couple of years back. It is hosted by DJ Tito Bell. You can listen to it or download it from or from zShare. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

17 June 2009: Interviews section is back up.

We finally managed to put the Interviews section back and running. So just click on the link in the top menu and read the ones you haven't had a chance to peep yet. Just to let you know, we have already conducted interviews with:
Crooked of Darkroom Familia
Mr. 21 of Criminal Records
Unknown formerly of Darkroom Familia
and more.

16 June 2009: Jacka - Tear Gas

The wait is over. All you Bay Area music fans can go and buy the brand new solo album from Jacka now. From what we heard it will have not only a nationwide distribution, but a worldwide one!. "Tear Gas" features 19 tracks with appearances from Devin The Dude, Paul Wall, E-40, Cormega, Mistah F.A.B.,Andre Nickatina, Planet Asia, Mob Figaz, Cellski, J Stalin and more. Production is handled by MG, Joe Millionaire, Traxamillion, Rob Lo, Cellski, Stagmata, Bedrock and a few more. Visit The Jacka on MySpace, peep the video on and also some exclusive material on Jacka's new website. Full tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 June 2009: Renz Julian - Armageddon

West Oakland rapper Renz Julian dropped his new solo album today. The "Armageddon" project was released under Field Of Dreamz label and features production from Traxamillion, Rob Lo, C-Major, Salim & Mr. Collipark. Apart from Renz you'll also hear guest appearances from Twista, Clyde Carson, Jacka, Fed-X, E-40, Dem Hoodstarz, Big Rich & Mike Marshall. Visit Renz Julian's MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 June 2009: Da' Unda' Dogg - California Reputable - Unknown Legend

I'm pretty sure we wrote about this relase at least numerous times. That is because it got pushed back that often. Yet City Hall announces that the long awaited solo cd by Crestside veteran Da' Unda' Dogg will be released this August - 18th to be exact. "California Reputable" features verses from PSD, L. Manah, Luni Coleone and more. There's also a soundtrack being released on the same day titled "Unknown Legend". It is advertised as an "audio version of Da' Unda' Dogg's life". You'll hear guest appearances from Dubee, PSD, J-Diggs, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Hollow Tip, Baby Bash, Bandana, Duna and more. Peep his MySpace page.

16 June 2009: Mac Dre & Da' Unda' Dogg - Creme De La Creme

Well this is a mysterious cd as it came out of nowhere. However Da' Unda' Dogg says it will also be released on August 18th. It will be a second - after "Maccin' & Doggin'" - collaboration album from Mac Dre and Da' Unda' Dogg. Unfortunately we do not know anything more about "Creme De La Creme", but stay tuned to as we'll surely provide you more information soon.

16 June 2009: Mob Figaz - The Best Of The Mob Figaz Volume 2

Even though Mob Figaz focus on their solo careers for the last couple of years they tend to come up with some collaboration projects. Rydah, Jacka, Husalah, AP.9 and Fed-X are back and the volume 2 of their "The Best Of..." series is available now. You'll hear tracks from various cds - C-Bo's solos, "17708" album, Agerman's solo, AP.9's, Lil Ric's and many more; all gathered on this compilation. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 June 2009: Berner - Weekend At Bernie's

There's a solo album by Berner coming soon. So far this white rapper has been known for releasing albums with other people: with Equipto ("Track Money & Pack Money"), with Jacka ("Drought Season") and Ampichino ("Traffic"). Now it's time for a solo endeavor titled "Weekend At Bernie's". It's scheduled to drop on August 18th. You'll get 18 tracks with production from Cozmo, Gennesse and Stinj-E. It will feature verses from lots of people and among them are Bun B, Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul, Young Noble and Bay Area artists like Kaz Kyzah, Keak Da Sneak, B-Legit ane more. Check him on his MySpace page.

16 June 2009: Darkroom Familia - Barrio Love

Darkroom Studios has just rereleased a classic Darkroom Familia cd from mid 90's. "Barrio Love" re-release album is in its original form (artwork and music) with all songs remastered. The project features verses from DRF vets like Sir Dyno, Duke, Crooked, Oso and also Lowdown members. It's dropping June 16th.

