Tre Mak

13 August 2009

[ ] : Let's start off with a lil introduction. There are still some fans that may not know you. Tell'em who you are and where you're from.

[ Tre Mak ] : For those who don't know me, I've been doing my lil independent thang out here in Sacramento, Ca for many moons now. Started off in a group (Point Blank) in 2001 and from there just kept pushin and floodin the streets and the net with hella music trying to make this solo leap to the top.

[ ] : How did your rap game begin? Was "The One" your first release?

[ Tre Mak ] : The rap game started for me earlier than people really know. It started when I was like 7 years old writing and recording raps in my uncle's garage in Richmond, Ca. It was always in my heart, rapping was always my dream but not until when I was about 17 or 18 did it come full circle and become a major part of my life. "The One", yeah that my first retail solo album but the first project that actually launched me into the game was my group album in 2001 Point Blank "The Takeover".

[ ] : Tell us something more about "The One". How did you hook up with stars like Young Noble, Daz, Keak or Yuk?

[ Tre Mak ] : Really just networking fam, I got a lot of love early on, and the homie J.Gotti was instrumental as well in bringin cats in to drop verses. So between me and Vinny we just networked our ass off, and put the puzzle together and created a slept on Masterpiece.

[ ] : The whole production on "The One" was done by Vince V - one of the most prominent producers outta Northern Cali nowadays. How did you two hook up? How was it working with Vince? Do you plan to collaborate with Vince V in the future ?

[ Tre Mak ] : Man Vince is dope, ain't he? Yeah that's my dude. We hooked up when we all came together for the Point Blank album, and me and his relationship just grew from there. We actually we're on the same label for a while a few years before that, but we had only heard each others work, we had never worked together until "The Takeover". We definitely gon' work together again in the real near future, we got some shit up our sleeves before this year is up.

[ ] : Your first solo featured Point Blank group. Who's accually in PB camp right now ?

[ Tre Mak ] : Point Blank the group consist of only 4 members - Myself, Robb Cole, Krytykal and Foss. We all had solo endeavors goin on but we brought it back together minus Krytykal when I put together Point Blank Muzic the label. On the the album "The One" when you seen the name Point Blank featured it was referring to those three.

[ ] : Speaking of "The One" you've worked with D. Fos, yet on your second solo there was a D. Fos diss track. Tell us what's happened. Is the beef over?

[ Tre Mak ] : Yeah man... lol that's crazy yall remember that, yeah we good. We all like family so you know how that goes, family members have spats. I just happen to go to the booth with it because that's my therapy... that's how I deal with things, but it was over before that song was even heard and we all rocked out together at the "So Filthy" release party.

[ ] : Let's move to "So Filthy" - your second solo album. What can your fans expect to hear on that cd?

[ Tre Mak ] : Man if you're a Tre Mak fan... If I impressed you after your first listen to "The One"...; then you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not having "So Filthy"!! Man, I feel like I let loose on that album, talk about therapy! It's real street and yet it still found its way into the commercial lane with about 5 songs off of it getting air play. I'm real proud of that project... did it myself, my way, and released it on my own label.

[ ] : We've got that pleasure to have both of your solo cds, yet we've always wondered how did that happen that your debut cd (while you were unknown) featured dozens of well known rappers, while "So Filthy" was a strict local release, which included only PB folks and Smigg Dirtee?

[ Tre Mak ] : The reasoning behind that was the feedback I was getting at the time was like people wanted to hear more of me. They liked "The One" but there were stints on the album that had that compilation feel to it. I just wanted to give my fans what they wanted at that time, I felt like I was up to the task so I just kept the features to a minimum and did like 40 tracks of fire that I eventually cut down to 20. No funny ish, no skits, just fire! The features I did have were all in house ones, my Point Blank Muzic fam and my Homie Smigg. On The album "The One" my angle was the total opposite, I wanted to work with any and everybody. The features I had on there was people I looked up to coming up, so it was twice as dope.

[ ] : We've also got reviewed K.O. Kid solo album, which featured you on 5 tracks and some of your folks on other. Do you still collaborate with him? How was it working with K.O. Kid?

[ Tre Mak ] : Ok I see yall been getting ya research on, yall went to the archives on this one... man, I haven't seen K.O in years. Last I heard I think he's acting now. That was my homie though, it was cool working wit K.O. We use to play ball in high school together so the relationship was already there.

