15 March 2009

[ Bay ] : I honestly think there's no need to introduce you as the majority of northern Cali rap listeners should already know who you are. Yet let's shed some lights for these don't-knows. Who is Kreep?

[ Kreep ] : First off for the people that don't know, I'm KREEP a Sactown rep in this underground rap game since 1994 when I appeared on a Sactown classic "Killers And Dealers In Violent Areas" from MC2 & J Dog which featured me, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mr. Doctor & acouple of other kats.

[ Bay ] : Please tell me something about your history for a while. How did this rap shit start for you?

[ Kreep ] : I got into the rap game at a young age due to my love for music at about the age of 9 I started writing raps about my life experiences in the hood. I would say after rapping for all the hood homies they started spreadin the word which led to rap battles an what not, from that a potna of mine named Tree had a 4 track studio set up. He was then recording for C-Bo, X-Raided & sum vets like that. He kinda took me under his wing and I started recording demos with him and it all went up hill from there.

[ Bay ] : What albums did you release or were a major part of?

[ Kreep ] : The 1st album I was on was the previously mentioned MC2 & J Dog "Killers And Dealers in Violent Areas" after that I had my 1st solo release - "I Think They're Watching Me". After that I put a lot of compilations out. The 1st one is "Mackin & Stackin Vol. 1". #2 is "MK1", #3 Scoob Nitty & Kreep present "Double Jeopardy", #4 Scoob Nitty & Kreep present "Da Konglamoroti". Recently I released 3 mixtapes also Kreep & Revenue vol. 1, Ghostridaz & Kreep vol. 2 & "Dank, Drank & Hoe'z". All you KREEP collectors go get all these albums if you haven't already.

[ Bay ] : That "I Think They're Watching Me" is considered to be classic right now. Many fans are looking for it and it reaches outrageous prices on eBay for instance. Are you planning to rerelease it?

[ Kreep ] : I plan to re-release all my classic catalog following my upcoming new releases, cause I have seen my 1st cd selling online for prices like $60 up to $200. I don't know, just a thought, but maybe I will throw my 1st solo in when you purchase my new solo for a special priced double CD. We'll see, I think that would be a nice treat for my listeners out there.

[ Bay ] : When did you start producing too? And what made you also a recognizable producer?

[ Kreep ] : As far as my producing I started making beats on a drum machine I bought when I met my potna Tree like in 1990 or something. From there it all expanded. I never rapped on my beats until I started selling them, cause that let me know I had some hot slapz. I think what made me recognized as a producer was that I was making beats for well known artists such as J-Dubb, RBL Posse, Hollow Tip, Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo & a whole lot of other independent rap artists so that had rappers & executives beating my door down for my beats.

[ Bay ] : As far as rap game is concerned, do you feel like being more of a rapper or a producer?

[ Kreep ] : Rapping or producing I love both, cause I love music as a whole all kinds. I like rapping, cause I like expressing my mind, thoughts & experiences to my fans. I like making beats, cause I like hearing hot artists on my beats; also I like being able to complete a slappin ass song by myself like a 1 man band.

[ Bay ] : Generally the new millennium wasn't a good time for fans eager to hear your solo. What made you stay in the shadow for a while?

[ Kreep ] : The demand for my albums has always been high but for some time I was busy perfecting my prodution skills an I'm always helping other artists, but I think it actually made the demand even higher, cause if you follow my credits I've actully been working since my 1st album came out: just production & features but it kept a lil buzz goin so it's good.

[ Bay ] : Fortunately starting from 2006 (or something close to it) your name appeared on a couple of projects and Mask Kracked Musick is back in the game. Tell us something about your most recent endeavours.

[ Kreep ] : Yea Mask Kracked is back, but ain't really went nowhere. You know, just had to sharpen my pencil, you feel me. Recently I've been doing a lot of mixtapes & features to get the fire back lit, cause Kreep ain't gone, it's just getting good watch.

[ Bay ] : Please elaborate on the Mask Kracked / Revenue Records collaboration. Who are Revenues and Ghostridaz?

