22 October 2009

Even though you dropped lots of albums still some northern Cali rap fans are not familiar with your music. Therefore we'll start from the very beginning.

[ ]: Tell us about Oak Park, Sacramento. Did you grow up in there? Do you still live there?

[ C-Dubb ] : Oak Park is gutter and grimy... One of the oldest neighborhoods in Sac.. It's home though...

[ ]: How did you find yourself rapping? Did anyone convince you to rap & rhyme? Or did you just grab the mic and started spitting heat?

[ C-Dubb ] : I just started writing raps for fun when I was 11. From there I finally recorded my first track, then I wanted everyone to hear me, so I just kept making music and plotted droppin' a tape.

[ ]: And where does the alias "C-Dubb" come from?

[ C-Dubb ] : C.W. - my initials.

[ ]: Tell us something about your debut material - the "California" project, released originally only on tape.

[ C-Dubb ] : I made "Kalifornia" because I wanted to get my name out here and be heard... We pressed 500 tapes... I might be able to track down one or 2 copies, not sure though.

[ ]: Nine years ago you dropped "The Story Of The Struggle" - your first official cd record. How would you describe the project? How did you hook up with San Quinn and Sky Balla from SFC? Back in the days you weren't that famous.

[ C-Dubb ] : "Story Of The Sturggle"...hmm, I remember just calling the Get Low Records office number they had on one of their tapes and Quinn hit me back. We did it just like that, when he came down, he brought Sky to the labb... I don't remember that well though... lol. We actually made that song in '95 before "Kalifornia" was even recorded.

[ ]: That cd included both laidback, party time slappers but also deep, more sophisticated tracks like "Fuck My Life" or "I Wonder Why". How do you think, why most of the artists avoid expressing deeper thoughts and touching on serious subjects nowadays?

[ C-Dubb ] : I don't know, maybe everyone is just looking for that next radio single or somethin' easy and catchy... A lot of cats are afraid to spill from the heart nowadays... I try to do a little of everything, but real shit never gets played out to me.

[ ]: How did you hook up with Killa Valley label? It was your first enterprise with a bigger label. From today's perspective: how was it working with them?

[ C-Dubb ] : Killa Valley is good folks. I got with them right before Bayside went under so we didn't get a chance to do anything other then the 1 project. But it did well and opened new doors for me. I actually hooked up with KVE through, or maybe it was BART back then...

[ ]: What's up with you and R.I.T.Z.? How did you 2 hook up? Are you planning to work with him in future in terms of recording a collaboration project?

[ C-Dubb ] : R.I.T.Z. is the homie I grew up with... He's a good dude.. He kinda just raps for fun... We'll definitely do some more shit together... When he feels like it... hahahhaha

[ ]: Tell us about your deal with Sovereign Records. Who runs the label ? Who's in it?

[ C-Dubb ] : Sovereign is me and my brother Rich. He helps me a lot and we will always drop shit together.

[ ]: You've also worked with E-Moe and dropped a double album under his belt. What can you tell about this release? Why did you drop the album under Eighty8 name?

[ C-Dubb ] : E-Moe wanted to call it Eighty8 since I had the Eighty8muzik (Beat production label), I really don;t know why. Bizness made sense so we did it.

[ ]: Your two first Sovereign cds were more underground than let's say "Shock Treatment" or "Veteran Status". What changed since then?

[ C-Dubb ] : Just tryin' new things, experimenting a lil here and there, local radio was playing my shit so I tried some more mainstreamish type shit... I like to try all styles of rap. I love underground Sac mobb shit though... That's where it's at for me.

[ ]: You're planning to release a new solo cd called "The Trunk Full Of Dope", which is about to be presented by Lil Coner. How did you two hook up? Why did you choose Lil Coner - you're recording a totally different rap, representing two different places and styles?

[ C-Dubb ] : It's a win for both of us. Opens me up to a new market and him as well. And I was featured on one of his old projects ("Balled Out Vol.1") and a lot of people loved that track. People still hit me to this day about that track... So we made a deal to drop my new shit under Connected Inc. /Eighty8muzik...

[ ]: How is it possible that you dropped that many cds in a decade while for others making an album is a never ending story? What's the recipe for a successful cycle of creating a rap album?

[ C-Dubb ] : Honestly, I ask myself that question. I don't understand how it's so hard for cats to put together a quality album. I breathe this shit and I'm very prolific. So it's 2nd nature to me. I can write fast, record fast and make beats fast. It's honestly nothin'. I ain't tryin' to toot my own horn, but it's just natural.

[ ]: Many rappers say it's impossible to earn for a living just from rapping. After releasing about 10 cds in your career is it still hard to get good money from music?

[ C-Dubb ] : This game is always a struggle when you're independent. But I found different ways to eat off music. Cd sales is only one way to get it, I also book and throw my own shows, sell beats and verses, rent studio time out and just hustle and network out here. I got my hands in a lot of shit out here in Sac, so when other people got situations they workin', sometimes I'm making money off it just being the silent middle man. Believe it or not, I got a lot of plugs... Being independent, you gotta find ways to eat...

[ ]: Let's come back to Oak Park for a while. Who else records in that district? Have you ever planned to work with those more known people like Big Slep Rock or Bad Business?

[ C-Dubb ] : Yea I got nothin' but respect for Slep and Bad Business for reppin' this shit and droppin' quality shit. Others from the P are Relly Rel, Lil Tim & Nick, Ma-Lace, Rez just to name a few.

[ ]: So apart from the upcoming "The Trunk Full Of Dope" what else can fans expect in 2010?

[ C-Dubb ] : 2010 is going to be dope. I recently signed with X-Raided's Blocstar Ent. It's an honor to have a legend like X in my corner. We are working on a group album right now called "Bloc Bizness" with myself, X-Raided, Gangsta Reese and B.Parker. After that I will be featured on X-Raided's albums and have more solo shit coming. Also Sovereign Records will be droppin some shit too. A best of called "Mobb Hits" etc. There will be a lot of C-Dubb shit coming soon... Thanks

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