Smokie Loco

23 April 2010

[ ] : It's good to have another chat with you knowing that you've spread your wings and definitely took Evilside music and ESSJ rap scene to the next level.

Since our first interview you dropped a lot of projects. Let's start
with the "Strangulation" compilations. 2008 brought the second part of
it. How was it different from the first one? What did you improve?

[ Smokie Loco ] : The second Strangulation was a learning experience. The album did ok, but I didn't push it that hard like the first one. That was a mistake on my part. Looking back at the project I would of took more time on the recording process on our end. All the features came with heat.

[ ] : Then you've decided to re-release the first part of "Strangulation". What was the reason to refresh it? What are the differences between the original and re-release?

[ Smokie Loco ] : We decided to re-release it because it was out of print. We also remastered it and added four new tracks. I kept on getting hit up about it so we re-released it. It's still Evilside's number 1 seller, but Pt. 4 is going to give it a run for the number one seller spot.

[ ] : The third part called "Strangulation IV: All Banged Out" dropped in the second half of 2009. I've noticed that you've definitely expanded the group of people you work with, putting collabo tracks from Deep Sleep gang, Akazie & Rukus, Goodfelonz members, Droopy Lector or Doc-9 and Travieso G out of the 559. How did you gather all these tracks? Did you meet these rappers personally or work with them strictly on-line?

[ Smokie Loco ] : I know a lot of the homies that are rapping personally. I was just out in Hanford, Ca. with Droopy Lector, Smokey De Visa and Kriminal two days ago. Pt. 4 came out crazy and it's selling good. A lot of people didn't know I've dropped it. But word about the project started 2 spread. People are feeling it.

[ ] : Are there any money deals with homeboy rappers that are featured on you cds or you make it for free, just to support the music?

[ Smokie Loco ] : No I don't pay for features and I don't charge homies that I know will actually drop a cd. I'll break off a few cds to someone that's been a part of any Evilside release.

[ ] : In the beginning of 2010 you've been featured on Darkroom Familia's "Nor Cal Narcotics". How did you hook up? Is there a chance to hear more of your joint music in the future?

[ Smokie Loco ] : That was actually the second time we featured on a Darkroom release. The first was on "North Pole Pt 2". You never know; we're are always down to collab with Darkroom. They still got heat after all these years.

[ ] : "A History Of Violence" - your debut solo album - dropped in April this year. What can you tell about it? Is it more personal and deep?

[ Smokie Loco ] : Man, "A History Of Violence" is my solo debut. We put a lot of time and effort into my solo. A lot of the album is personal to me. Man, I just feel like I got so much to say. This was the perfect way to start off the first of 3 solo albums. That's right, I'm only going to do 3 solo albums. I figured by the last one I'll have got everything off my chest. I've only had the album back a week and a half and I've heard a lot of good feedback. It's selling real well. Pick it up if you haven't got it yet. The album is different than a comp, 'cause it's all on my shoulders. I'm proud of it.

[ ] : What's the difference between recording a compilation with tons of features and a solo project? Which is more difficult to achieve?

[ Smokie Loco ] : The solo is more difficult, because it's all about the artist and not so much about the features. Although the features are a key part to any solo album. Everyone that features on my solo or comps I have the most respect for them.

[ ] : What's the next thing to come out of Evilside Records? Do you plan to record another "Strangulation" compilation?

[ Smokie Loco ] : We have:
Big Rhino's solo "4 Ever Ridin" dropping on May 5th
Moreno's "Bad Intentions" compilation dropping in July
"The Murderer's Row" compilation dropping in August
The Nightmare Gang group album dropping in October
My second solo "The Game Of Death" dropping in February 2011
The Strangulation Pt. 5 titled "One Last Blast" dropping in Summer 2011
My final solo "The Soundtrack 2 My Soul" dropping in Winter 2011

We might have a few mixtapes sprinkled in there as well. Don't worry the label will always be dropping heat, even after I stop rapping. We are developing a lot of talents and we are going to sign a couple homeboy rap veterans in the near future. Evilside ain't going nowhere.

[ ] : Except for doing music and dropping albums, is there more coming out from Smokie Loco and Evilside Records? Do you plan to make some music videos, maybe a DVD?

[ Smokie Loco ] : It's funny you should ask that. We are going to start filming music videos soon and we might film a "Nightmare Gang" mini movie and put it on a dvd. The Nightmare Gang is Droopy Lector, Moreno, Babyboy Ene, Redrum, Diablo, Big Chuco, Smokie Loco and guest featuring Big Oso Loc! Can you imagine the type of movie we can make with that line up of heavy hitters. We are also going to start filming a documentary called "Up North". Look for that by the end of next year.

One last thing - much love to everyone that has supported Evilside Records. We make music for you. And much respect to everyone at - you have had a hand in our success.