Cash Crop

25 January 2010

[ ] : What's up Cash Crop! Give us a word of introduction.

[ Cash Crop ] : what's good! It's ya boy Ca$h Crop. Just doing what it do, putting these projects out, working with the best.

[ ] : Being one of the very few rap artists out of Sonoma tell us whether it was hard to hop on the Bay Area rap stage?

[ Cash Crop ] : Not at all. I've had the passion for music ever since my mom got me the music machine at 7 years old. In class I had to be in the center of attention so those two mix together good, which helped me be comfortable expressing myself in front of people.

[ ] : And what about a local rap scene in Sonoma? Are there any other cats getting their bread from rapping?

[ Cash Crop ] : Pistolgrip Productions is the music scene for Sonoma. Not really sure; lol. Me and my dudes continue to work hard and produce. We buzzing through the streets and stores. A lot of cats hate out this way so it's beautiful.

[ ] : You started your rap career just a few years ago. In 2008 you released your debut solo album called "The Harvest". Tell us more about this cd.

[ Cash Crop ] : "The Harvest" is dope. Just kept pushing in the right direction with features and meeting producers. This whole thing is a learning process so it had its ups and downs. Did not understand distribution when I put it out.

[ ] : So how did you manage to gather all these well known artists (Mr. Kee, Mistah F.A.B., Big Rich, Berner) on your first project? And what about producers? How did it happen that you've opened your discography with an album filled with quality beats from recognizable composers?

[ Cash Crop ] : Networking is the key. Had to reach out and ask the right cats. I knew who I wanted to work with. I've built good relationships with all my producers. Very blessed to be able to close my mouth at times and open my ears to the people who have been around for a minute.

[ ] : After dropping your first cd you decided to switch your rap name from B-Tee to Cash Crop. Why did that happen? What was the reason for this change?

[ Cash Crop ] : Ca$h Crop is more universal than B-Tee. I was in the lab with my big brotha Gennessee working on "Chillaxin". He told me to run with Ca$h Crop so here we are chea...

[ ] : Was there anything else before "The Harvest"? Any mixtapes or demo tapes?

[ Cash Crop ] : Nope. I got my first experience on stage doing Christian rap in San Diego with my boy Crash. Big part of my story.

[ ] : In 2009 you released your sophomore solo project called "Out Here Grinden", which was supported by Thizz Latin. How did you meet people from the Thizz Latin camp? What was it like working with them?

[ Cash Crop ] : I met Goldtoes through MySpace. He's a cool dude. Showed me the real way to put out an album with distribution.

[ ] : And how did "Out Here Grinden" differ from your debut cd? What has changed since your first release?

[ Cash Crop ] : I did this album for my homies up here. A lot of people think I bang cause of the features, but I don't. Woodie inspired me more than most. I got hella respect for all the homies that worked with me on that projects. I put some dudes on that album who I was around giving everybody a shot but they could not keep it 100 so a sucka will be a sucka. They know who they is.

[ ] : Why did you decide to re-release "The Harvest"? Was it out-of-print and people demanded it or you just thought that you should give it more buzz and let people know about it? Except for the cover are there any differences between OG and re-release? Any bonus tracks or a DVD?

[ Cash Crop ] : I just changed the artwork. Took off outro; that's it. I pressed up 2000 and handed them out creating a buzz. Some classic tracks on there so now units are moving.

[ ] : All of your cds dropped under your own record label - Pistolgrip Productions. It's not that easy for new artists to build up their own music company and release quality music. How did you achieve it?

[ Cash Crop ] : I work the hardest out here in my area. I like to own shit I guess. Pistolgrip Productions got next!

[ ] : What other rappers/producers are signed to Pistolgrip Productions? Were there any other projects except for your solos that dropped under Pistolgrip Productions?

[ Cash Crop ] : Feddy Hustle is our producer/engineer. This dude got the dopest beats. It's just me and him coming to the table with our two brothers Young Biz and AC Young. These two guys are working on there solos as we speak. We got a lot of stuff coming for 2010.

[ ] : We've heard that you're recently working on your third solo cd called "Me, Myself And I" which should be available in March, but the recipe will be a bit different. No big names on it, in fact it will be a 100% solo cd, am I right? Why did you decide to handle the whole project yourself?

[ Cash Crop ] : Something different. Creative risks I'm down for. I made some of the best music of my life on this one. And it's just me.

[ ] : So can we expect to hear more personal lyrics on "Me, Myself And I" or just regular topics like on your previous cds?

[ Cash Crop ] : All real shit! I expressed my life on this one. Everything going on with me right now is on this album.

[ ] : You're also planning to drop a duet album with Berner. What's the status on this project? Can you give us some more detailed info on this one?

[ Cash Crop ] : This album is gonna open the doors for me. It's coming April so be on the look out for it. Dope dope dope!!!

[ ] : Except for your solo cds, what are the other plans for Pistolgrip Productions for the nearby future?

[ Cash Crop ] : Just gonna continue to grind and lock it down. Be on the look out for Young Biz and AC Young. They coming with their solos...
Thanks for ya time fam. One love.

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