16 June 2009: C-Dubb - Iconic

Oak Park, Sacramento artist C-Dubb is dropping a new solo very soon. We've already informed you about the project, however C-Dubb added more tracks to it. You'll hear C-Dubb on 20 tracks with guest appearances from Turf Talk, Young Dru, The Jacka, Young Loc, Relly Rel, CIN, Shady Nate and more . High quality beats will be delivered by Stix, C-Dubb, Vince V, Indecent and others. Check the cover and the tracklist for "Iconic" project. Visit C-Dubb on MySpace. (show tracklist)

16 June 2009: Lil Rue & Lil Blood - Shottas

"Shottas" - the collaboration from two members of Livewire Da Gang: Lil Rue & Lil Blood is coming out in July. This mixtape is hosted by DJ Ambidekstres and will feature verses from Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, J Stalin, Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, Mayback and other Oakland rappers. You may peep Lil Rue's and Lil Blood's myspace pages. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 June 2009: Clyde Carson - Bass Rock

Unfortunately if you went or are planning to go to Rasputins in order to grab that new Clyde Carson cd, you'll have to wait. "Bass Rock" EP got pushed back a little. It will be released either June 23rd or 30th. It still will be available for a single $1 though. Stay tuned for more information and visit Clyde on MySpace.

13 June 2009: Philthy Rich - Loyalty B4 Royalty

There's a new cd from Slappin' In The Trunk series. This time it's handled by young and vicious Philthy Rich outta Oakland. Album is called "Loyalty B4 Royalty" and features 13 tracks with appearances from J Stalin, Stevie Joe, Shady Nate, Kaz Kyzah, Dubb 20 and others. Go and visit Philthy Rich on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

13 June 2009: Bavgate - Billy Moe

Oakland veteran Bavgate has freshly released a new solo cd. It's called "Billy Moe" and includes guest appearances from Fat Bastard, Laced, Benny O, New Money & Nate. Get it from and visit Bavgate on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

13 June 2009: Lil Raider & Neva Sober - Nice Dreams

One of the very first releases from Nasty North camp was a duet mixtape from Lil Raider and Neva Sober. If you're feelin' their styles you'll be pleased to hear them once again together on a second mixtape collabo project. The album from Lil Raider & Neva Sober will be called "Nice Dreams" and will drop soon under Monster Grip Records. More info coming soon to

13 June 2009: Neva Sober - Drunk In Public

Vacaville rapper Neva Sober is finally coming out with his solo album. There's no release date set yet, but his upcoming album "Drunk In Public" is already in the pre-orders section on RapBay. The project will feature whole Nasty North camp and Rydah J. Klyde of the Mob Figaz. It will be released under Monster Grip Records. Stay tuned to for more info. Get at Neva Sober on MySpace.

13 June 2009: Trajik 1 - Suicide Note

There's a new solo cd coming soon from 408 Area artist Trajik 1. The album will be called "Suicide Note" and will drop under Devilish Ways Recordings. We'll get guest appearances from Big Ru, Rob Payne, Playa Rae, Flame, Enormous Tha OX and others. Check out the tracklist and visit Trajik 1 on MySpace. (show tracklist)

13 June 2009: ProHoeZak - Go Hard Or Go Home

East Palo Alto artist ProHoeZak has just released a new cd entitled "Go Hard Or Go Home". It dropped under WorldWideMusic & Team Pro labels. The album features Too Short, E-40, San Quinn, Sean T & Krazy Dave. Go and buy the cd on to support Bay Area rap or download digital version from ProHoeZak official website. Check him out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

10 June 2009: Foss Tha Boss - Call All Shots Vol. 1

You'd better be ready for a new mixtape called "Call All Shots Vol. 1" dropping this summer from Foss Tha Boss outta Point Blank Muzic camp. This East Oakland / Sacramento rapper will release 12-songs deep project with appearances from Tre Mak, Steady, LT, Triple M, Trey Songz, Yundee & others. You can listen to the whole mixtape on or register and download mp3's. Highly recommended. Go and check Foss Tha Boss on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

10 June 2009: Young Sav - Just A Touch Of Game

Even though Young Sav ain't reppin' the Bay, you might be interested in his latest release from Sav'd Out label called "Just A Touch Of Game". This Utah representative brought some of the best outta Vallejo to his project. You'll hear Young Dru on 5 tracks (as he's presenting this cd), Baby Bash, Jay Tee, Boss Hogg and others. Check him out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

09 June 2009: Shady Nate - Gasman Unleashed

Shady Nate of Livewire camp is working on a new long play solo project. He has already dropped a few mixtapes and street releases. His upcoming full length album will be named "Gasman Unleashed" and will be released under Livewire Records and Town Thizzness late June. It will feature - as always - lots of Livewire related artists like J Stalin, Philthy Rich, Jay Jonah, Beeda Weeda, Lil Blood, but also Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, Keak Da Sneak and Eddi Projex. Visit this Oakland artist on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

09 June 2009: Mac Mall - Mac To The Future

There's a new cd by Mac Mall coming up soon titled "Mac To The Future". We only know that it is coming out on August 18th, unfortunately no further information has been released yet. So stay tuned to as we'll surely let you know as soon as possible.

