Archived news - February 2010

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27 February 2010: Messy Marv presents The Shooting Range

Be on the lookout for a new compilation project hosted by Frisco rapper Messy Marv. The album will be entitled "The Shooting Range" and will be released April 20th under Click Clack Records. You'll hear guest appearances by Messy himself, Lee Majors, Dem Hoodstarz, Fed-X, The Jacka, Husalah, Glasses Malone, Spider Loc, Rich The Factor, Young Doe, Mitchy Slick, Killa Keise & more. Visit Messy Marv on his MySpace page.

27 February 2010: Cousin Fik - No Gravity

We're back with some fresh and official info on upcoming Cousin Fik's album called "No Gravity". This Vallejo rapper will be dropping his new solo project under Sick Wid' It Records this March. There's a new flyer for the album which says it will include guest appearances by E-40, Turf Talk, Yukmouth, Droop-E, Beeda Weeda, B-Slim, Stevie Joe, Stres, Clyde Carson & more. Check out Cousin Fik on his MySpace page. We'll bring you tracklist as soon as we acquire one.

26 February 2010: To Haiti With Love

Be on the lookout for a new supportive movement with dedication to Haiti. It will be an EP album called "To Haiti With Love", which is coordinated by Beats By The Bay / Bay Area Rap Care / Helping Hands. It will be available on iTunes, plus there will be some hard copies too. Album will include appearances by A-Wax, MAC & AK, King Cydal, Laroo, Mugzi, Erase-E, Kafani, Kontac, Hoodstarz, S.B., Krypto, Young Dru & more. The beats will be delivered by Mac P, D-Struct, Cholly-1 & Suga Kane. Stay tuned to for more detailed info coming up soon.

26 February 2010: Stunnaman - Legendary

Last month the "Vans" creators from The Pack dropped their new group mixtape. There was also a solo mixtape by Lil Uno as well as Young L. Now it's Stunnaman who shares his work with his fans. You can download his new mixtape called "Legedary" straight from his MySpace page. Check out the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

26 February 2010: Pody Mouf - Pocket Science

Rapper Pody Mouf hailing from West Side San Jose is working on his brand new solo project called "Pocket Science". It will be presented by Young Dru and will be out soon under Dru's Fortune Over Fame label. You'll hear production by Indecent The Slapmaster, Heavy Hittas, Rob Lo & others. Guest appearances will include Berner, Beeda Weeda, Shady Nate, AG Cubano, Taj-He-Spitz, Rux, Indecent The Slapmaster & more. Check out Pody Mouf on MySpace and keep on checking for more information.

25 February 2010: Chilee Powdah & Moss Da Boss - Underground Heavyweights Vol. 1

There's a new mixtape project by Richmond duet by Chilee Powdah and Moss Da Boss. Their album is called "Underground Heavyweights Vol. 1" and is free for download at You'll get 12 tracks with guest appearances by Beeda Weeda, Matt Blaque, Gemini, Troy The Barber, PZ & more. Fans of pressed units should also know that physical copies are also available and will hit Rasputins next week. Visit Chilee Powdah and Moss Da Boss on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 February 2010: Moeses Soulright The 2nd - The Delicatessen

Rapper Moeses Soulright The 2nd (formerly known as Young Moe) hailing from 415/650 area is coming out with his second solo project. His new mixtape album will drop soon under Platinum Bound Entertainment and will be mixed by DJ Mark 7. You'll get 27 tracks with features by Skee, Des Real, Young Rebz & others. A few exclusive songs will be produced by Has, Unkle Sam and No Sleep. Check out Moe on MySpace and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

25 February 2010: Davola & Lil Chris - Killa Kombination

Rappers Lil Chris and Davola coming out of Central Valley (Lemoore & Hanford in 559) will be out with their duet project this March. Davola (aka Dav) is a member of Twin Brothers group, which already released 2 projects. Their upcoming collabo cd will be called "Killa Kombination" and will include guest appearances by Cisko (of PBC), Philly Blunt (of Twin Brothers), Young Savi, Young Rich, Ghetto Blaster, Playa Chen & more. Album will drop under Heavy Hittaz Muzik & Nastee Habits Entertainment. Visit Lil Chris & Davola on MySpace.

25 February 2010: Shill Macc & The Getta - From The Kitchen 2 Tha Curb

If you're heading for a Saturday's rap show in Vacaville (Feb. 27th) you'll have a chance to be the first to grab the new album from Shill Macc & The Getta called "From The Kitchen 2 Tha Curb". He'll be selling them personally at the show; Rasputins will have it on March 2nd and it will hit iTunes in a couple of weeks. Album features 18 tracks with production by Kali Mist, Rawkeyz, The Getta, Deuce Trae & King Keyes. Visit Shill Macc on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 February 2010: Playa Rae presents Hustlin City 2 City 3

Be on the lookout for a new compilation from Playa Rae's Monstaville Records - the third part of "Hustlin City 2 City" series. Vol. 3 will feature Playa Rae, 2 Left Feet, Tha Critic, Trey C, C-Bo, Jay Rock, M-Dash, Beta Bossalini, Macnificent & more. Stay tuned to and visit 408 Inc website.

