Fly Street Gang

09 January 2010

[ ] : Let's start off our little conversation with introducing your group - the Fly Street Gang. Who's on board and where are you from?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : Tah MF, Jay West and Fly Boy Phantom - we are all from East Oakland, but we were born in different cities.

[ ] : How did you guys end up in East Oakland?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : Tah MF and Jay West were born in East Oakland and Phantom was born in San Leandro, but moved to Oakland when he was very young.

[ ] : Oakland is one of the rap cradles in the Bay Area and nowadays there are thousands of artists trying to get their bread. Is it more of a competition for all these up-and-coming artists or do they rather stick with each other and help one another?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : Honestly it's a little bit of both. There are a few camps that are working with each other, but in the end we all network with each other, but at the end of the day, if you are signed to any of the label or affiliated to those camps, it's a competition.

[ ] : And what about your solo music careers? Was there time for an individual paths for each of you before you brought to life the Fly Street Gang?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : As far as solo careers before Fly Street Gang there weren't any. We all started recording together.

[ ] : The Fly Street Gang was created a couple of years ago, so you're still new and fresh on the scene. Being rookies to the rap game, how can you compete with the pros?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : The way we try to compete with the pros is by putting out quality material and bringing something new to the table.

[ ] : So what is it that distinguish you - the Fly Street Gang - from dozens of other rap groups in Oakland?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : Versatility and the quality of the music we make. We don't settle on one type of rap or genre. We try to experiment with it all.

[ ] : How would you describe your styles and attitudes you're presenting through your music?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : We are 3 different individuals so the styles are completely different, but they blend well together. It's unique, real and raw they way you sense the world. Depending on how we live, we create a song with a different feel to it. We have records for the ladies and we have records for the streets. We try to touch everyone.

[ ] : Even though you're new in the rap game you have released two projects. It was "Guns And Rose Gold" mixtape that opened your joint discography. What can people hear on this cd? Is it available on the streets and stores or was it released only digitally?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : "Guns And Rose Gold" was the 1st project we released. It was a great starting point. The music on this mixtape will help you understand us better musically. We recorded songs together before, but this the basis of what we are now. If you listen to "Flight School" and "Guns And Rose Gold" you will notice the growth. The best place to get it is from our website It's there for free download.

[ ] : Next and the latest one was "Flight School" mixtape mixed by DJ Ambidekstres. How would you compare it with your debut release? Did you step your game up on this one? What has changed on "Flight School" since "Guns And Rose Gold"?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : We matured a lot between the time that "Guns And Rose Gold" and when "Flight School" was released. The song quality is better and we got better lyrically, as well as with "Flight School" we collaborated with artists outside of our camp.

[ ] : You decided to put it ("Flight School" mixtape) on the Internet for free download. Except for that was it pressed in hard copies? If so, how can we get it?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : You can get it also on our website

[ ] : As you probably know the website is running by guys from Poland in Europe. That's why we try to not only push Bay Area rap to local audience, but also let people in the whole world learn about it. How would you guys recommend your music for the global audience?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : The music we make isn't made for a specific region. We make it for the people all over the world. We want to expand our fan base to other countries as well.

[ ] : How do you feel about hearing that there are overseas fans that bump your music?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : It's very humbling knowing that someone in another country can appreciate what you do. It makes you want to continue to put out good music. Hopefully we can perform overseas as well.

[ ] : We've heard you're recently working on a full length official album. When can we expect to hear it? Any specific recipe you'll use on this one?

[ Fly Street Gang ] : We are working on a full length album. Most likely it will be released late Summer, but we do have another street album / mixtape entitled "Fly Nonstop" that we are releasing in February. Be on the lookout for that and also all of our mixtapes are done on original beats, so in a sense they are albums, but the official album will be out this year.

Check out the official website for Fly Street Gang and visit their MySpace profile.