Telly Mac

03 December 2010

[ ] : Tell the don't-knows the basics of who you are.

[ Telly Mac ] : I'm Telly Mac from San Francisco, Ca, Fillmoe area. Part of a group called The Gamblaz. I've put out about 15 independent projects that have moved several thousand units in and out of California.

[ ] : What were your beginnings in the rap game?

[ Telly Mac ] : Well shit, before the first Gamblaz I was running the streets and playing basketball. I mean I was into music but now I wasn't really rapping yet. I was familiar with the studio and had a couple of music buddies who were already getting down though.

[ ] : One of your first appearances include "The Unexpected" track off "West Coast Bad Boyz 2". How did it happen?

[ Telly Mac ] : Um, I was an artist on Get Low Records at the time working with JT The Bigga Figga and he had a friendship with Master P and that's how that ended up working out. P reached out to JT to get on a compilation which represented artists from Northern California and the Bay Area on a national scale.

[ ] : Is there any story behind the "gamblers" name?

[ Telly Mac ] : Yea, it's a story behind the Gamblaz name and the story is... We started out three deep, made a name for ourselves, then it ended up two of us and now it's just me! The young CEO/rapper and co-founder of the whole situation.

[ ] : 2000 and subsequent years was the time when Get Low brought hella material with you to the table - two Gamblaz projects, collabo with JT, Yukmouth... Tell us more about these days.

[ Telly Mac ] : Man those days we had a distribution deal with Bay Side Distribution and we were trying to build a catalog to go along with projects that had already been released to Get Low catalog. Meaning we wanted to be like No Limit Records - an independent label that was putting out numerous projects, artist and moving several units.

[ ] : You released your debut solo project "Business Is Business" in 2002. What do you think about this endeavor from today's perspective? Is it true it was recorded overnight?

[ Telly Mac ] : Correct! Well being that I recorded the album in one night I wish more time could have been taken out on the mix down for the project and it might have been bigger for me. At the time I was competing with different artists, seeing who could be the fastest to put together a project. Because we had a quota we had to meet the distribution deal that was done.

[ ] : "Thunderous Muzik" was - from what I remember - your last Gamblaz album as well as the last on Get Low. Why did your ways with JT and Get Low split?

[ Telly Mac ] : Man it was a lot of stuff going on at that time and everybody just did what was best for self.

[ ] : And what's up with Devo? Was leaving Get Low the end of Tha Gamblaz?

[ Telly Mac ] : I don't know what's up with Devo, I haven't spoken to him in years. But as for The Gamblaz there is no ending, because I am the Gamblaz! And as long as I'm breathing this shit's crackin' thru me!

[ ] : You returned with "Highly Flammable" together with The Goodfelonz. What's the background behind this project?

[ Telly Mac ] : Well the Goodfelonz - them my Latin homies, they was trying to put out some music and we were already established as artists with projects out, so we collaborated on a group project together over a few dollars.

[ ] : You also released "Hype Mode" with the fellow rapper D-Moe in 2007. Don't you think that it's a slept on cd?

[ Telly Mac ] : Definitely, being that me and D-Moe are two young legends off the Get Low label and we've been having heat in the booth... yea it's slept on. If you check the album out the beats and concepts are solid and so are the raps.

[ ] : Finally after 7 years you came back with a sophomore solo album "Project Celebrity" on DLK Enterprise. Tell us more about this new record label.

[ Telly Mac ] : (Laughing) damn 7 years! I didn't even know it was that long ago. But yea "Project Celebrity" is my sophomore album released on DLK Enterprise which is the label I will be releasing all my music on and is run by my big brother Dirty J.

[ ] : What's the difference between your today's attitude / style / delivery and the one from a couple of years back when you were still signed to Get Low?

[ Telly Mac ] : Okay. Today's attitude style and delivery, I'm still hungry like I was back then but the difference is now I know what I wanna look and sound like. While back then I didn't, I was hunting for a style and delivery although I already had the attitude.

[ ] : Upcoming days (November 2010) should also bring your third solo - tell us more about it.

[ Telly Mac ] : Yea, my third solo album "Your Nobody Til Somebody Kills You" was just released on November 2010. It's a well-rounded project with some nice music and solid concepts as well. The album features a couple of big names like Yukmouth, YB The Rockstar, Big Rich and many more.

[ ] : What else do you have in works? I heard something about a street album in 2011.

[ Telly Mac ] : Yea, I gotta few albums in the works... Street album on the way, "Project Celebrity II" on the way and I'm putting something together with my two brothers Young Street and Reddy Boy. Plus all the projects coming soon from DLK Enterprise.

[ ] : Any chance for Gamblaz reunion?

[ Telly Mac ] : Maybe so fa the right amount of $$$!

[ ] : Thanks for the interview, mayn.

[ Telly Mac ] : Shout out to everyone supporting the DLK/AMG movement we really appreciate all the love and support we've been getting from everyone out there, thanks!!!

Notable MySpace link: Telly Mac and DLK Enterprise.