Dirty J of DLK Ent.

10 October 2010

[ ] : What's good J. There are people who haven't heard about you. Tell us a bit about yourself.

[ Dirty J ] : Dirty J - DLK artist / DLK Enterprise CEO. Born & raised in San Francisco, western addiction Fillmore, Freedom West projects. I'm about my family and this music.

[ ] : . DLK Enterprise - tell us more about it.

[ Dirty J ] : The label was founded in 2008, we dropped our 1st project in October 2009 which was Telly Mac's solo album "Project Celebrity".

[ ] : How did it happen?

[ Dirty J ] : We grew up in the same neighborhood, I knew Telly Mac since lil kids. I've always been a fan of his music & respected his talent. Bumped into him in like 2006, we worked it out & started recording.

[ ] : You're also tight with The Taliban, hence the albums by Homewrecka and Young Boo. Please elaborate on this collaboration and its outcomes.

[ Dirty J ] : Yeah, Wreck's album came out slap and so did Young Boo's. Any thing they pretty much get on is about to be banger. They definitely compliment each other when they're on the same track. Wreck & Boo - that's my fam.

[ ] : Another noteworthy album is a solo by Vallejo's Reek Daddy. What's the story behind this release?

[ Dirty J ] : "Gangsta Of The Year" and "Wreak Havoc" was my shit! So as soon as I got the opportunity to work with Reek we started puttin' it together - "Straight Pirate Type" go get that.

[ ] : I noticed that your cds feature a professional artwork and digipak which is absolutely not common in these digital days. Do you believe in good, pressed retail releases?

[ Dirty J ] : Just trying to give the consumer all access. Not everybody's cybered out, I personally still buy cds myself. As far as the digi paks - I just like'em.

[ ] : J, you are also a rapper. What is your primary thing though? Would you rather manage or perform?

[ Dirty J ] : Yeah, I rap, you might hear me here and there, but being an artist is a full-time job and I ain't got that kind of drive for that particular position right now, straight up! I'm just concentrating on getting this label where I want it.

[ ] : Do you have any in-house rappers / producers?

[ Dirty J ] : The original DLK group artists are: V-Town, Five, CMC, Dave Ice aka Reez, Jo-Bear & me (Dirty J). V-Town and Five produce. Also Qube - our video director / editor. Me & V-Town released "My Medication Is The Cash" it's on iTunes. That album was older material recorded in like 06-07, so we just put it out digitally. It features DLK, Seff Tha Gaffla, Mac Mall, Reek Daddy, Telly Mac and Miami Da Most. There are a couple of new DLK group projects coming real soon.

[ ] : What is next to come? Telly Mac's 3rd solo? Tell us more about it.

[ Dirty J ] : Yeah, Telly Mac's new solo album "Your Nobody Till Somebody Kills You". He's got Yukmouth, Ya Boy, Levetti, Big Rich, Killa Keise, Homewrecka, Reddy Boy, Young Street, Slo-O, Beeda Weeda, Young Boo, Felon Gang, Pom Pom and more. It's a real nice project! The album drops on October 19th 2010.

[ ] : What else do you have in schedule? Anything more planned for 2010?

[ Dirty J ] : For 2010 after Telly is the DLK Ent. mixtape. "Eat Or Get Ate" - look for that! As far as 2011 Homewrecka's got a new one we're working on called "The Separation", we've got the "Hood Files" compilation. Which you'll get to hear from some newer artists we've been working with like Chino Montana, Young Robbery, Reddy Boy and Young Street. "Fillmoe To The Crest" compilation, Seff Tha Gaffla's solo album "Still Locked Up", Telly Mac's got a street album coming out "Warn The Public", "DLK Cursed" group album and a lot more!

[ ] : What do DLK's projects offer to northern Cali rap fans? What can for example be heard on "Bay Gon Crack" that is not out there on other compilations?

[ Dirty J ] : Quality music. We're just playin' our, part tryin' to push this Bay shit to the next. As far as "Tha Bay Gon Crack" you've got to appreciate that compilation. The collabs are sick - Seff Tha Gaffla, Bailey and Telly Mac / Jeneral Lee and Tha Jacka / Big Rich, Dubee, Messy Marv and Daz Dillinger / Spice 1, C-Fresh, Dubee and Matt Blaque! It's a lot of talent on that project, it's just a dope Bay Area compilation. If you ain't heard it, go grab that!

[ ] : Now on the other hand what does DLK offer to artists? Are you looking for any new rappers to work with? Known or up-and-coming ones as well?

[ Dirty J ] : A chance to get your music out there, if you ain't already doing it. Put a few dollars in your pocket and add to your resume, just staying busy. You know you gotta be active in this shit, it ain't gonna come overnight. If or when the opportunity presents itself, if it seems beneficial and the timing's right, then we could see what it do. Yeah, we are always looking for new "good" talent, send your demos to:
DLK Ent.
PO Box 3736
Antioch, Ca 94531
or email:

[ ] : Is it hard for a new, independent label in the Bay Area? Both in terms of creating and selling a product?

[ Dirty J ] : Yeah, definitely! Nothing's easy though, but my whole camp's up for the challenge. We're just gonna work hard and keep pushing. Keep making that good music for y'all, which we love to do. Just support what we're doin' and we'll keep it lit. On that note thanks to everybody getting behind us and supporting this DLK movement, special thanks to for doing what y'all do and reaching out and supporting in a real way! Appreciate it! has already reviewed a couple of DLK Enterprise projects. Peep the articles below:
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