25 February 2010: Cataracs - I Thought They Were Black?!

Campa and Cyrano better known as The Cataracs has just brought you their free project called "I Thought They Were Black?!". The album is hosted by DJ Greg Street and includes 15 tracks with the remix of their latest single "Club Love", which features E-40 & Ya Boy. Go and download it now and visit Cataracs on their clean MySpace page. (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: Solider Hard - My Troops Is With Me is back with some huge update on Soldier Hard's music. As we've already told you his new album "My Troops Is With Me" will drop in 4 days - on February 28th. It will include 8 new tracks and snippets of his upcoming duet album with Dego. The whole project will be free for download on Soldier Hard's new official website. Also visit Soldier Hard on his MySpace page.

Solider Hard is also working on the brand new album with Stockton rapper and a US Marine - Dego. Together they perform as The Department Of Defense and their joint cd will be called "Trading War Stories". The cd should be available March 31st. The album will include 14 tracks. You can listen to the song called "Tears On Her Pillow" on Also visit Non Stop Heat website and peep the official DOD MySpace page. Tracklist for "My Troops Is With Me": (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: Soldier Hard - Service Members Only

That's not all from Soldier Hard. He's also got a special gift for all the people who serve for the US. No matter if you're in Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force... you'll just need to send a message from your official military email to to get a link to Soldier Hard's free cd called "Service Members Only". It's a 16-track deep digital project with previous Soldier Hard's songs. What's more the digital package will also include a cover and music video for "Support Us" song.

24 February 2010: Smokie Loco - A History Of Violence

San Jose rap scene is waiting for a debut solo album by the creator of "Strangulation" series - Smokie Loco. His upcoming project will be called "A History Of Violence" and is scheduled for late March. We've got a raw tracklist which includes 19 tracks, yet the order may still be changed. There's a lot of solo songs by Smokie Loco and some with guest appearances by Deep Sleep Records members, Moreno, Young Chico, Big Oso Loc, Shea, Diablo, Porky and Balance. Peep the tracklist below and visit Evil Side Records on the MySpace page: (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: Ya Boy - The Fix 2

Frisco beast Ya Boy will be out with his new mixtape project on March 1st. It will be called "The Fix 2" and will be supported by a bunch of DJs: DJ Ill Will, DJ Woogie, DJ Rockstar and DJ Folk. The album will feature exclusive production by Droop-E & Oddz N Endz and guest appearances by E-40, Yukmouth, Beeda Weeda, Black Card Boys and more. Check out Ya Boy on MySpace and be sure to cop the latest digital product by him & Big Rich called "Guns & Roses". We'll definitely keep you updated on this one, so keep on returning to

24 February 2010: Pat Lowrenzo - St. Patrick'$ Day / We @ It Compilation

There's a lot of new stuff by Stockton / Oakland rapper Pat Lowrenzo, mainly known from his collaboration album with Killa Tay. Right now he's out with a new solo album, a DVD and a compilation project. The solo and a DVD are separate projects with the same title: "St. Patrick'$ Day". The album includes 10 songs with appearances by Kokane, Knowledge Bone, Young Collage & J. Tunes, while a DVD is a footage from recording of the cd.

Pat Lowrenzo along with Power 7 Records, which also released his solo and a DVD, made a compilation called "We @ It". It has Pat on every track and also includes verses by C-Bo, Killa Tay, T-Nutty, Yukmouth, Guce & more. All of these projects are available on Check out the tracklist for "St. Patrick'$ Day" and visit Pat on his MySpace page: (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: Operation Nutcracker - Trumped Up Charges Vol. 1

Livewire Records and Hustlanity Mob label has brought you their new compilation. It is called "Operation Nutcracker - Trumped Up Charges Vol. 1" and includes 2 discs with verses by Mac Blast, Shady Nate, Nunu, J-Dubb, Jay Jonah, Purple, Maxx, Maja Gutter & others. Visit Hustlanity Mob & Livewire labels on their MySpace pages.

