Jamez Da Youngsta

25 June 2011

[ ] : What's good Jamez. Let's start off with some basic info for those who haven't heard about you - where are you from and who you are?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] : Well, I'm Jamez Da Youngsta from all over Cali, born in Watsonville, raised in Hollister, been in Livermore, Hayward, Fremont all over LOL.

[ ] : Do you have your own label or are you signed to someone else's one?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :Yes, I own my own label - Money Hungry Productions. I got Case & Sneaky from Watsonville, Lil Soldier & Keeper from Gilroy and Epaning.

[ ] : Tell us more about the Nor Cal Hotboyz group. Who's in it?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :Nor Cal Hot Boyz started wit me, Lil Soldier and Case just fucking around all faded. Sneaky, my cousin, was doin' his own thang, so I put him on and shit been crackin' ever since, ya dig. Look out for all them solos, just the same old rap.

[ ] : From what I know the members of the group represent different cities - how did you meet them and hook them all up together?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :Well, we all met like this: Lil Soldier moved from Gilas to Watson from g 14 classified reasons and ended up next door to Case. When I moved from Fremont I lived around the corner from Case and Lil Soldier, u know mobbin' the streets.

[ ] : Let's focus on the latest release. Please give us some details on the self titled Nor Cal Hotboyz album. Is it a homeboy project? What fans will hear on it?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :Yeah, we all homeboys and it's a lil' different from normal homeboy rap cds. We don't kill someone every song, it's real life, all real people gonna feel it.

[ ] : Where music fans can buy a hard copy of the album? website only sells a digital version.

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :It's available on, also at all Rasputins and Street Light Records, Dimples and all mom-n-pop stores.

[ ] : I've heard that you're working on your new solo album that should be out very soon - please elaborate on this one a bit more.

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :My solo "Money Hungry" has no release date yet, mid August maybe, lol. It features Dubee aka Sugawolf Tha Pimp, Rydah J. Klyde, Snow White, Ghambit, Case, Lil Soldier, Lee Earl, Felcia B, DJ Pumba, Lil Dusty. Most of the beats will be done by Megaslap Productions, mixed and mastered by Ghambit.

[ ] : What other projects are your working on or participating in?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :I have just dropped The Won Ent. album with Swana from West Oakland, peep him out, he's dope. I have also released project from Exit Woner from Watsonville, which features Marc Solo, Kyaz, DJ Pumba, Neven, Young Dee, go peep it on my website and at all stores; came out May 15th.

[ ] : Let's move back to the past for a while and focus on your previous albums. What happened to "I'll Never Grow Up"? Was it ever officially released?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :"I'll Never Grow Up" came out in 2010, it's been sold in 600 copies and stopped due to my move to Texas, but has been re-released in digitals on my website, while hard copies will be available in November.

[ ] : Digital music store on website sells "Bay Livin" album of yours - when was it released? Can you tell us more about it?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :"Bay Livin" was my debut album in 2006; poor graphics and mix down was generally rush, but still goes. It features Smoov-E, Mousie, Outrageous, Cali B, Skitz and more. If you like my music go and listen to it and download it.

[ ] : BayUndaground staff is also networking with Rob Rize and we've even had a chance to conduct an interview with him back in 2010. We've asked him about the duet album from Rob Rize and Jamez Da Youngsta, but he wasn't really eager to talk about it. Maybe you could tell us what's up with "End Of Dayz"? Can we expect to hear anything new from you and Rob?

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :Rob Rize and me LOL!!! Well, "End Of Dayz" is the end of days to me. Too old to release. He used most of the tracks on his own albums. I wouldn't know about it, 'cause I'm under on those albums. We have rapped together and you can expect somethin' from me and Rob, no doubt.

[ ] : I may have not asked you the right questions, so feel free to say anything else you'd like to share with our readers and your fans.

[ Jamez Da Youngsta ] :Well that's Jamez Da Youngsta, much love to all Bay Area rappers. I'm not just a rapper, but a fan as well; with that said step your game up you beezies, yeeeeeeeeee!

Visit the official Nor Cal Hotboyz website to purchase digital albums from Jamez Da Youngsta and Nor Cal Hotboyz.