Archived news - October 2009

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30 October 2009: Akazie - Akazie For Kongress

916 area code representative Akazie is finally back with another release. "Akazie For Kongress" is still a mixtape, but from what we heard it's a last one before the real album drops. So expect both digital downloads and hard copies to be available this November. Get ready to hear 21 tracks with features from Goodfelonz members, Loco-C, Rukus and more. There will also be 6 exclusive tracks with production from Akazie and Ness (for High Kastle Ent.). If you haven't had opportunity to read our interview with Akazie, then be sure to check it out. Peep his MySpace page and have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 October 2009: J Stalin presents Livewire Radio Volume 2

The Livewire camp are back again with their new compilation album. "Livewire Radio Volume 2" is already available on, yet it's officially hitting the streets November 17th. The project is presented by J Stalin and includes 17 tracks with appearances from Livewire camp, Keak Da Sneak, Vellquan, The Jacka, Berner, Dotrix 4000 & more. Peep the tracklist and visit Livewire on MySpace. (show tracklist)

29 October 2009: Messy Marv & Berner - Blow

Bern and Messy are still doing it big. They'll be coming out with a duet album on December 15th. The title is "Blow", yet we heard it was supposed to be a third part of the "Drought Season" project. Anyway, the album will feature 16 tracks with production from Cozmo, Gennessee, Goblin, Stinj-E, Sean T & others. You'll hear appearances from Lee Majors, B-Legit, C-Bo, Killa Tay, Husalah, J Stalin, Fed-X, Dubb 20, Equipto, Mike Marshall, Yukmouth & more. Check out Messy Marv & Berner on their MySpace pages. (show tracklist)

29 October 2009: Silent - Gang Life / Northern Life Ent. releases

Another homeboy rap camp is trying to earn its name in the game. Northern Life Entertainment is led by Silent and resides in Norcross, GA. The label will be dropping a lot of cds in January 2010. They're starting with Silent's (Silencio) solo cd called "Gang Life". Even though it's not strictly related to northern California it will feature lots of Bay Area rappers: Lil Coner, Big Oso Loc, Big Rhino, Menti, Duke, Crooked, Chico, Negro & more. You'll also get 2 mixtapes called "Norcross Livin" and a duet album from Silent & Negro entitled "Back In The Daiz" with features from Hydro, Mr. G, Baby Boy Ene, Big Oso Loc & others. All the albums are already done, yet waiting to be pressed. Check out the unofficial cover for "Gang Life".

29 October 2009: Messy Marv & DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show

The "Tonite Show" with Messy Marv is now available on iTunes. It will hit the stores in a few days, probably November 3rd. The project features 10 tracks with guest appearances from Beeda Weeda, J. Stalin, Shady Nate, Eddi Projex, Young Gully & more. Get at Messy Marv on the MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 October 2009: J-Diggs & Rich The Factor - Street Ballin' Vol. 1

Bay Area meets KC on a duet album from J-Diggs & Rich The Factor. The project called "Street Ballin' Vol. 1" is dropping on November 17th under Thizz Nation / Romp'd Out. It will feature 14 tracks with guest appearances from The Jacka, Crest Creepaz, Fatboy Chubb, Playa Shane & more. Stay tuned for more detailed information coming to real soon.

27 October 2009: Interview with Akazie

Another good read before the end of the month. This time it's an interview with the 916 rapper, producer and graphic designer named Akazie. It's a very informative conversation, so have a look at in the Interviews Section. Here's a quick preview:

[ ] : So far you focused on mixtapes. I wonder why since you're also a producer and from what I heard a very good one.

