23 July 2010

[ ] : What's good Puppz, please introduce yourself.

[ Yungpuppz ] : Hey whats crackin, this your boy Yung Puppz. I hail from Salinas Ca, Monterey County aka the SALAD BOWL. Basically what I do is spit gangsta ass music for gangsta ass folks. One thing about me is I always keep it real and keep it G status.

[ ] : Where does the name "puppz" come from?

[ Yungpuppz ] : Well when I was growing up some older homies started calling me lil puppet after another homie. When I started taking this rap thing a little more seriously I decided to make a name for myself as an artist. I thought of keeping lil puppet but I was like nah, so what I did was I thought of a different way to say "lil" first. The first word that came to mind was young but without the O, than I thought of a way to say puppet, I thought of "puppz" and that's where I came up with the name Yung Puppz.

[ ] : How did you start the rapping thing?

[ Yungpuppz ] : Well it all started when I was around 15 years old, I grew up listening to X-Raided, Brotha Lynch, C-Bo, Eazy E and Darkroom. Then one day my mom bought me a little gray tape recorder with a small mic and I made my first songs called "187 On A Scrapa" with my cousin. I kept recording and homies started to bump my music. Around the same time I was incarcerated and started writing more raps behind walls. When I was released I came out with a lot of verses in the chamber. In 2005 I hooked up with King in The Dragons Lair to start recording in a real studio.

[ ] : Where could fans of Cali rap hear you thus far?

[ Yungpuppz ] : I've been on quite a few local artists' cds such as Spun Locstah's "Foul Mouth", Lil Evil's "School Of Lost Soul's," The Salineros, Down By The Bowl, Evil and Nasty's mix tape, Kaos "Salad Bowl's Rude Boy" and a bunch of old school shit.

[ ] : Tell us about your initial recordings, including the debut "Master Of Puppets".

[ Yungpuppz ] : What can I say hmmm, well it was my first release and it did very well considering the fact I did all the pressing and packaging.

[ ] : What's the idea behind its title? I mean, on one hand it definitely bites the known album by Metallica, on purpose?

[ Yungpuppz ] : Well honestly when I came up with the name I was not aware of the Metallica cd. I became aware a little after though and thought to myself fuck it I'm going to still name it like that. I also believe that it is definitely two different kinds of music. There really isn't a reason for the name, I simply named it like that because I wanted to.

[ ] : Is this album still available nowadays?

[ Yungpuppz ] : It will be soon, the cd was a big success I sold out of them real quick, I will be pressing up more by the end of the year, so keep an eye out for it, there won't be many. This will be a rare album, so if you get it or already have it you're lucky.

[ ] : 2010 brought your real debut project "Bloc Monster". Please elaborate on it.

[ Yungpuppz ] : This album is really a chance for people to see what's coming in the future. I originally had recorded a bunch of tight tracks that were supposed to be on the cd that weren't, due to being lost. So I put together what I had and made the album. It is available at most Rasputin stores around Northern Californian, Street Beats in Salinas Ca. and Music Zone in Marina Ca. and of course iTunes, Amazon and Myspace music.

[ ] : Are you satisfied with it? What's the acclaim?

[ Yungpuppz ] : No, I am not satisfied with it, because I lost a lot of songs that were good, if I had those songs to put on the album it would have been better for sure. All in all the album was also a big success and continues to do well.

[ ] : In general, what makes your music stand out from lots of other releases? What can people hear on "Bloc Monster"?

[ Yungpuppz ] : I would have to say my voice for sure. The reason being is because I focus on my fans being able to understand what I am saying at all times. The way I do that is by speaking very clearly into the microphone and not trying to hard or to be faster than the next person. I think people want music that sounds good and clear when you bump it in your system.

[ ] : The homeboy rap scene has expanded in recent years. Do you consider yourself a part of this "movement" or do you also direct your music to regular central / northern Cali rap fans?

[ Yungpuppz ] : Yeah, I guess I would be part of that movement. I also direct my music to regular rap fans too though. I keep it gangster but I do keep mind not everybody wants to listen to gangster music all the time. That's why you hear me talk about different subjects on my "Bloc Monster" album.

[ ] : Right now you are working on "Master Of Puppets 2" and a re-release of the first part. Why the re-release? Please tell us more about these upcoming albums.

[ Yungpuppz ] : Yes, I am currently working on the finishing touches to the "Master Of Puppets Vol 2" cd. It will be available in stores and iTunes around the middle of August 2010. The reason I am re-releasing the first "Master Of Puppets" cd is because the first time I released it I did all the pressing, I mean I did everything myself on a tight budget. Now the re-release will be a new cover, new songs, better sound quality and be professionally pressed.

[ ] : I heard you also have another solo in works. What's up with it?

[ Yungpuppz ] : Yeah, it's called "600 Ways To Die" and it will be my second solo project. It will be presented by Big Oso Loc of Active Entertainment under Bloc Monster Productions. All I can say is that this album is going to be hard as hell. It should be available around January 2011.

[ ] : You also once mentioned that you're about to have a court case. Something serious? Will it affect the release schedule?

[ Yungpuppz ] : I hope not. I can't really talk about the case itself, all I can say is that it is a serious case that can result in me doing some serious time.

[ ] : Cali rap fans are in general not familiar with Central Coast scene. What's the reason for it?

[ Yungpuppz ] : Well I think the reason is because no one has put the Central Coast on the map yet. I mean most of the artists around here drop one cd here and there but there is no consistency. I think to be recognized and taken seriously as an artist you need to be consistent with your music, you got to keep it moving.

[ ] : From what I see you mostly network with fellow 831 artists (except for Drew). Are you also planning to reach for example to other northern Cali rappers?

[ Yungpuppz ] : You know I do keep it local. I have been hooking up with other northern Cali homeboy artist though. I've been working with the homie Big Oso Loc for a while now. We've recently done some stuff together for both our up coming albums. Expect to here me on his new album "Oso Gangsta" on the "Fremont City To Fremont St" track. That joint is super gangsta!

[ ] : Do you feel there's a unity - in musical terms - in Salinas and in the 831 as a whole?

[ Yungpuppz ] : For the most part I think there is. The biggest problem in our area is the haters! Too much hating and no helping the next homeboy out. If we had more unity in the Central Coast we would have already been on the map!

[ ] : Big thanks for your time to have this interview conducted.

[ Yungpuppz ] : I want to say thanks to for giving me this opportunity to speak my mind. Special thanks to all my fans who buy my music and support your boy. Keep a look out for my upcoming albums and music videos. Much love and respect Yung Puppz.

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