Young Will

24 June 2009

[ Bay ] : What's up Will, tell people from all over the world a little about yourself.

[ Young Will ] : All the people need to know is I'm from Sacramento, all I do is smoke tree and write rhymes. It's been a long time comin but I'm getting my shine.

[ Bay ] : How did your rap career start? Cause I think I first heard you in 2004 on a couple of projects as a guest appearance.

[ Young Will ] : Well I been rapping for a long time since for ever but I made it my job around 2000. I first started recording at a Hitworks studio on the outskirts of North Highlands. Thats where I got deep in this rap shit.

[ Bay ] : For people who haven't heard you rap before, how would you describe your style?

[ Young Will ] : Real from the heart. People can hear me spit anywhere from Oregon to Atlanta, I'm everywhere. Really the next step is over seas.

[ Bay ] : How was your collaboration with Self Made? I thought you were a part of the team?

[ Young Will ] : U know I still fuck with Self Made, I'm in the lab with them right now as we speak makin hot shit. It's all luv.

[ Bay ] : Now I look at your myspace page and see a brand new album with Dubb 20 ("There U Have It Volume 2"). How did you hook up?

[ Young Will ] : Dubb 20 that's my nigg for real, for real. I been fuckin with that boy since the 90's so it was bound to happen us doing a project together. That man is on fire right now and he just getting started.

[ Bay ] : What can you tell about the album itself?

[ Young Will ] : The album is a classic the shit slaps. We got Fed-X, AP.9, Bueno my Sac nigga, Doey Rock my Sac niggs. Production by Fire Works and Rob Lo and Maki from Black Ophera, Spec and Babby Bubb.

[ Bay ] : It is a volume 2. What's up with volume 1? Was there anything before it?

[ Young Will ] : Ya volume one was really only on the streets, but it will be released in the stores soon. Just stay tuned for that one.

[ Bay ] : Tell us something about your label Feel Good Music. When was it founded? Who else is on it?

[ Young Will ] : Feel Good Music was founded in 2000 by yours truely William S. aka West Coast Will aka Young Will. We got our own sound. The label really is me, my big bro Dezel, Rony Brovo Capitol, Biz and Bird. But it's bigger than Feel Good Music, I'm well connected.

[ Bay ] : I know you've just released an album, but is there anything else people should be looking forward to?

[ Young Will ] : Ya people should look forward to my solo album titled "H.I.M. (He Is Me)".

[ Bay ] : What can you tell us about the North Highlands rap scene?

[ Young Will ] : The North High rap scene is getting bigger everyday and I'm proud to be a part of it. Shots out to all my N.H. niggas.

[ Bay ] : And about the whole Sacramento? Who's doing major moves right now?

[ Young Will ] : Doey Rock, Bueno, Lo Cell, Bugzy, Donut Click, The Profits are hot to name a few.

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