24 February 2010: Internal Records - Beautiful Music

Bay Area based label Internal Records hooked up with Big Rich, who presented its latest project, which dropped yesterday. It's called "Beautiful Music" and includes 16 tracks with a few guest appearances by Big Rich, Taj-He-Spitz, Nio Tha Gift, Davio, Bea Tesorero, Kimi Lundie & Jo'son Johnson. There're many rappers signed to Internal Records, yet this album is handled by Merquillo and Yaphiet. Visit Internal Records on MySpace and download their album for free. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: Roach Gigz & Lil 4-Tay - From Another EP

There's a EP duet project by two young San Francisco rappers Roach Gigz & Lil 4-Tay called "From Another". It was released yesterday and is free for download. The project includes music recorded between 2007 - 2009 and includes 8 songs with a street anthem "I'm Up" which has got a video - look for it at our Video Section. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: El Negro - The Joog 2

Another free project was brought to you by Vallejo rapper El Negro, a member of Rich B4 Rich group. His new mixtape album includes 18 songs with exclusive tracks produced by Mr. Manish, Johnny Juliano, B-Lo & TY Tha Artist. Preview the whole album at and visit El Negro on his MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 February 2010: D-Boi - Success Addict

Another member of Rich B4 Rich - D-Boi - is working on his debut, official solo album. His upcoming project will be called "Success Addict" and will feature El Negro, Matt Blaque, Bailey, A2ThaK & The Rolla. Visit D-Boi on his MySpace page. will provide you more information soon, so stay tuned.

23 February 2010: Big Chill - Chill Pill

Modesto rapper Big Chill is working on his new solo album. It will be entitled "Chill Pill" and should be out around the beginning of May - probably the 6th. You'll get 14 tracks without any features and with 100% production by Big Chill. The album will be available both in digital version (ex. iTunes) and in hard copies as well which is a great news, as all previous Chill's releases were only available for free download. You can already check out a little preview of the album.

23 February 2010: Young Haitti - The Baydahaitian

Young Haitti hailing from Vallejo is out with his new solo project. It is called "The Baydahaitian" and features some big names not only from the Bay. You'll get beats by My World Ent., Candy Shop, James Early, Young Haitti himself and more. Guest appearances include Richie Rich, B-Legit, Lil Keke, Young Bleed, Mac Shawn, Big Moe & more. You can get the mp3 version of the album at CD Baby. Also check out Young Haitti's MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 February 2010: X-Raided, C-Dubb, Gangsta Reese & B. Parker - Bloc Bizniz

Next month you'll get a few new projects from X-Raided's label Bloc Star. We've already been announcing them a couple of times. Today we bring you tracklists for two of the upcoming releases which are dropping on March 16th. The "Bloc Bizniz" project will be a group album / compilation handled mainly by X-Raided (featured almost on every song), C-Dubb (9 songs), Gangsta Reese (8 songs) & B. Parker (3 songs). The whole album will be produced by Filthy Rich. Listen to snippets on Amazon and check out the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

22 February 2010: C-Dubb - Mob Hits

Another project from X-Raided's Bloc Star label which is dropping on March 16th is a greatest hits cd by Sacramento rapper C-Dubb. The "Mob Hits" will include previously heard tracks from his older albums like "Veteran Status", "The Garbage Man", "Ground Zero", "Boss Game" and the unreleased solo called "Iconic" plus a few new songs, just like his latest single "Colorblind". Guest appearances include San Quinn, T-Nutty, X-Raided, COS, R.I.T.Z. & CIN. Check out the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

22 February 2010: The Jacka - Visionary Quest mixtape

Be on the lookout for a new project by The Jacka dropping next month. You'll hear a new mixtape album entitled "Visionary Quest" which is dropping in March and will be mixed by DJ Quest. More info will be provided by staff soon. In the meantime visit The Jacka on his MySpace page.

21 February 2010: E. Klips Da Hustla - Wrap City Mixtape Vol. 1

Sacramento rapper and producer E. Klips Da Hustla has brought his new mixtape to the table for free. The project is called "Wrap City" and includes 25 songs with appearances by San Quinn, Big Hollis, Lace Leno & more. It is downloadable from RapidShare, which is officially linked on E. Klips' MySpace page. Check out the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

21 February 2010: Eddie K - Future Spit

San Francisco rapper Eddie K is back with a new solo cd entitled "Future Spit". His upcoming project includes 13 songs with guest appearances by Mac Dre, Equipto, Mike Marshall, Brandon B, Spank Pops, Akil, F-Dog & more. So far "Future Spit" is only available via digital download, for instance on iTunes, but retail copies will also be pressed, so keep on checking In the meantime visit Eddie K on MySpace and check out the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

