Sammy P

02 July 2010

[ ] : What's good Sammy. Tell the broader audience who you are. Where do you come from?

[ Sammy P ] : My name is Sammy P, it's been Sammy P since I was a lil kid. And I was born and raised in East Oakland, California. Then I moved to Marysville, Wa where I lived for 8 years and moved back to Grass Valley, California where I reside today.

[ ] : I see on your MySpace that you were rapping since you were a child. However what made you take that step from freestyling / entertainment to actually recording songs and thinking about having them out?

[ Sammy P ] : Yea, I've been rappin' since I was hella little, since back in the day when fools used to clown. Rappin' was just always in my heart. It's what I do. It's what I'm good at. It's what's inside of me that needs to come out when I'm angry, mad, pissed off, down and out, happy, proud, motivated, all that.

[ ] : Was it hard for an up-and-coming artist back in 2007?

[ Sammy P ] : It's harder now. 2007 was a good year. Got a lot of exposure that year. Shit was moving really fast that year. We still movin' fast, but this year it seems like the last 4 years of hustle are starting to pay off slowly but gradually.

[ ] : Then you came out with the debut "Nuttin 2 Somethin" - tell us something about it. How do you view it from today's perspective?

[ Sammy P ] : "Nuttin 2 Somethin" was the doorway. It was my first real album. Had some made men on it such as Snoop Dogg, JT The Bigga Figga, Beeda Weeda and more. So it felt real good. Made me feel like I was winnin'. But at the same time the way I write and record and perform now is so much more professional.

[ ] : What can people hear on your albums? What sub-genre of rap would you stick to yourself?

[ Sammy P ] : I don't know what genre you would title it. Music is changing so much. It's evolving into a new baby. With all the rock, pop, techno, blendin' into rap. As well as rap blending into all those other music is different from 10 years ago, ya know. Through it all it's just the same ol' P, just better, ya digg.

[ ] : A year after you brought that "I Stay On My Grind" sophomore cd. Are you satisfied with sales? What was the acclaim?

[ Sammy P ] : Didn't really make a whole shit load of money off the first or second album. Invested a while lot more. But at the same time we did a lot of promo and gave a lot of shit away for free. But from another aspect all the stuff that's happened this year and all the connections I've made over the last couple of years, I've got a lot of shit for free that normally I would pay for, ya feel me. So it all comes back around.

[ ] : You are with Game Tight Recordz. Tell us more about it. Whether it's your company or you are just signed to it...

[ Sammy P ] : I've been through a lot of clicks and crews and companies over the years. So Game Tight Recordz is the final stage of the learning process. It's owned by me and my boy Sean-T and has just welcomed the newest member to the camp - J-Bluntz out of northern California, just like me.

[ ] : Now tell me more about the upcoming solo "Beyond The Glory".

[ Sammy P ] : "Beyond The Glory" is titled after the old sports show on ESPN that used to show great athletes and their rise from nothing to the top and back down to the bottom and back to the top again. That's why I picked that name for my album. It represents the struggle for me and everything I've been through to get where I am. And how far I still have to go. The music is definitely of a lot better quality on this album, more then my other ones. The beats, the lyrics, the production. Also I feel my style has grown so much since the last album "I Stay On My Grind". Even the way I write now is different then the old way I approached writing songs. I'm getting better and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Be sure to go cop the album. It hits the streets & online soon! "Beyond The Glory" is the best I've ever been. It's the one that got to get me in the door.

[ ] : So far I heard 2 tracks - "It's Alright" and "Best Friend's Girlfriend". Both soft, mainly directed at ladies. Does it mean a change in your approach? You used to be on that grimy street shit, staying on your grind...

[ Sammy P ] : Still the same ol' P, still on some hood shit when I wanna be, ya feel me. Just been really rappin' about what I've been goin' through lately and how I've been feelin'. But there's a lot in store for the album. A lot of shit that people ain't heard yet. It's gone kill'em.

[ ] : Do you plan to go with these singles further than an average Bay Area cat? Any major plans with radios, maybe videos? Do you have a good distribution deal?

[ Sammy P ] : I'm tryin' to do all that shit. Videos, radio, everything. That's the dream, know what I mean.

[ ] : Where will it be available at? I'm asking both about regular retails spots as well as Internet shops that ship internationally.

[ Sammy P ] : iTunes. CD Baby, napster, Rasputin Records, Dimple Records as well as maybe some major distribution coming soon.

[ ] : Sammy, thank you for the conversation.

[ Sammy P ] : Yea boy, thanks for having me and just beware and look out for the album "Beyond The Glory" soon to come and much more from me in the future. 'Cause I ain't goin' nowhere, ya feel me. I'm a get it, 'cause it's all I know and all I got. And I've been workin' at it way too long to just give up now. All I gotta do is stay alive, ya feel me. Thanks again.

Check Sammy's music on his MySpace page.