Young Savi of Savage Pro'z

04 February 2010

[ ] : What's up Young Savi, tell our readers a little bit 'bout yourself.

[ Young Savi ] : What's hatnin' world I'm Nicky-C aka Young Savi, that voice of the Central Coast, the respirator for the 831 area from King City to Hollister everybody know my name and my gang. I'm from that artichoke capitol of the world - Castroville, Ca aka the C-Village - small but with the business. I represent my people and Savage Pro'z Ent. to the fullest which means I'm only gonna rap about my situations and what's on her and your minds, yamean? Always keeping it 100 whenever I speak, period. Big ups to my Latins tryna make it in the rap game, we gon' get it. N if you ain't real I ain't fuckin' witcha, period. My big niggas gamed me up 'bout that from the get. Similar to the greatest alive in the Central Coast haha. Ya already know cocky fly gangstas!

[ ] : So, let's start off with Savage Pro'z - how are you affiliated with it?

[ Young Savi ] : Savage Pro'z is the entertainment company we established in 2003, I was 14 years old when me and my nigga Big Mic got on it, but we took it serious business in 2006, I am the original owner and founder of the company and it started with beat promotions, but ended up as a movement in the Central Coast. We have 3 releases under our belts as of 2009 and are releasing so much more in the year of 2010. For now we have a distribution deal with Thizz Latin so the name's Savage Proz / Strong Arm / Thizz Latin for the moment. Good lookin' to my nigga Serge Knight and 'Toes for lookin' out for what's going to be hopefully the best in the area and more. I stood and stand by Savage Pro'z until we all eatin', yamean. Dodged two deal shots thrown my way, but we ain't gon' get into that, it's old business, we stick with tunnel vision and push forward for that paycheck, feel me?

[ ] : How did you hook up with Strong Arm Thizz Latin and Goldtoes himself?

[ Young Savi ] : I've been an independent grinder for Savage Proz Ent. since the get go and been where I need to be at the right times and it worked out and opened doors for me. I first connected with 'Toes about 5 years ago in Hollister, Ca for a cd signing of the birth of Thizz Latin. I hooked up with 'Toes and let him know I was tryna make it happen with my lil demos. I was about only 16 years old and he dropped me a phone intro for my cd, so I've been with 'em since reppin' that Thizz Latin real tough like. And yes, I was a fan before I started working with them, so it was a big accomplishment to actually get Jimmy in the studio and proceed forward. As for Strong Arm Thizz Latin I have more than a business relationship with co-owner Serge Knight and he saw that I was grinding and am serious about what I do; and the street cred' was solid, so we would talk about how he could help me, help him and now it's on a level where I got him for whatever I can do and he got me on whatever he can help with, including distributing and promoting our music the right way. And as for being at the bottom of the spotlight (Central Coast area) any opportunities helps. And they could ask Serge, I throw that Strong Arm up as much as I say Savage Proz on anything, feel me.

[ ] : Who's on the roster right now?

[ Young Savi ] : As of 2010 the Savage Pro'z roster has changed up, but for the better. Now it's talents from Salinas (the main land in the 831), Castroville (that's where the work's at) and Marina (Fogtown). I'ma categorize the list of what we have now in Sav Pro'z. Producers include myself, Frogger G and DJ Supreme - our newest addition to the mob. Pro artists are myself, Slim, C-Style, Big Mic, Yung Reec, C-Buggs, Kapone, Saint and recently lost one of our newest dedicated and talented artist - Yung Cali - September '09 to a violent street crime, but we pushin' for my dude and guarantee you'll hear me scream that every time I get on somethin'. DJ Supreme is our primary DJ and is now actually working on our mixtapes to put out as soon as possible. Management is Ceelow of Savage Proz and if anybody needs anything from us contact him at And of course the street is thicka then ever, Savage Proz is known for a couple of things whenever we hit the spot: 1-the deepest, 2-the most controversy. We are professional with the business, so we're working on that temper issue, feel me?

[ ] : What's up with people that appeared throughout the whole part 2? I mean J Blak, Paco Locz and Chinzo Smokes...?

[ Young Savi ] : Many artists came and went in Savage Proz and as for as those specific artists you named, they put their time and effort into the projects they were on and are much appreciated for that, but took their own routes and are working as hard as I am; as far as I know. I wish 'em the best of luck though and hope to see 'em shine.