[ Akazie ] : Actually I have a very good reason for that. I'm just not a real big fan of my own production work. I find it tough to write to my own beats. I've tried for years and years to be a dope producer and I just haven't reached that full potential to me yet, I mean other people think my shit slaps so I guess I'm doing something right. I've made a lot of dope shit, but not for my style I guess. As far as making a lot of mixtape releases, I just like writing to the mixtape beats, they're better quality. And to me my lyrics are better than your average rapper. So I need quality of the beat to match me. If I rap over my own beat, chances are I wrote it to a mixtape beat. I can write a lot faster to them for some reason. That's just how I work. I don't sell beats, if I make tight ones, I keep them for us. Rukus got ALL the dope shit.[ read more ]

27 October 2009: Big Oso Loc - Inked Up N Banged Out

The new solo cd from Fremont rapper Big Oso Loc is already available in a couple of places, however the official release date is Halloween. "Inked Up N Banged Out" is Oso's third official full length solo and is presented by Lil Coner. The album features 15 tracks with appearances from Woodie, Big Rhino, Redrum, Negro & Pistol Cee. Let's summarize where the cd is available:
Street Beats in Salinas
Exitos Latinos in Salinas
Exitos Latinos in Watsonville
Music Zone in Marina
Barney's in Woodland

Rasputin's, Sacramento Dimples and stores in the 559 region will have them next week. We'll let you know once more stores have it. Check out the tracklist and visit Big Oso on MySpace: (show tracklist)

27 October 2009: Stik Gilatine - The Fly Guy

For all you impatient San Jose rap fans there's a new solo album from rapper Stik Gilatine available in digital shape now! It is titled "The Fly Guy" and includes 18 songs with production from DJ Episode, Leon Freeze, Ronnie Lee, MG, G-Owens, Bless & Philip Treezy. You'll get additional verses from G-Owens, Lasro, 2 Left Feet, Playa Rae, Royalty, Young rebs & more. Check out Stik on his MySpace and get your digital copy at 408Inc Store for $7.99 (show tracklist)

27 October 2009: Major Spitz - Summa Eighty Five

Bay Area rapper Major Spitz has recently come out with the debut EP titled "Summa Eighty Five". You'll hear 6 tracks with appearances from Rondoe, Cadillac Phee and Luke Styles. This album has been entirely produced by up and coming In The Roux Ent. You can download or listen to the whole album at We also recommend you to visit his MySpace page and have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 October 2009: Philthy Rich - Funk Or Die - I Represent It video

As we've already written a couple of weeks back the new full length solo by east Oakland rapper Philthy Rich will be released on November 17th. The "Funk Or Die" album is promoted with a single titled "I Represent It". Watch the movie and stay tuned to In the meantime visit Philthy Rich on his MySpace page.

27 October 2009: Jacka & Berner - Drought Season 2

SMC Recordings has more releases coming out this November. Another one is a collaboration album by Berner and Jacka who have hooked up once again to bring you "Drought Season 2". The cd will be available on November 17th and will feature beats from Cozmo, Pak Slap, Gennessee, DNA Beats, MC, Goblin & Jeev. The cd will be filled with features from Fed-X, Lee Majors, Fam, AP.9, Cellski, J. Stalin, Messy Marv, Killa Tay and more. Watch the video for single "Colder Blood" on youtube and have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

26 October 2009: Esinchill - Vigilante

Esinchill - an East Oakland rapper and a member of Digital Underground is freshly out with his solo project called "Vigilante". The project was released under Jake Records and includes beats from Jake One and DJ Tour. You'll find guest appearances from Dave Hollister, Eddi Projex, Mistah F.A.B., Casual, Latoya London, Dave Lopez (of Flipsyde), Nate', C-Dash & Ryan Nicole. You can get it in most of e-spots like Amazon, iTunes and more. Visit Esinchill on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

26 October 2009: Da' Unda' Dogg - Monkey Hustle: Return Of The King

Vet from the Crest is back. Rapper Da' Unda' Dogg has finally released a solo cd. We've been waiting for lots of his upcoming albums, but most of them didn't drop. Here's a new one called "Monkey Hustle: Return Of The King". It's almost a 100% solo project from Coolio, as he did the whole production and there're only 3 songs with features. Check out the tracklist and visit Da' Unda' Dogg on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 October 2009: Laroo - Star Power G-Mode - Give It 2 Me video

Demolition Men have released another part of their "Nuthin But Slap Series" recently. It was hosted by Richmond representative Laroo. This artist is also releasing a collaboration project with Killa Tay titled "Fuckin With The Mob Is A Privilege" this year. However there's also another solo by Laroo coming soon. Album named "Star Power G-Mode" should be available this month. Watch the video embedded below for the track "Give It 2 Me" that features Malika. Visit Laroo on his MySpace page.