21 February 2010: Jacka presents - West Coast Gangsta V. 19

You've probably already heard of the "West Coast Gangsta" compilation series. Previous parts were presented by Guce, Dubee, Turf Talk, Yukmouth and more. The brand new volume 19 is hosted by The Jacka and it was released in January. As far as music is concerned get ready for 2 discs with 52 tracks and features by Jacka himself, J Stalin, E-40, Mac Dre, Yukmouth, Livewire roster, Brotha Lynch Hung and many many more. However bear in mind that those songs may also be heard on other albums. Have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 February 2010: Brotha Lynch Hung - Dinner And A Movie

There's an official tracklist for upcoming Brotha Lynch Hung's solo project. "Dinner And A Movie" will include 22 tracks that include many skits. Other than that be prepared also for lots of guest appearances that include G-Macc, First Degree The D.E., COS, Daz, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Tech N9ne, C-Lim and more. Look out for "Dinner And A Movie" on March 23rd. Check out the official Lynch website and peep his MySpace profile. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 February 2010: The Jacka - The Dre Area Volume 2

New project by The Jacka entitled "The Dre Area Volume 2" is available now on RapBay. The project features Jacka on every track and also includes verses by Mac Dre, D-Lo, Sleepy D, Mob Figaz, Ampichino, Chop Da Hookman, Tuff Da Goon, Mistah F.A.B., Trill Real, G-Stack & more. Visit Jacka on his MySpace page. Have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 February 2010: Duna - Crack Baby 2: Welcome To Candi Land

The new project by V-Town representative Duna dropped a few days ago. It is entitled "Crack Baby 2: Welcome To Candi Land" and includes 18 songs. The project features beats by Akon's Convict Music, K.D. Cuts, Syko, Bagg Head, Severe, Frank E, Thizz Prod. & others and also includes appearances by Messy Marv, Mac Dre, B-Legit, Celly Cel, Mac Mall, Syko & more. The project also features a 45-minute long DVD. Check out the tracklist below and visit Duna on his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

19 February 2010: J-Diggs & Rich The Factor - Street Ballin': The First Quarter

Here's the tracklist for a new duet album by J-Diggs & Rich The Factor that was released a couple of days ago. It features 14 tracks with guest appearances by Bleu DaVinci, Duna, Boy Big, Baller, Playboy Shane, Rush & Calico. Cop "Street Ballin': The First Quarter" online at Tracklist: (show tracklist)

19 February 2010: Shill Macc & The Getta - From The Kitchen 2 Tha Curb

There's a new collabo album from 707 area representatives coming out in March. You'll get a duet cd by Fairfield and Vacaville rappers - Shill Macc & The Getta - called "From The Kitchen 2 Tha Curb". It will feature 18 tracks with production by Kali Mist, Rawkeyz, The Getta, Deuce Trae & King Keyes. You'll hear guest appearances from AG Cubano, Young Gasz, King Reyes, T-Mazz, Kali Mist & Tony Colden. Also be on the lookout for a new solo album by Shill Macc called "The Pusha" dropping under Mob Shop Ent. and a Demolition Men series handled by Shill Macc & AP.9. Visit Shill Macc on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 February 2010: Darkroom Familia presents Temporary Insanity - Bitchez Never Learn

Darkroom vets are back again with another re-release project of their very first recordings. Now you can have the classic Temporary Insanity release called "Bitchez Never Learn" on a cd. The album includes 12 tracks with verses by Sir Dyno, D-Roll, Duke, Crooked, J-Hack and more. You can cop it now at or iTunes. Visit DRF on MySpace and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 February 2010: J-Diggs & Rich The Factor - Street Ballin': The First Quarter

The duet album by J-Diggs and Rich The Factor is out now. It is called "Street Ballin': The First Quarter" and features 14 tracks with appearances by The Jacka, Crest Creepaz, Boi Big, Fatboy Chubb, Playa Shane and many more. Album was released under Thizz Nation & Romp't Out and is now available online at Visit J-Diggs on his MySpace page.

18 February 2010: Kilo Curt presents 1000 Grams

Kilo Curt's compilation called "1000 Grams" is available now in retail, hard copies. You can cop it online at and get yourself a copy of a digital version as well; for instance on iTunes or Amazon. The album includes performances by Dubee, J-Diggs, D-Lo, Yukmouth, Guce, Jacka, Fed-X, Mistah F.A.B., Eddi Projex, Messy Marv, Vital, Mac Mall, Tuff Da Goon, Rydah J. Klyde, Bavgate & more. Check out the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 February 2010: Tone Loc TV 2: Come Inside The Bag (DVD & soundtrack)

Tone Loc has freshly released his combo product - a DVD and a soundtrack called "Come Inside The Bag". The DVD includes footage from Utah, Portland, Vegas, Seattle, Texas, Arizona and live performances by RBL Posse, Goldtoes, Berner, Haji Springer, Yukmouth, Guce, Boss Hogg, Beeda Weeda, J-Diggs and many more.