[ ] : I once asked you whether your first joint collaboration, the "Savulation", is still available, but you suggested that I should focus on the volumes 2 and 3. Why's that?

[ Young Savi ] : "Savulation" part 1... Yea buddy... Haha aight, the "Savulation" part 1 consisted of the beginning of Savage Proz Ent., it was legit, but if you listened to it, you could tell that it was the first project due to improvement happened over time and you always gotta start from somewhere. It's still available and downloadable on, search Sav Proz and you'll get it ( It has artist Savageino from the East Bay Area, Young Blunted from the Valley and I think our biggest feature on that was Sleepy Santino. The reason I didn't recommend it is because for me it's like hearing us in our earlier years which is terrible compared to what we got going on now, but fuck it though, cop that "Savulation" part 1 y'all, I never resent what I've done or what I do.

[ ] : What can fans hear on your compilations?

[ Young Savi ] : Honestly what separates our music from the rest is our personalities and message in the music. I was taught by the big homie 'Toez when I first started, to never push the negative and in that sense I mean if I'm a gangsta, I'm not gonna repeat myself about it on every track, feel me? 'Cause it categorizes you and singles you out and maybe the consumer won't give you the chance of listening to it, cause it's nothing different from the rest. As Latin artists we represent for our people, but our music's for us and the next person whether black, white, Asian or whatever, feel me? To wrap that one up, if a listener wants to listen to somethin' they could dance, mob, cruise, scrape, slap, ride to... then fuck with the Proz feel me...

[ ] : Since you're really close to the San Francisco Bay Area, can one say that you share a similar recipe?

[ Young Savi ] : I pretty much grew up on the Bay Area rap scene from Dre to Quinn, 11/5, to Short, so most definitely the SF Bay Area has a big impact on our music and any music in the radius, 'cause obviously we ain't nowhere close to LA and we northern Cali, so you could catch me any day slappin' that Bay shit. Oh yea we still goin' dumb... (for the haters).

[ ] : Tell me something about organizing a compilation. You've got approx. 3 artists appearing on one track. At least 20+ different people throughout the whole project. How do you handle that?

[ Young Savi ] : Organizing a compilation is very difficult, 'cause you gotta make sure everybody's on point and make sure you put the right person on the right track. All it takes is one bad verse and the listener will skip to the next track as fast as it started. It starts with blueprints and matching beats with artists plus getting them in the studio to accomplish what needs to be done and put all the bullshit, play around attitudes to the side, strictly business when it's studio time. It all works out in the end when it comes to release date, 'cause it's so much support upon how many people contributed to making it happen.

[ ] : Tell me more about the upcoming project of yours.

[ Young Savi ] : Lil Town Savz is going to the be the most controversial album for the cops and gang task force. Savage Proz is known for releasing feel good proper music that would get play at any venue and I explained that earlier in topic. Lil Town Savz is the gangsta side of the game, we real with what we do and represent for our blocks and push for the rise of our people so it's a good look at what's really going on in the 831, yamean? Hood album consists of me and Conspiracy before he went [to prison] in Jan '09. He'll be out in August, I'm pretty sure, but free my nigga Peircy, real recognize real. It's degrading towards women, hatred for rivals and money making music, feel me? Shouts out to the hating ass PD. Blowing our shit up in the court room when we tryna push positive music. Bitch ass gang task haha.

[ ] : In which aspects will it be different from the previous compilations?

[ Young Savi ] : Whole different concept. This one gon' make you wanna get up and get that money, smash on a nigga or break a punk rock.

[ ] : To be honest with you on-line users may have had problems with buying your compilations. Basically, where will people be able to cop Lil Town Savz at? Both retail copies and the digital ones?

[ Young Savi ] : Lil Town Savz will be available via, iTunes, CD Baby, all ascap digital distributions, whether you wanna buy one song or the whole drop. Retail copies will most definitely be available at all mom and pop types Rasputins and local hood shops, so it's gon' be pushed everywhere. Be on the lookout for that Lil Town Savz, step into the mind of the Central Coast war zone, real shit.

[ ] : What are future plans for Savage Pro'z in terms of releases?

[ Young Savi ] : This is what we got planned for in the year of 2010:
1st. Savage Proz Ent. / Strong Arm / Thizz Latin presents Lil Town Savz
2nd. Savage Proz Ent. / DJ Supreme presents "So Savage: The Mixtape"
3rd. Young Savi - "The Voice Of The Coast" under Thizz Latin and City Hall distribution if all goes through
4th. the "Savulation part 4"
5th. Kapone - "Polar Bear Game"
6th. Savage Pro'z Ent. presents Big Rome's mixtape

Hopefully all goes to plan and we have 6 more on the list by the end of the year 2010 year of workin' our asses off for this rap money.