24 October 2009: Westwayz Compilation 3

The third part of "Westwayz" compilation series is available right now. This time it's a fully instrumental album with 10 tracks, out of which 9 were prepared by Salvatore and one by Sean T. You can grab a copy on-line as it's only $9.99 with free shipping, check it out on Have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2009: Killa Keise - Yellow Tape Zone

There's a new solo album from Frisco rapper Killa Keise available now. The "Yellow Tape Zone" was released under Step It Up Ent. and you can buy it online on The album features 19 tracks with appearances from Messy Marv, J Stalin, Guce, Scrooge, Cam City, Philthy Rich & more. Visit Killa Keise on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2009: Stevie Joe - Oxycontin

A brand new project from Oakland rapper Stevie Joe is available now. It's a mixtape called "Oxycontin". It is mixed by DJ Ambidekstres and you can get your copy on There're a few exclusive tracks produced by Skoolboys, Skullknocker Tracks, Livin Proof & The Whole Shabang and guest appearances from Philthy Rich, Kaz Kyzah, Bueno, Clyde Carson, Keak Da Sneak, Smigg Dirtee & Hawkman. Check Stevie Joe on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2009: Go Bigg Group Music presents The Grind Flu

Vallejo based Go Bigg Music Group presents a new street project called "The Grind Flu". It's a compilation which features 22 songs with appearances from Charizma, Mac Dame, Hennessy Martini, DL Da Arsun, Krypto, Balance, Nump and more. The cd was mixed by DJ e.Tech and hosted by Eddi Projex. You can buy this project on Check out Go Bigg label on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2009: Sleepdank - Greatest Hits

Crestside rapper Sleepdank is out with his "Greatest Hits" album. The project was released under Sumo & Sleepykat labels and includes 20 tracks with guest appearances from Dubee, San Quinn, Keak Da Sneak, J-Diggs, Mac Dre and more. Check out Sleepdank on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 October 2009: Interview with C-Dubb

We had a chance to chat with one of the most hard working artists out of Sacramento and did a brand new interview with C-Dubb. Take a brief trip with Oak Park representative and read about his career, life and upcoming projects. The whole article can be found in the Interviews Section. Here's a quick preview:

[ ]: Nine years ago you dropped "The Story Of The Struggle" - your first official cd record. How would you describe the project? How did you hook up with San Quinn and Sky Balla from SFC? Back in the days you weren't that famous.

[ C-Dubb ] : "Story Of The Sturggle"...hmm, I remember just calling the Get Low Records office number they had on one of their tapes and Quinn hit me back. We did it just like that, when he came down, he brought Sky to the labb... I don't remember that well though... lol. We actually made that song in '95 before "Kalifornia" was even recorded.[ read more ]

22 October 2009: War Inc. - Warning Shotz

There's a new album from High Risk Offenderz members. Allybo (Hayward), Makfully (Mudville, Stockton) and Jay Rocc (New Orleans) have formed a group called War Inc. and dropped an album entitled "Warning Shotz". It features 12 songs and was released under Fully Paid Ent. and Pakslap Productionz. You can buy their album online on CD Baby. Check out the video for "We Are Starz" and visit War Inc. on MySpace.

(show tracklist)

20 October 2009: G-Macc - The Alter Ego Project

G-Macc's mixtape was announced long time back, however it was pushed back many times. Fortunately this Sacramento representative decided to release "The Alter Ego Project" digitally for free for everyone to download and thus promote the upcoming "V.A.M.P.I.R.E." solo. As promised the mixtape is available for download since today. Check out any of the below links to have all tracks in mp3 format together with the whole graphics:
sendspace link
zshare link
megaupload link
Have a look at the tracklist before you download (no features mentioned): (show tracklist)

20 October 2009: Travieso G - Mind Of A Porosvillan

Homeboy rapper Travieso G hailing from Porterville in 559 area code has recently dropped his solo project entitled "Mind Of A Porosvillan". You'll hear 19 tracks with guest appearances from Jay Tee, Lil Coner, Mr. Kee, Mousie, Doc 9, Chubb G & many more. Check out the tracklist and peep Travieso's MySpace page. (show tracklist)