The soundtrack features verses by Bavgate, Goldtoes, Boss Hogg, Mac Mall, Freddy Chingaz, Napalm, Erruption, Beeda Weeda, Berner & others. You'll recognize known tracks from previous Thizz releases. You can cop these projects online at spots like Amazon or eMusic. Visit Tone Loc on MySpace. Tracklist (taken from eMusic; might have gaps): (show tracklist)

18 February 2010: Goldtoes presents At Large DVD

You can now cop a brand new DVD project released under Goldtoes Ent. which includes exclusive interviews with South Park Mexican, Baby Bash & San Quinn. You can cop it now at Visit official Black-N-Brown MySpace page and also be on the lookout for a collabo album by Goldtoes & Berner dropping March 16th.

17 February 2010: Majesty Records presents Hood Status

San Francisco artist Gillatine has just released his brand new compilation that that is presented by the independent Majesty Records label. The title is "Hood Status" and it features 22 tracks with appearances by such well known artists as JT The Bigga Figga, C-Fresh, Turf Talk, 10sion, Gillatine himself and many more underground cats. The album is available right now in Rasputins and local mom's & pop's stores.

Thanks to Gillatine we've also brought you the review of this compilation, have a read. Visit Majesty Records on their MySpace page and have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

17 February 2010: Young Vicious - Hustle Muzik

Frisco rapper Young Vicious brought his new solo project to the rap table yesterday. It is called "Hustle Muzik" and was released under Shiesty Ridaz Productionz. You can cop it online at CD Baby both in retail and digital form. Album features Snype, Shoddy Bo, Mistah Slick, Young Cutt, Yung Gounda, Bobby T., Yung Chosen & more. Check out the tracklist below (no guest appearances included) and visit Vicious on his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

17 February 2010: Brotha Zo - Thirrstee

Tracy rapper Brotha Zo known from his membership in Project Affiliated group and connections with Lowdown camp is now out with a new solo cd. It was released yesterday under Main Vain Sikness label and includes 21 songs. Go and cop the album at CD Baby and visit Brotha Zo's MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 February 2010: Pooh Sauce - Money Everywhere

Oakland rapper Pooh Sauce affiliated with Bavgate's Black Mafia camp is coming out with a new solo project. It will be entitled "Money Everywhere" and will drop on April 20th. under Sauca Entertainment. You'll hear lots of guest appearances from artists like Keak Da Sneak, J Stalin, The Jacka, Matt Blaque, Dem Hoodstarz, Jessica Rabbit & more. The beats will be delivered by Rob Lo, Hermanata, The Mekanix, Will Beck, Aced Poet and others. Get at Pooh Sauce on his MySpace page.

16 February 2010: Don P - Talkin Bout Money

Be on the lookout for a new project by Oakland rapper Don P. He's coming out with the cd called "Talkin Bout Money" on April 20th under Stay Tooned Entertainment. There's already a bit of buzz around it as it will feature a street anthem called "Distractions" with The Jacka which includes a video added earlier to our Videos Section. It will also have anthems like "You're With Me" with Matt Blaque and "Supastar" with Keyshia Cole. Get back to for more information; in the meanwhile visit Don P on MySpace and have a look at the video:

16 February 2010: Big Rich & Ya Boy - Guns & Roses (EP)

There's an exclusive internet release by two of the most wanted Fillmoe rappers: Big Rich & Ya Boy. Their collabo album is called "Guns & Roses" and it is an EP project which dropped only on iTunes. The album includes 9 tracks with appearances by Clyde Carson, E-Gunna, Shad Gee, 3 Story Gang & more. The production was handled by D-Animals, Pete G & Rob-E. There's already a video for a song called "Street Nigga" which you can check at the Video Section. Visit Big Rich and Ya Boy on their MySpace pages. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

15 February 2010: San Quinn & E. Klips Da Hustla - Detrimental

There's a new project by Fillmoe, SFC vet San Quinn and Sacramento producer and rapper E. Klips Da Hustla. Their collabo album is called "Detrimental" and was released digitally. You can cop it online for instance at CD Baby. Project features 100% beats by E. Klips and a few guest appearances by Homewrecka, Kumandae, Lace Leno & Sellione Mackinstile. It dropped under Mack-Town Entertainment. Peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

15 February 2010: Muzic 4 Tha Mobb Vol. 3: Tha Massacre

There's a third part of a free compilation series from Sac Town representative Tre Mak and his camp affiliated with Point Blank Muzik. You can get the whole album for free from RapidShare. You'll hear 20 tracks with appearances by Tre Mak, Rob Cole, Sixx Figgaz, Purp Reynolds, Smigg Dirtee, LT & more. Check out the tracklist below and visit the MySpace page for Point Blank Muzik. (show tracklist)

15 February 2010: First Degree The D.E. - Shlumpulicious The Jester

First Degree The D.E. - one of the darkest musicians out of northern California - is dropping his new album on April 20th under Fahrenheit Records. It will be called "Shlumpulicious The Jester" and will be produced by First Degree The D.E. and Phonk Beta. Stay tuned to for more info. Check out D.E. on his MySpace page.