[ ] : That's indeed lots of material. What's the condition of the 831 area code rap scene? Who's really putting it down out there?

[ Young Savi ] : The 831 rap game is put in a good way; that I've seen some one post on Siccness message board: there are 1,500 rappers in the 831 when really only 5-10 of 'em can rap and that's real 'cause a lotta these new cats get in this mufucka tryna make a rap name for themselves, knowing damn right they might not get it, but fuck it though. Shout outs to my real niggas doing something out here in the Coast and making some noise. Factors out here include Strong Arm / Thizz Latin camp, my nigga Heck from Hood Thug Muzik, Monsta Made Music from Hollister, I see ya Joksta, my nigga King from Dragonz Lair, Big Rome, Name Of The Game Ent. (our new partner label going real strong), Slump N T, that Guap Gang! I hear them Make Money Ent. niggas comin' strong with a camp, ain't met 'em personally, but O hear 'em. Free some real factors: Casper, Peircy, Sandman, Face The Factor. Them 4, when they get out, we finna blow up this 831 rap game and claim it for ourselves. All aside, that's pretty much it from what I know, but for my niggas tryna do it that got talent, stay pushin', feel me?

[ ] : What about the unity? Was it easy to encourage people from double m or other local labels to collaborate? What about the cats from northern Cali?

[ Young Savi ] : The unity's strong, but we need to bring this together and that's what we're here for, yamean? If you a nigga from the Coast tryna get put on somethin' decent most definitely gotta fuck wit us. Other than networking I think some niggas are too small minded not to network with someone with recognizable talent that stays down the highway from them. It's all about that bread to most niggas, but fuck it, we in a recession, so it's understandable at times, just ridiculous at others. Y'all know who I'm talking about.

[ ] : I tried to google the "savulation" keyword. The sad thing is that the top results were illegal download pages. What is your attitude towards the internet? Since you are still not well know, do you consider it a promotion or rather a threat?

[ Young Savi ] : Honestly if you googled "savulation" and the bootleg popped up... I boo boo on them websites, but in a sense at the time I found out I wasn't too mad, 'cause it just made me realize cats were that hungry to cop our shit, we ain't just local no more, worldwide with it. Google "savage proz" though, you'll get more answers haha. 18booboo on a bootleger! Support your troops!

[ ] : I know that savage pro'z also means beats for sale. Where can we hear samples? How much do you charge?

[ Young Savi ] : Aight artists, my repertoire is so solid, feel me? Beat clips are at I have worked with plenty of talented figures in the Bay Area rap scene on that note. I have worked with Jimmy Roses, Lil Coner, big Oso Loc, of course Hustle Boys [from] Thizz Latin, producing an album for Ace Of Spits, Cuddie Castro, still got work to send out to Baygeen from the Crest Creepaz, Coolio Da' Unda' Dogg and pushing work towards Quinn's way. I ain't no amateur with the beats, put it like this: I rap and make slaps, so I know what I'm doing. Holla atcha boy for the slaps at affordable prices. Prices range, but ballpark 65-90 lease, 100-150 for exclusive rights. Free studio time with purchase of beat, feel me!

[ ] : Thank you for the interview, Savi!

[ Young Savi ] : Shouts out to everybody who's been down with ya boys since day one and to them hatin ass thumb suckas. I know you see us and you still breathin' ya words while mufuckas slappin' mine! Big ups to them artichoke soldiers, my niggas go so hard, my Salad Bowl soldiers, my niggas go so hard, and Monterey County in an area and turf block 2 block Lomas to Greenfield, we with the shit. Central Coast war zone, mayne, it's so real you never make it if you fake. Oh yea, to them wack ass radio stations that won't put a nigga on, 'cause y'all scary. It's all good... I'm to hard anyway! Ceelow, Big Mic, Slim, Reec, the whole Sav Pro mob, Milo, Baby Joe, Sergyo, Goblin, the whole Strong Arm camp, Joksta, my Hollister folks. My moms and brothers and my girl, ya already know! Savage Proz / Strong Arm / Thizz Latin boiaaa 1-4 ryda Ene gang!
Free my niggas faster!

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