19 October 2009: Darkroom Familia - Por Vida

Darkroom Familia has just rereleased their old and hard-to-find project. "Por Vida" was once pressed only on tape and in a limited low quantity. Now you can have it on cd. The album features 12 songs with verses from Duke, Sir Dyno, Crooked, Oso, D-Roll, Dub, Young Ant, DJ MT, Never, Lil Wyno, E-Clips, Low, Cutty Face, Taydatay and more. If you have other DRF releases you won't find anything new for you on this one, as all these songs were put on their albums from late 90's. Check out DRF on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 October 2009: G-Macc - The Alter Ego Project

G-Macc's mixtape was announced long time back, however it was pushed back many times. Fortunately this Sacramento representative decided to release "The Alter Ego Project" digitally for free for everyone to download and thus promote the upcoming "V.A.M.P.I.R.E." solo. The mixtape will be available tomorrow (Tuesday) on the Internet, for example on We'll definitely keep you posted and provide a valid link. In the meantime visit G-Macc's MySpace page.

19 October 2009: Balance - We All In Vol. 1

Be on the lookout for a new project from Oakland representative Balance. He's coming out with a free mix cd under Ayinde Music on October 31st. It will be called "We All In Vol. 1" and will be mixed by DJ G-Spot. More info will be provided soon. Check out Balance on his MySpace page.

19 October 2009: New Faces Of Money - self titled

New Faces Of Money is an upcoming group out of East Bay. They've recently dropped their debut self titled group album. New Faces Of Money are: Rico, Hitta J & Ceez Money. The album features 13 tracks with production from Shawn Esq. Get it now online on CD Baby and visit New Faces Of Money on their MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 October 2009: Sav It Out Vol. 2 - Street Starz N Block Monstaz

The new compilation album from Big Tone and his Sav-It-Out camp is out now. The official release date for "Sav It Out Vol. 2: Street Starz N Block Monstaz" is Oct. 24th, yet it's already available on Check out the tracklist which features 18 songs with appearances from Antioch rappers and artists like Jacka, Fed-X, Hollow Tip, SB, Lil Raider, C-Locs and more. Also visit Big Tone on his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

19 October 2009: Agerman - Mr. Curtis

There's a new solo cd from the Oakland rapper Agerman. Former member of 3xKrazy group is recording Christian rap for a couple of years now. His latest album dropped today and is called "Mr. Curtis". You'll get 20 tracks with guest appearances from artists like Yukmouth, Mac Dre, Prohoezak and more. The production is handled by Prohoezak, Genius, Tone Capone, S.K. and more. Get at Agerman on MySpace.

19 October 2009: Boss Hogg as King Creepa - self titled

A self titled solo album from V-Town rapper Boss Hogg is out now. He dropped it as King Creepa under Thizzlamic Records. It's officially hitting stores on October 20th, but you can already cop it online on The album features beats from Mr. Slap, Baby Joey and Collage Boys and verses from Mac Mall, J-Diggs, Crest Creepaz, Black Mafia, J-Minix and more. Check Boss Hogg on his MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 October 2009: J-Diggs - Da Good

The new level in the rap history has been achieved. It seems that J-Diggs is the first rapper who dropped 3 separate albums on the same day. Yeah, that's right, this Vallejo artist brought us 3 cds called: "Da Good", "Da Bad" & "Da Ugly". Unfortunately each features only about 10 tracks, but it was predictable. Even though all 3 albums are scheduled to be released on October 22nd has them ready for sell right now. "Da Good" features a couple of well known rappers like Jacka, Mistah F.A.B., Rydah, Dubee, Keak Da Sneak and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 October 2009: J-Diggs - Da Bad

The second part of the series is the cd titled "Da Bad". Just like mentioned above, you'll receive only 10 tracks with appearances from such artists as Mitcy Slick, Vital, I-Rocc, Sleepdank, San Quinn, Bavgate and more. Get ready to snatch this cd from your local stores or on-line ones on October 22nd. Have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 October 2009: J-Diggs -Da Ugly