09 June 2009: Rappin' 4-Tay & Squirrel - Ghetto Visa 2

There's a new collaboration album from the two San Francisco representatives dropping soon. Rappin' 4-Tay & Squirrel are about to release their new "Ghetto Visa 2" album. It's Platinum Deluxe Edition and it's coming out with the DVD. You'll hear production from Zaytoven, Big Webb, TC, Que, JT The Bigga Figga, Iconz and more. You'll also get appearances from Gucci Mane, JT, Big Mack, RJ Boone and more. Be on the lookout for this CD on June 16th. Peep the artist's MySpace page and the tracklist (no features mentioned): (show tracklist)

07 June 2009: Stevie Joe - Swag It And Bag It

Oakland rapper Stevie Joe has just released his new project. The mix cd is called "Swag It And Bag It" and it features guest appearances from J Stalin, Philthy Rich, E-40, Clyde Carson & Kaz Kyzah. It dropped under Livewire Ent. and was hosted by DJ Ambidekstres. Check out the tracklist and visit Stevie Joe on MySpace. Also be on the lookout for a new collabo project from Stevie Joe & J Stalin. (show tracklist)

07 June 2009: Less Fortunate - Dark Dayz, Dark Nightz

Sacramento rapper Less Fortunate is working on his new solo cd. It will be called "Dark Dayz, Dark Nightz" and will drop very soon under D-Boy / Less Fortunate labels. Album will include 10 tracks with a street single "Guestlist". You'll hear guest appearances from San Quinn, Bueno, Bart, Agerman, Doey Rock, Matt Blaque, Mafiyo, Day Day & others. Check out the tracklist and hit MySpace page. (show tracklist)

07 June 2009: Young Mix - The Underdog

Be on the lookout for a new album from San Francisco rapper Young Mix. He's releasing a digital product called "The Underdog: The Streets Are Listening" on July 12th. Album will feature appearances from San Quinn, Big Rich, Evenodds, Shad Gee and more. Production will be handled by Evenodds and Young Mix. Get at Young Mix on MySpace.

06 June 2009: Enemigos - Agony & Ecstasy

We've got a brand new cd from San Jose duet Enemigos available now! 408 rappers Gangsta Reese & Convic brought you "Agony & Ecstasy" recorded under C-Blocc Entertainment. You'll get 21 tracks with a few features from Silence, Playa Rae, Scrilla Mac, Critic, Filthy Rich and others. The production was handled by Filthy Rich. As for now you can get the cd directly from artists, yet it's soon coming to cdBaby, 408Inc e-spots and street stores. Go and visit Enemigos on MySpace and check the tracklist: (show tracklist)

06 June 2009: Jimmy Roses - Can't See Faded

Thizz Latin representative Jimmy Roses is on a brink of dropping his new solo album. It's officially hitting the streets June 16th, yet e-store is already selling it online. Album features 18 tracks and includes guest appearances from Goldtoes, The Jacka, San Quinn, Hustle Boys, Baby Boss, Beeda Weeda, Matt Blaque and others. Go and cop it online now or wait a bit more to grab it from the streets. Visit Jimmy on MySpace and check out the tracklist: (show tracklist)

06 June 2009: A-Wax - The Street Album

Go and pre-order the newest solo cd from Pittsburg representative A-Wax. "The Street Album" will feature 17 songs with features from Messy Marv, Black C, Brotha Lynch Hung, Smigg Dirtee, Beta Bossalini, Tiny Doo and more. Visit A-Wax on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 June 2009: Shady Nate - The Bo-Fessional

The new project by Livewire representative is already available in the streets. Shady Nate has just pressed his new "The Bo-Fessional" album. It is presented by DJ Racks & So Fresh Clothing and looks like a mixtape. It features over 30 tracks (3 from upcoming "Gasman: Unleashed" LP) and lots of Oakland rappers like J Stalin, Jay Jonah, Mayback, Lil Rue, Beeda Weeda, Stevie Joe, but also known artists like Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk and Dubb 20. Check out Shady Nate on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 June 2009: Jay Jonah - Smell Of Success

