TC Kapone

26 May 2010

[ ] : Let's start it off with a little introduction. For the ones who are not familiar with your music: who are you?

[ TC Kapone ] : They call me T.C. Kapone, from the South Bay. I got about 11 years in rapping and producing and I'm one of many up and coming artists from the Jo.

[ ] : What made you focus on the rap game?

[ TC Kapone ] : I love music, it's therapy to me you know. I began dj'ing at 6 years old and began working at the Hit Factory in San Jose all throughout High School. I learned a lot from working there and I'd like to thank DJ Danny Boy and DJ Benny B for giving me that opportunity. For me, I can't forget the ones who influenced me to get where I'm at today, ya feel me.

[ ] : So what were your beginnings?

[ TC Kapone ] : I started out recording on a karaoke machine, handing my tapes out on the block, then Protools. From there I just ran with it till I was able to get my album in the stores. My first album was basically a mixtape entitled "Racketeering".

[ ] : How would you describe your style? Who do you record music for?

[ TC Kapone ] : I make music for the streets, I'm from the hood where you have to grow up fast. I've seen a lot out here bangin' so I'd say my style is gangsta.

[ ] : Ever since "High Tide" you started networking with Teazem Beatz and Envius Muzik artists. Please tell us more about this collaboration.

[ TC Kapone ] : I met Teazem through a rapper named "Redeem", whom I did "Can't Breathe" and "Can't Stop" with on the High Tide Album. I recorded both songs at Envius Studios. Teazem is my partna, if I was Snoop, that's Dre. (ha ha)

[ ] : Where could people hear you as a guest appearance? I'm aware of such albums as "No Suckas" or Rob Rize's solo. What else?

[ TC Kapone ] : I feature on Big Lou's "Turf Tape", Benny Blanco's "Grimey City", Das "Audio Graffiti", "Strikly Sharkin Vol .1 "East County Gamers vol. 1" and a few other albums that have not been released yet.

[ ] : Then the first quarter of 2010 brought yet another solo of yours. Please elaborate on this one.

[ TC Kapone ] : "Swamp Water" is my new album, I wanted to bring that gangsta style back. Many rappers are getting lost with this hyphy band wagon stereo type and basically in my opinion putting out some funny shit. Don't get me wrong, E-40, Mistah F.A.B. and those other cats started that movement and it was coo back then. I came up with the title "Swamp Water", because I'm from San Jose, no bay water touches my city.

[ ] : You have also networked with Hayward artists like Big Lou and Scotti Stacks. Who else are you trying to reach out to?

[ TC Kapone ] : Hard to say right now... I network on MySpace with a lot of artists and do collabs, you know, so there's not really any specific artists.

[ ] : What are your plans for upcoming future?

[ TC Kapone ] : I got big plans for my next album. I've already hit up a few artists to feature on the album who aren't on either of my other two so we'll see how that go.

[ ] : Tell us a bit about San Jose rap scene. So far it wasn't treated seriously by regular Bay Area fans. Why's that?

[ TC Kapone ] : I guess it depends on who you talk to because there is a lot of talent out here. I've heard that it's because San Jose rappers are focused on reppin' San Jo rather the entire Bay Area. Also, I've heard that people think only Northern Rap comes out of San Jose which is not true and there are rappers like myself who are changing that.

[ ] : Who's on the rise from the place you're at? Who will stun the listeners in the nearby future?

[ TC Kapone ] : My entire music family: Teazem, The Prospects, Chraze-C, Das, Big Lou, Big Chipz, Benny Blanco and more.

[ ] : What does the music business look from your - up-and-coming artist - point of view? On one hand Internet facilities, on the other a huge competition...

[ TC Kapone ] : Music has gone digital, from promo to downloads. Hard copy CD's and flyers will be no more in time. There are a lot of rappers out there tryna get that same piece of cake but it's important to do you and your own style not copy someone else.

[ ] : Do you feel there's a unity to certain extent among the rappers or is it more of a rivalry and money orientation?

[ TC Kapone ] : Definitely money, when you got rappers from other hoods n shit it's all about "What you got to show for" etc. There's no trust in the rap game because someone is always wanting that spot at the top.

[ ] : TC, thank you for this conversation.

[ TC Kapone ] : I appreciate this opportunity and wanted to thank you for you time on doing this interview.

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