The final J-Diggs' solo album has been entitled "Da Ugly". It will officially hit the store shelves in 4 days. Expect to hear 10 tracks with appearances from Beeda Weeda, Guce, Big Rich, Richie Rich, Vital, Keak Da Sneak, Dubee and many more. Peep J-Diggs on his MySpace page and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 October 2009: Telly Mac - Project Celebrity

Gamblaz member Telly Mac is out with his sophomore solo project called "Project Celebrity". It features lots of guest appearances from rappers like San Quinn, Dubee, JT The Bigga Figga, D-Moe, Mac Mall, Matt Blaque & more. Check the tracklist below, cop the album from RapBay and visit Telly Mac on MySpace. (show tracklist)

18 October 2009: Mendo Dope - Welcome To The Jungle

A debut album from Medno Dope is out here. "Welcome To The Jungle" is officially hitting streets on October 20th but it's already available on Album is presented by Reek Daddy and it features him on lots of tracks. You'll also hear appearances from Sleepdank, Boss Hogg, Dubee, Mr. Skrillz and more. Album was released under N.O.Y.B. label. Check out the tracklist and get at Mendo Dope on MySpace: (show tracklist)

18 October 2009: Andre Nickatina - Booty Star: Glock Tawk

If you didn't have a chance to grab a DVD/CD combo from Andre Nickatina called "Booty Star: Glock Tawk" in 2007 there's an opportunity to get a separate cd which was a part of that project from '07. 14 tracks deep cd with the same title "Booty Star: Glock Tawk" will be officially released October 20th under Nicky Pearl label, but it's already out on RapBay. This project does not include the DVD. Check out Nicky on MySpace. (show tracklist)

14 October 2009: Nump - The Student Ov Da Game

There's a bunch of albums scheduled for upcoming weeks. The one that came out yesterday is the new solo album by Filipino rapper Nump. It is titled "The Student Ov Da Game" and includes the street single "Legalize My Medicine" with M.I.A. & Greenirie produced by Droop-E. Album also features E-40, Paul Wall, B-Legit, Turf Talk, Ya Boy, Laroo, Droop-E, B-Slimm, Balance, Goldie, Smigg Dirtee, Cellski and more. The production is handled by Droop-E, Traxxx, Severe, Decadex, D1, Tech Beats and others. Get at Nump on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

14 October 2009: Mo $ Click - If It Ain't About Money

If you haven't heard about the Mo $ Click, then you should peep them, because they're doing it big. The group consists of West Ghost and Kazzba, they represent various cities in the northern part of the Bay Area: Vallejo, Fairfield all the way to Woodland. After a few underground releases they finally came up with something major. "If It Ain't About Money" is a full length release that is available now in Woodland's Barney's or Is Real Music and in many Dimple Records stores. The album features Goldie Gold, J-Minixx, Magnolia Chop, Mack'n Ass Maurice and others. Peep Mo & Click on their MySpace page and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

14 October 2009: Bueno - Can't Knock The Hustle

Be on the lookout for a new official solo project from Sacramento rapper Bueno. It will be entitled "Can't Knock The Hustle" and will be released under NMG and SMC labels. The album is dropping December 22nd. Check us out for more info coming soon and get at Bueno on his MySpace page.

14 October 2009: Troublez presents Tha Allstarz

San Jose representative Troublez is working on a new compilation from homeboy rappers from all over the Bay. It will be titled "Tha Allstarz" and will include songs with Troublez, Lil Coner, Ace Of Spits, Nsanity, C-Locs, Big Oso Loc, Frank Gucci, Bay Mafia and more. We'll let you know about the release date once it's set. In the meanwhile visit Troublez on MySpace.