15 February 2010: DLV - Senter Of The Universe

We know it's been a while, but it's always better later than never. DLV is an underground rapper out of south San Jose who dropped his solo project at the end of December in 2009. It is called "Senter Of The Universe" and includes 17 tracks with beats by DLV himself, Freematic & Product. You won't get any guest appearances as it's a 100% solo. You can listen to snippets and buy the album at CD Baby. Peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

13 February 2010: Mistah F.A.B. - Prince Of The Coast

There's a new project by Mistah F.A.B. available now. It's titled "Prince Of The Coast" and it is more of a promo / street album, as it was only distributed digitally and is free for download / listen on Nevertheless this project features all original production by Rob-E, Cozmo, Slap Boyz, Mike Marshall, Beat Roc, Crada Beats & more. You'll hear 19 songs and a few skits. Guest appearances include verses from E-40, The Jacka, 2 Eleven, Jamillion & Lil Kev. Check out Fabby on his MySpace page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

12 February 2010: Interview with E-Moe

Another great article for you to read. This time we managed to catch the Sacramento artist E-Moe and conduct an interview with him. Watch out, it is a very long and at the same time interesting read. This is so far the longest conversation we've ever had. E-Moe talks about lots of things including a part of Sacramento rap history, back stages of Siccmade projects, his passion towards various kinds of music, mixtape game, Internet marketing and more. The whole interview is up in the Interviews Section, it's just a sneak peak:

[ E-Moe ] : At this time I started to go out with my son's mom. It turns out that she was in a previous relationship with Triple 6 aka Sicx. At the time he was doing his thing with Brotha Lynch Hung, with a group called "Nigga Deep", and had just finished the X-Raided's project. These two releases where the biggest things Sac had going on at the time compared to the Bay. So I felt I was in a good place, at the beginning of something new.

Once we met one day, Sicx embraced me with open arms, even though I was the new man in his son's mother's life. With that being said, I was amazed and never really seen a dude react like that to the new guy. It's usually a bunch of drama between the two, which didn't happen at all! So I took it as a sign to follow my dream and this was my ticket. He started inviting me to his studio sessions to help him produce and mix his music for his new album he was workin' on, "Dead 4 Life". Then one day he introduced my to Lynch... I had known about his music and their names seemed to be the biggest thing goin' on the city at the time, so like I said, meeting them was a big part of why I decided to settle in Sac, while all of my other family members moved back to the Bay Area.
[...] [ read more ]

12 February 2010: Ampichino & The Jacka - House Of The Dead

Be on the lookout for another duet album from Pittsburg & Akron representatives. The Jacka and Ampichino are working on their new collabo cd called "House Of The Dead" which is scheduled for this Summer. Be sure to visit Doube F Records official website - this label is also responsible for upcoming "City Of G'z Part 2" project, plus solos by Freeze & Young Bossi. Also check out the MySpace page of Devils Rejectz. Stay tuned to for more information.

12 February 2010: Mental Illness - Unstoppable

Mental Illness is a Latin group out of the 209 area code. You might remember them from their debut album called "Money Clip" (read the review). Back then their crew included only 3 members: Big Rayzor, N-Sane and Ill Nut. Their new project "Unstoppable" is out now and includes new artists like Young Gill, Yng Heck or Loco Lou. It was released under Chase Paper and Thizz Latin labels. Except for the whole MI line-up you'll hear additional verses by Yukmouth, Mr. Kee, Goldtoes, Big Oso Loc, Messy Marv, Deebo, Black Rhino & more. Cop the album online at and visit Mental Illness on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

12 February 2010: Soldier Hard - My Troops Is With Me

Vallejo representative and the voice for military rap scene in northern Cali - rapper Soldier Hard - will be out with his new project February 28th. It will be an EP album called "My Troops Is With Me". We'll definitely provide you more information on this project as soon as we acquire them. In the meantme check out Soldier Hard on his MySpace page.