There is also another CD coming soon from the Oakland Livewire camp. Fans already know Jay Jonah from multiple J Stalin's or Shady Nate's releases. His debut mixtape will be titled "Smell Of Success" and is scheduled to drop soon. You'll get 21 tracks with appearances from almost everyone in the camp: Philthy Rich, J Stalin, Shady Nate, Beeda Weeda, Lil Blood, Ronald Mack and more. This mixtape will also feature 3 exclusive tracks produced by Trunk Slump and Jamon Dru. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

04 June 2009: Grind To Shine: Tha Promo Tape - Goph - FREE download

New compilation called "Grind To Shine: Tha Promo Tape" has just dropped on F.O.E. Ent. This is another project made by the Santa Clara representative Goph this year. Back in April he came out with "Fucc Your Lyfe: Tha Mixtape". On this one you'll hear lots of underground local artists and also a couple of San Jose artists such as Gangsta Reese, Critic or Venom. "Grind To Shine" is available for FREE download out HERE. Visit their MySpace page. (show tracklist)

04 June 2009: Dush Tray - What Goes Around Comes Around

Well known old school San Francisco rapper Dush Tray is back in the game! He's coming real soon with his 3rd album titled "What Goes Around Comes Around". After about 10 years of break you'll get 19 tracks with appearances from San Quinn, Munip and a few local artists. This album is already available for purchase in digital format. We'll let you know once the hard copies are out there. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 June 2009: Jacka - Tear Gas - text campaign

We were informed that a few days before the "Tear Gas" drops Jacka and SMC are giving out $500 shopping spree. If you want to take part in it text "TEARGAS" to 30303. As you can see promotion is pretty extensive and hopes that more and more Bay Area rap fans will support Jacka's "Tear Gas" on June 16th. If you haven't had a chance to peep the tracklist here it goes: (show tracklist)

03 June 2009: Gezus - Attitude Of A Gangsta

Central Valley rap fans should know who Gezus is. This Tracy representative is a member of a large group Project Affiliated and even larger one - Minority Militia. Apart from appearing on Project Affiliated's albums he has already released a duo cd with Skarface under the names Ange & Jess. In May Gezus released his debut solo titled "Attitude Of A Gangsta". You can already buy it on CD Baby and check him out on MySpace. The album features verses and production from Skarface, Never, Goldtoes, Lil Raider, Project Affiliated, Dubble J and more. Tracklist (no features though): (show tracklist)

03 June 2009: Lowdown - Clown

It's been years since Lowdown dropped its last cd "The Dirty Dozen". Well, they're finally back with the release titled "Clown" and it's about to hit the store shelves in the end of July. All you old school gangsta rap fans will hear verses from Never, Lil Wyno, Hurrikaine J, C-Locs, Big Tone, Big Oso Loc, Woodie, Tito B and many more. Stay tuned to for more info.

02 June 2009: Yukmouth - The West Coast Don

One of the most anticipated albums from the Bay Area is another solo by Yukmouth who is now independent with his Smoke-A-Lot Records. Most of you probably know that his upcoming 5th solo is coming out pretty soon - July 14th. From what we know it will feature guest appearances from C-Bo, Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk, Dru Down, Lil Flip, T-Pain, The Regime and more. Production will be handled by Dame Grease, P-Killerz Trackz, Traxamillion and more. Take a look at the new cover. Stay tuned and visit Yuk on MySpace.

02 June 2009: Lil Rue & Lil Blood - Shottas

Even though "Shottas" didn't come out when it was supposed to it is scheduled to drop sometime around July. It's going to be a collaboration from two members of Livewire Da Gang: Lil Rue & Lil Blood. This mixtape is hosted by DJ Ambidekstres and will feature verses from Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, J Stalin, Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, Mayback and other Oakland rappers. You may peep Lil Rue's and Lil Blood's myspace pages.

02 June 2009: D-Boy Records present "My Block: Tha Mixtape Volume One"

Sacramento record label D-Boy Records has just released their new compilation project called "My Block". It's a mixtape, which includes 11 tracks with appearances from AK, Young Reep, Young Pap, Doey Rock, Matt Blaque, Young Ridah, Sav-Nation and others. Go and check'em out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

02 June 2009: Darkroom Familia - Veteranos

Northern Cali legendary group Darkroom Familia rereleased its classic joint "Veteranos" in the end of May. The project features entire album on cd and DRF's movie "Veteranos" on DVD. Album dropped under Darkroom Studios and features 15 tracks with appearances from DRF crew, Lowdown members, Taydatay and Boots of The Coup. Visit Darkroom Familia on MySpace and cop the combo on (show tracklist)