10 October 2009: AG Cubano - Feet To The Street

AG Cubano hailing from the 650 area is dropping his new project October 27th. The street album called "Feet To The Street" will be hosted by Demolition Men and will feature songs mostly produced by Traxx with a few exceptions from Kaoz, Matt Blaque & Elecrtic Juice. You'll hear appearances from Laroo, C-Bo, Matt Blaque, San Quinn, The Jacka, Beeda Weeda, Shady Nate and many more. Check out the tracklist and visit AG on MySpace. (show tracklist)

10 October 2009: Trafik - Eyes Open

Santa Rosa rapper Trafik dropped his new solo project some time ago. It's called "Eyes Open" and was released under Rock Solid Studios. You'll hear 18 tracks with appearances from Dubee, J-Diggs, Da Unda Dogg, Los Dogg, Nevaeh, Soania Lopez & more. Get it online at CD Baby and visit Trafik on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

10 October 2009: Magruff Muttley - "Wiggaly Wobbley"

Be on the lookout for a new solo cd coming out from Magruff Muttley soon. He's releasing a single to a solo project October 26th. The single will be called "Wiggaly Wobbley" and will be produced by Jay Hurricane. Stay tuned and check out Magruff on MySpace.

10 October 2009: El Negro - The Joog

There's a new free solo project from Vallejo representative El Negro. His album is called "The Joog" and features 15 songs. Download the whole cd from LimeLinx and visit El Negro on his MySpace page. Tracklist (just the titles): (show tracklist)

09 October 2009: E-Moe - Internet Hustle Vol. 3

Sacramento representative E-Moe is freshly out with a digital mixtape entitled "Internet Hustle Vol. 3". It was released by PayStyle Music and includes 26 tracks with guest appearances from D-Dubb, Double O Smebb, Semi-Automatic, Spittlez, Hondo & more. Listen to the whole project on the official PayStyle Music website and visit E-Moe on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

09 October 2009: E-Moe - Leftovers

Another release from Sac-Town rapper E-Moe called "Leftovers" is hitting the rap table this month. It will be mainly distributed to e-stores like CD Baby, iTunes etc., but there will be limited copies available on the streets. The album will feature 18 tracks with guest appearances from D-Dubb, Mr. Blap, Joezy Wells, Spittlez & others. The production will be handled by E-Moe, Christyles, Raspy, Big Hollis, Noc Tone Prod., C-Dubb, Mr. Blap & more. Check out the tracklist and visit E-Moe on MySpace. (show tracklist)

09 October 2009: A-Wax & Gonzoe - Recession Proof: The Pre-Album Sampler

A-Wax & Gonzoe brought us a free pre-album sampler to their upcoming duet official release called "Recession Proof". The sampler album is free for download on IllBurn Records website. The project features 4 snippets and 1 single from the official release and 14 other, new tracks - only available on this record. This project includes features from Glasses Malone, Brotha Lynch Hung, B-Stroll, Tru Sosa & Josh Franks. Download a sampler album for free and cop the official release on November 10th. Tracklist for the pre-album: (show tracklist)

09 October 2009: Nio Tha Gift - Sex, Drugs, Money & Hip Hop Vol. 1

Richmond artist Nio Tha Gift is out with a mixtape project called "Sex, Drugs, Money & Hip Hop Vol. 1". The album includes 21 songs with features from Big Rich, Dem Hoodstarz, Erk Tha Jerk, Yung Gaitta, Killa Keise & more. You can download it for free from LimeLinx or hit Nio on his email ( if you want a copy. The album includes a few exclusive tracks produced by Bedrock, Young L, Tracklordz, D.E.O., Erk Tha Jerk & others. Visit Nio Tha Gift on MySpace and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

09 October 2009: Exxxo - So Official (EP)

The new project from rapper Exxxo is available now - only on the net. The project is an EP album called "So Official" and it features 8 songs with appearances from J Scrilla, Lo & Mostel. The whole production was brought by Greg G. You can cop the album at spots like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody or Napster. Check out Exxxo on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

09 October 2009: Catastrophics - Illonomix

Rapper Catastrophic hailing from Oakland has just dropped his debut solo cd called "Illonomix". You'll hear 11 tracks with all original production made by Catastrophic himself. Listen to the snippets of the songs on website. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 October 2009: Don Heit - The Ear Infection

Oakland rapper Don Heit has recently released a solo album titled "The Ear Infection". It features lots of additional verses mostly by Fam Syrk but also by Dru Down, Rahmean, Lee Majors, Rebel Muzik and other people. You can buy it on-line on or on CD Baby. We didn't manage to find artist's MySpace, but you can have a look at his Twitter page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 October 2009: Scweez - Grind Time Stackin