12 February 2010: Young Curt - This Shyt Don't Stop Vol. 1

Young Pittsburg representative Young Curt is out with his debut project. It's a mixtape cd called "This Shit Don't Stop Vol. 1" and was released under Interference Records. The album includes 21 songs mixed by DJ Motive. You can cop a digital version of the album for $5.99 at CD Baby. Also visit Young Curt on his MySpace page and have a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

10 February 2010: Dap Daniel aka D.A.P. - Theme Music

Richmond representative Dap Daniel, now also known as D.A.P., could already be heard as a member of Mr. Kee's FE and a group West Bound. After dropping a couple of local mixtapes he's finally out with a full length LP. His debut solo is titled "Theme Music" and it available right now, for instance on CD Universe. You'll get 17 tracks with only a few appearances from local, underground artists. Visit Dap's MySpace page and official page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

10 February 2010: The Jacka - The Dre Area Volume 2

New project from The Jacka was pushed back, yet it will still drop this month - not 16th as we told you earlier but on 23rd. "The Dre Area Volume 2" will feature Jacka on every track and also will include verses from Mac Dre, D-Lo, Sleepy D, Mob Figaz, Ampichino, Chop Da Hookman, Tuff Da Goon, Mistah F.A.B., Trill Real, G-Stack & more. There's also a new, final cover for this album. Check it out and get back at for the tracklist. Visit Jacka on his MySpace page.

10 February 2010: T-Nutty - Perfect Attendance

Sacramento rapper T-Nutty will bring his new solo album on March 2nd. It will be called "Perfect Attendance" and will drop under Black Armor Records. You'll get 20 songs with guest appearances from Tech N9ne, C-Bo, Messy Marv, X-Raided, Brotha Lynch Hung, San Quinn, J Stalin, Guce, Marvaless, Hollow Tip, I-Rocc, Luni Coleone, Turf Talk, Clyde Carson & many more. Check out T-Nutty on his MySpace page and stay tuned to our News section as we'll definitely keep you updated on this one.

08 February 2010: Krypto & S.B. - Covering Grounds

Krypto & S.B. have released their duet album called "Covering Grounds". As for now it is available in digital version only and you can buy the whole album in mp3s at CD Baby. The project includes 14 songs with a few guest appearances from female artists like Thug Misses, Deltrice & Oleisha Brown. We'll keep you posted when it hits the streets pressed. Visit Frisco & V-Town duet on MySpace: S.B. & Krypto. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 February 2010: Duna - Crack Baby 2: Welcome To Candi Land

Vallejo representative Duna will release his new solo album February 16th. It will be titled "Crack Baby 2: Welcome To Candi Land" and will include 18 songs. The project will feature beats by Akon's Convict Music, K.D. Cuts, Syko, Bagg Head, Severe, Frank E, Thizz Prod. & others and will also include appearances from Messy Marv, Mac Dre, B-Legit, Celly Cel, Mac Mall, Syko & more. The project will also feature a 45-minute long DVD. Check out the tracklist below and visit Duna on his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

07 February 2010: Troublez presents Tha Allstarz

San Jose representative Troublez will be out with his new compilation this March. "The Allstarz" album will include 18 songs with appearances by such well known northern Cali Latin artists like Lil Coner, Ace Of Spits, Nsanity, C-Locs, Big Oso Loc, Frank Gucci, Bay Mafia, Troublez himself and more. Visit Troublez on his MySpace page and check out the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

05 February 2010: HD - Extortion Muzic

Livewire rapper HD is out with his solo endeavor called "Extortion Muzic". You can get it now directly from Livewire rappers and cop it online at RapBay tomorrow. Rasputins location should have it next week. The album features 24 tracks with appearances by J Stalin, Lil Blood, Lil Rue, Shady Nate, Philthy Rich, Ronald Mack & more. Also be sure to grab a cd by HD's brother Lil Rue called "Fully Loaded". Be on the lookout for the duet albums by HD & Lil Rue starring as Bearfaced Gang. They're coming out with "Quit Hatin On The Bay" project in March and the group cd entitled "The Antifreeze" in May. Visit HD on his MySpace page. Tracklist for "Extortion Muzic": (show tracklist)

05 February 2010: Bailey - P.A.I.D.

Frisco rapper Bailey has brought his new street mixtape to the Internet rap table. The project is called "P.A.I.D." which stands for Patience And Intense Dedication. It is hosted by Young Caravelli & DJ Kid Supreme and includes 19 tracks. You'll hear guest appearances by San Quinn, Ya Boy, Big Rich, J. Valentine & more. Even though it's a digital project it has all original beats delivered by Major League, The Rolla, Zaytoven & more. You can listen to the whole album or download it from Tracklist: (show tracklist)

05 February 2010: Fatboy Chubb - Fuck The World, I'm Larger Than Life

Event hough Fatboy Chubb is representing Kansas City, Bay Area rap fans should recognize him, as he was collaborating with many northern Cali rappers. Right now he's one step away from releasing his new solo album. It will be called "Fuck The World, I'm Larger Than Life". It will feature 17 tracks with guest appearances from Messy Marv, Rydah J. Klyde, Brotha Lynch Hung, Matt Blaque, C-Heff & more. Check out the tracklist below and pre-order the cd on (show tracklist)