[ Kreep ] : Mask Kracked Musick & Revenue Records are two diffrent companies, but a part of one family, one movement, you feel me. The Ghostridaz is a group that Revenue has on its roster. We work together, it's all fam biz.

[ Bay ] : I hope that all mixtapes that you were a part of were released to prepare your fans for something bigger coming up soon. Are you working on a solo project now?

[ Kreep ] : Yea everything I'm doing as of now is a big build up to a Kreep explosion. I got a lot of big things in the making: 2 new unreleased solo Kreep albums, shows, dvd's, energy drinks, etc. Just get ready, cause I'm coming strong.

[ Bay ] : What kind of rap style are you now into? It's really hard to judge based on the mixtapes since the production is jacked. Let me put it this way: are you more into "Pay Me" type of tracks (calm, light, not the Kreep that we're used to) or "Racks On Top Of Racks" (vicious flow with modern production) type of shit?

[ Kreep ] : Far as me an my style, I say it's like reality based, ya dig? Everything I'm rappin about is what's going on in or around my life. I feel more artists should be more real & versatile like that. For instance we're underground rappers, we might go do a show somewhere that not too many people know who we are. I feel if you can deliver them something that they can feel in your way. For them you can open more doors that way. I mean I love the gangsta, thug, hustler shit; that's what Kreep is, but to sum it all up, I like making music everybody & anybody can listen to.

[ Bay ] : I've recently noticed a flyer promoting "California Grind" and Extended Family albums. Shed more light on them.

[ Kreep ] : "California Grind" is a compilation album me & Revenue have in the works, featuring a lot of your favorite artists such as Brotha Lynch Hung, Kreep, Bueno, Skee 64 (RIP), Keak Da Sneak & many more. Extended Fam is a project I worked on being released on Strivehard / Thizz Latin Sac Valley; just something else I got my many hands in.

[ Bay ] : Were you close to Skee 64 (RIP)? I heard something about a collaboration with him titled "SKS". What's up with that?

[ Kreep ] : Me & Skee have a group album we recorded together called "SKS". Some small biz issues happened, so I kept pushin on, but it is still due for release soon, just working out all the issues, cause now that he has passed we have to make sure his fam gets it like he would be, you feel me? Shots out to DUB @ Versetile Ent. Ehat's my fam to 4 eva.

[ Bay ] : I almost forgot, you've got an energy drink too. How's it doing? Where did the idea come from?

[ Kreep ] : I got my energy drink in the making to KREEP NRG. I got a potna I do music with & he's the top dog at this beverage company, so he hooked me up. The flavor is da shit to look out for. It is coming soon to a store near you.

[ Bay ] : Since you are that long in the rap game, what are your observations? I mean has it changed in a major way since let's say 1997?

[ Kreep ] : The game always changes, but I think for most part it's goin back to like when I started, to where you really gotta have something going on to get into the game: your distribution, marketing, promo & everything. You gotta have it all in order or it's gonna be hard. Also I see it harder for newer artists to break on to the scene, cause it's like it all got trendy and fans are fans of who they been listening to rather than hop on the new trendy guy, cause a lot of the new stuff just ain't as appealing to real underground rap fans. Like look: I have only had 1 solo album out and still my fanbase grows in mass numbers every month. Like I ain't never went nowhere so now I'm bout to flood the scene wit Kreep. It's a big movement, now get up on it.

[ Bay ] : You worked with many people so far, but are there any rap artists you haven't collaborated with yet, but looking forward to?

[ Kreep ] : Right now I think I wanna work with all the west coast greats & also take it down south and work with artists like Bun B, Slim Thug, Lil Flip. Maybe some east coast kats like Hell Rell, Jim Jones, Nas, some other kats...

[ Bay ] : Thank for the interview, Kreep.

[ Kreep ] : Shots out to Mask Kracked Musick / Mackin & Stackin, Revenue Records, Crown Jewels Mgt., Urban Union,, King Duce, King Fam, Night Train, Unda Turf, Global Music Group Canada, Madd Padd, Ntelect, Sham Bam, Da Gudda Gang & eveybody out there keepin this underground rap shit breathing & bleeding.. 1 luv from KREEP

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