Latin Hayward representative Scweez has just come out with another release. From what we know "Grind Time Stackin" is a full length album with 16 tracks. You'll hear guest appearances from such people as Chingo Bling, Snow Tha Product, Spitfire and more. You can already buy the album on-line on for instance. Visit Scweez on his MySpace page and also peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

06 October 2009: Philthy Rich's upcoming releases

Another dose of news from Oakland rapper Philthy Rich. There's a release date for anticipated "Funk Or Die" solo cd. It will drop November 17th. Also there are two new projects in works. We'll get a solo endeavor called "Flyest Nigga On 2 Feet" dropping under Livewire Records. We'll also hear Philthy Rich on "Westcoast Countdown Part Six" presented by DJ Racks and The Mixtape Mobb. For more info stay tuned to your favourite Bay Area rap source and check out daily. In the meanwhile visit Philthy Rich on MySpace.

06 October 2009: Sav It Out Vol. 2 - Street Starz N Block Monstaz

All you Northern Cali Latin rap fans better be prepared to take another trip with Big Tone and his Sav-It-Out camp, as the second compilation from this label is knocking at your door. You can already pre-order the "Sav It Out Vol. 2: Street Starz N Block Monstaz" album at The official release date is October 24th, yet the pre-ordered cds will be shipped on 16th. Check out the tracklist which features 18 songs with appearances from Antioch rappers and artists like Jacka, Fed-X, Hollow Tip, SB, Lil Raider, C-Locs and more. Also visit Big Tone on his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

06 October 2009: Tee-Loke Da Sciple - M.O.B.B.

Sacramento rapper Tee-Loke will be dropping his new solo album November 22nd. It will be called "M.O.B.B." and will feature artists like Dre-D, MM Cal, Young Bo, Daniel Cross and more. For more information and in order to preview some of the songs from the upcoming album go to Tee-Loke's MySpace page.

05 October 2009: J Stalin - Prenuptial Agreement

There's been lots of talking about the upcoming full length solo by the west Oakland representative J Stalin. Those who are anticipating the "Prenuptial Agreement" cd will still have to wait as it is scheduled for the January 5th 2010. It will feature lots of guest appearances by such people as Too Short, Messy Marv, Jacka, E-40, Mistah F.A.B., Dubb 20, San Quinn, the whole Livewire Ent roster and more. Peep Stalin on his official MySpace page.

02 October 2009: Nump - The Student Ov Da Game

The new solo album from Nump will hit the stores October 13th. It will be titled "The Student Ov Da Game" and will include street single "Legalize My Medicine" with M.I.A. & Greenirie produced by Droop-E. Album will also feature E-40, Paul Wall, B-Legit, Turf Talk, Ya Boy, Laroo, Droop-E, B-Slimm, Balance, Goldie, Smigg Dirtee, Cellski and more. The production will be handled by Droop-E, Traxxx, Severe, Decadex, D1, Tech Beats and others. Get at Nump on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

02 October 2009: Funk Season

The "Funk Season" compilation is finally available in various stores for a couple of days now. It is mainly showcasing the talent of the northern Cali Latin rap scene and it dropped under the collaboration of Strong Arm and Thizz Latin labels. It features artists like Goldtoes, Turf Talk, Berner, Casper Loc, Rydah J. Klyde, Sleepdank, Javi Picazo, Tokztero, Tito B, Alcatraz and even some central coast artists like Fury and Smuggla. The production is handled by Green Goblin. Check it out at MySpace and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

02 October 2009: COS - A Novel By Me

There's a third solo by Sacramento, Madesicc artist COS scheduled to drop in the near future. COS says it is planned to be released in early 2010, however the tracklist has already been published. You'll get 17 tracks with many features by Low, Brotha Lynch Hung, Devious, G-Macc, Smigg Dirtee, T.A. and many more. Production will be handled by The Shape, M.C., Flashy, Axis, DJ Epic, Tyniffecent and C.N.I. As of now rapper's MySpace page isn't too informative, but it should change when the release date gets closer. Other than that please note that the "So Help Me God Vol. 2" is already available via online download on the above MySpace page. (show tracklist)