04 February 2010: Interview with Young Savi of Savage Pro'z Ent.

Here's yet another great interview for you. This time we've had a chance to have a long talk with Central Coast, Monterey Bay representative Young Savi who's also a founder of Savage Pro'z Entertainment. He'll be releasing his new collabo project with Conspiracy pretty soon and will surely support it. Learn more about his endeavors, his networking with Thizz Latin, 831 area code rap scene and what his label has to offer in 2010. The whole interview is up in the Interviews Section, it's just a sneak peak:

[ ] : Tell me something about organizing a compilation. You've got approx. 3 artists appearing on one track. At least 20+ different people throughout the whole project. How do you handle that?

[ Young Savi ] : Organizing a compilation is very difficult, 'cause you gotta make sure everybody's on point and make sure you put the right person on the right track. All it takes is one bad verse and the listener will skip to the next track as fast as it started. It starts with blueprints and matching beats with artists plus getting them in the studio to accomplish what needs to be done and put all the bullshit, play around attitudes to the side, strictly business when it's studio time. It all works out in the end when it comes to release date, 'cause it's so much support upon how many people contributed to making it happen. [...] [ read more ]

03 February 2010: Snype - Million Dollar Hut

Vallejo/Oakland rapper Snype of Shiesty Ridaz Productionz is out with his new solo album. It is called "Million Dollar Hut" and includes 12 tracks with appearances from Young Vicious, Macadamion, Shoddy Boe, Hussle & Bobby T. You can watch the video for a song titled "I Got Cheeze" with Macadamion in the Videos Section. Check him out on MySpace. Tracklist below: (show tracklist)

03 February 2010: Killa Keise - Trap City 2

San Francisco rapper and the founder of Killa Squad - Killa Keise - is working on his new solo project. It will be called "Trap City 2" and will hit the streets on March 10th under Git Paid label. More info coming soon to Killa Keise is also working on a project called "Flyin With The Byrds" dropping under So Fresh Clothing. Check out Cellski's brother on his MySpace page.

03 February 2010: AP.9 & Shill Mac - Nuthin But Slap Vol. 10

Demolition Men chose new hosts for their upcoming project from Nuthin But Slap series. It is already the tenth part and it will be handled by AP.9 of the Mob Figaz together with Shill Mac representing Fairfield. Be on the lookout for "Nuthin But Slap Vol. 10" coming soon. Visit AP.9 and Shill Mac on their MySpace pages.

03 February 2010: Jay Tee - Money In The Streets

Even though the release date for the brand new Jay Tee's solo project is February 16th it is already available for you at 40 Ounce Records official website for $12.99. All fans of this Vallejo and N2Deep representative should definitely have a look at "Money In The Streets". Expect to hear 11 tracks with features from Young Dru, Matt Blaque, David Wade, J. Minix and more. Peep Jay Tee's MySpace page and look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 February 2010: San Quinn and Loyal-T - Never Say Die

Well known San Francisco veteran San Quinn teamed up with Latin artist Sleepy Santino from South San Francisco, now known as Loyal-T. Their upcoming collaboration is going to be titled "Never Say Die" and will be available soon, this Spring. Expect to hear guest appearances by Mike Marshall, Bo Roc, Young Gully, Krypto and more. This album is a significant mile stone as it lets northern Cali Latin rap scene step out of the underground. Have a look at the draft cover on the right and visit Loyal-T's MySpace page.

01 February 2010: A-Wax & Mally Mall - Preemo Jointz: The Mixtape

Pittsburg rapper A-Wax hooked up with Sacramento emcee Mally Mall to release a duet mixtape album called "Preemo Jointz: The Mixtape". It's already recorded and should be available in 2 weeks - somewhere around mid February. The cd will drop under Pie-Rx Recordz / M Gang Ent. & You can check out the first leaked track called "Bums" at LimeLinx. Visit A-Wax & Mally Mall on their MySpace pages.

Also be on the lookout for a solo mixtape from A-Wax named "Nightmare From Elm Stree" which is dropping later under Illburn and Pie-Rx labels. Stay tuned for more info coming to soon.

01 February 2010: The Best Of Livewire Records Volume 1

Oakland camp is preparing to release their first compilation with known slaps from previous projects. "The Best Of Livewire Records Volume 1" will be available March 11th. Also be on the lookout for a solo album from Lil Blood called "Heroin Music" coming soon and cop Livewire latest release from Lil Rue entitled "Fully Loaded". Check us out daily for more info.