[ ] : The Point Blank Muzic has recently dropped a free mixtape album. What can you tell us about it?

[ Tre Mak ] : Muzic for the Mobb vol.1 yeah man, that was straight crack! Bigg Cain was on me about all the work we had just sittin around collecting dust in the computers so he came up wit the idea to drop a free mixtape to get more people talking about the camp. It was genius move because that mixtape did just that. It was free and the music was dope... what more could a consumer want. Cain had the vision on that one, I ain't gon' lie some of the tracks had a year or three of dust on em, but like he told me... the world don't know that. So we let it fly and hella downloads later we got em hollering for a volume 2.

[ ] : Who's on the label right now?

[ Tre Mak ] : Point Blank Muzic Consists of Tre Mak, Robb Cole, Fo$$ Tha Boss, Bigg Cain, Young 5ive, Ya Boy Yundee, Young X, LT, Flashy and Jay City for the in-house production. We all rap, I'm now getting into mixing a little bit but for the most part I stay in my lane. Bigg Cain handles everything that has to do wit promo and LT is the singer of the crew.

[ ] : There's a solo cd from Robb Cole coming soon. What can we expect to hear on that album ? When's it dropping ?

[ Tre Mak ] : Yeah man Robb Cole "Hood Heisman" goes hard! We just dropped it on the net 8-11, it's already getting major downloads. We gone give it a real hard push in the streets as well. You can expect to hear a wide range of music on that thang, a lot of versatility. You can find it for free download on his myspace page

[ ] : "Muzic 4 Tha Mobb Vol. 1" was distributed on the Internet for free, as well as the second one will be. Why do you put out free releases and mixtapes?

[ Tre Mak ] : I think it's important to stay active, stay visible. You can never put a price tag on exposure. I ain't gone lie it would be cool to throw something out and sale a couple thousand cds or so, but at this point in my career the exposure is more valuable... a free mixtape will reach 10 times the amount of fans than a mixtape for sale would, that just the way it is. I'm a fan of music first, so I look at the game kinda one sided at times from a fans perspective, why charge the fans for something that cost you nothing to make. I got a in-home studio, unlimited access to beats, so I'm like let's just keep it pushin and keep making good music. The money will come. Now when I get in album mode, that's a different story... I feel when we as a artist get out here and put the grind in, the time in, and the funds in that go with making a album, I feel like the fans need to get out and support it the right way! No illegal downloading, get out and show your love and pay for that quality we give you.

[ ] : We've heard great news that you started working with DJ Quik - how did this happen?

[ Tre Mak ] : It's been great, who better than Quik to give a youngin like me lessons on music and the state of the game. I had opened up for Quik at a show and he took extra notice to my performance which led him to have me come over after his set and rap for him. Man I'm hungry, any rapper that's been grindin for a minute like me knows that that was the green light for me to give his ears all they could handle! 1000 bars He told me he wanted to bring me down to LA to hear what I sound like on a DJ Quik beat, day later I'm in LA and the rest is history.

[ ] : Is the deal satisfactory? What will be the outcome of this collaboration in the near future?

[ Tre Mak ] : I'm happy at the moment, no complaints... appearing on "BlaQKout", touring, soaking up game from a legend... it has been a good year. Never been this idle recording wise but with everything poppin with Point Blank Muzic it allows me to stay sharp, and stay active. The tracks I do have recorded with Quik though, I hope he lets me throw em out here real soon, to get my buzz up a little before my album with him.

[ ] : And in a long run? What do you think?

[ Tre Mak ] : Long term, I wanna take myself and Mad Science to the moon! My music has grown a lot since the "So Filthy" days and I can't wait to share it with the world.

[ ] : Since you're now signed, are you planning to release anything recorded prior to deal with Quik as a street album?

[ Tre Mak ] : Definitley fam, I'm thinking of actually teaming up with Vince V. and seeing if we can make that magic happen one more time. So yeah, street album definitely in the works, but before that I'm dropping a mixtape titled "1st 48" due out late September. I gotta keep it pushin fam, I don't know any other way.

Preciate the luv, shouts out to LethaFace for the interview... good questions homie, thanks for the support. Shouts out to DJ Quik and the whole PB Muzic family! Support the grind yall, anything we throw out is good material... so get on ya computers or in these streets and peep the movement we got goin. 1 luv to the fans as well, I'm nothing without yall, Thank You.
Trigga Tre... yeeeeeeeeeeee!

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