D-Boi of RichB4Rich

11 June 2010

[ ] : Tell us about yourself, D-Boi - who you are and where are you from?

[ D-Boi ] : I'm an up and coming artist/songwriter out of Vallejo, Ca and also a member of the group/label RichB4Rich. Born and raised in the Bay Area, I'm just a youngsta that's hungry for success and want to obtain it through good quality music that people can relate to all over the world.

[ ] : Who's in Rich B4 Rich group?

[ D-Boi ] : D-Boi, El Negro, Mr. Manish and Pyro Da Banga are all artists of the RichB4Rich camp. Mr Manish produces as well.

[ ] : When and how did you guys hook up?

[ D-Boi ] : We all been friends since childhood, but as far as the music goes it was just something we picked up on during the summer of '06. One of our neighborhood potnas had a lil studio set up in his closet. For some it was a hobby, but for us it quickly turned into a dream we've been chasin' ever since. It got serious real fast.

[ ] : Tell us more about your music - what's your style, your favorite beats to rap to, themes to talk about...

[ D-Boi ] : My music is strictly for the people! It's important to be versatile and not cater to only a particular group of people. I like rapping about real life experiences and the hard work it takes to succeed. I got songs that can get the club crackin' and other songs that almost sound like they can be played in Church. I can rap about anything, but real recognize real so I figure if I take my own path and keep it 100 on everything I do I will get REAL supporters. So far so good.

[ ] : You've got 4 solo joints under your belt - starting off with "The Adventures Of Dr Swagger", "Crunch Time" and two parts of "The Joog". Tell us about the feedback you've received.

[ D-Boi ] : All of the projects mentioned above are mixtapes and are key contributions to some of my success up to this point. As an independent artist, there are many different ways to develop a following, mixtapes being one of them. They allow you to display your talent on commonly known beats, which typically draw people to listen. Mixtapes were a way for me to stay familiar and relevant to the people while I was spending time working on my album "Success Addict".

[ ] : As far as I know they're all available in digital versions. Were there any hard copies pressed for any of them? If so, is there a chance people can buy it somewhere in the Bay Area?

[ D-Boi ] : Basically the mixtapes were treated as promo material. They were definitely pushed harder digitally since online is where most music interaction takes place these days. Only time I really pressed up hard copies is at shows so that people would have something of mine to leave the venue with after seeing me perform.

[ ] : Why did you decide to put most (if not all) of your projects for free download?

[ D-Boi ] : Mainly because they have all been mixtapes, which means I don't have the right to sell the material. These projects were made strictly to display talent and get people to want more... Thats where the "Album" comes in handy.

[ ] : You're finally aiming at the official solo endeavor called "Success Addict" scheduled to drop this July. Will it also be only distributed via Internet or will you menage to press some physical copies?

[ D-Boi ] : I want to go all out with this project! It will definitely be distributed through many major on-line music stores and hard copies will be pressed up as well.

[ ] : What can rap fans expect to hear on the upcoming "Success Addict"?

[ D-Boi ] : Versatility and Uniqueness. Lyrical Content, Passion and Real Spit! I got some uplifting tracks, some club bangers, some for the ladies, some old school vibe; I tried to cover all bases with this one. I teamed up with producer Troy Sanders (Tha Rolla) for some of the best production around. You can also expect features from Matt Blaque, Bailey, El Negro, A2thaK and Tha Rolla.

[ ] : Tell us more about Rich B4 Rich itself. The group's discography also includes only unofficial, street mixtapes like "Eatin' But Still Hungry" series or "Bars And Hooks" project. Are you guys planning to release an official LP?

[ D-Boi ] : In the future I'm sure that we will all release an album together, but as for now we are just supporting each other on a variety of projects we're working on. We do a lot of work together and have hundreds of songs already made, so I'm sure when the time is right it will all come together.

[ ] : There's a professional and clean website for Rich B4 Rich ( Who's behind it and what can people find/read out there?

[ D-Boi ] : Mr. Manish worked hard to get the site promoted and up and running. I'm not sure of all that goes on behind the scenes as far as running the website, but it definitely stays current with the worlds top news, music updates & releases and of course anything that has to do with RichB4Rich. U can also interact on that site with others in ways similar to some of the top social networks online. Sign up for!

[ ] : Rich B4 Rich has recently brought a brand new video to the table for the "Take The Shot" song. Tell us more about it and your basketball/NBA bonds.

[ D-Boi ] : Before music, sports was my passion. I played 3 sports up through High School and went on to play College Baseball, so you can often find me relating sports to music some kind of way. We made this song a few months back and figured it would be fitting to create a visual and drop it during the NBA Playoffs. I personally think the song is unique with how we related "Take The Shot" to so many other scenarios other than Basketball throughout our verses. El Negro did a good job putting together the video which has received positive views and feedback through the first week of its release.

[ ] : Except for releasing "Success Addict" what else do you plan to do in 2010?

[ D-Boi ] : I plan on campaigning and pushing "Success Addict" for a good amount of time. I still make music daily. But at the same time I don't want to drop something else and have it conflict with this project. So when the time is right and the next project is solidified I will let people know.

[ ] : Here's the time for the shout outs and anything else you'd like to share and add.

[ D-Boi ] : Shout out to, RichB4Rich, everybody supporting the movement and anybody chasin' a dream! My single "Light's" feat. Matt Blaque & El Negro can be found on iTunes rite now. Search D-Boi of RichB4Rich. Don't forget to sign up for Follow me on twitter @DboiRBR and be on the lookout for "Success Addict" coming in July.

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