Gorillapits & The Dragons

09 August 2011

[ ] : Today has a great opportunity to talk with San Leandro finest and members of two rap crews: Gorillapits and The Dragons.
When was the first time you touched the mic?

[ Gorillapits ] : In the early 90's, before releasing any project.
[ The Dragons ] : Late 90's.

[ ] : And what was your first official appearance on a rap project?

[ Gorillapits ] : The first album we ever got on was in the mid 90's, around 1995 or so.
[ K-Loc of Gorillapits] : I remember it was a tape, before rappers were pushing CD's. The album was by K-Rhymes and I believe the song was called "Coming Through" maybe.

[ ] : How did Tone Bone and K-Loc hook up? When and how were Gorillapits brought to life?

[ K-Loc of Gorillapits] : We all grew up together in the Ashland district of San Leandro, 164TH St. That's when Gorillapits were first brought to life. We lived in the ghetto and had to do what we can to get by. Rapping and music in general was our way out. We started like most artists from our area did, with nothing. But we made the best of it and started recording songs about our life and how it was in those days. Slowly we began to perfect our art and music, and finally began releasing our own projects in 2003.

[ ] : What about Kra-Z-K and JoeB1 Kenobi - how did you meet these two? Are they official members of the group or do you rather consider your team a duet?

[ K-Loc of Gorillapits] : Yes they are official members of the group, we all grew up together. Me, Tone and Kra-Z-K are brothers and JoeB1 is life family. We all started working together from the beginning.

[ ] : You've been also working with Bang Bang Gang and even dropped a short album with them. Who's behind the BBG group? Are you still working with them?

[ K-Loc of Gorillapits] : BBG consists of Tweez, Kadence and Caution. Tweez grew up around us since he was very young and is also an official Gorilla Pit. They're all on a label called Grit N Grind Ent. which is ran by Bud Chedda who is also a rapper based out of San Francisco.

[ ] : Let's summarize your discography and learn more about it. Please tell us about each of the project a little bit more details:

[ Gorillapits ] :
- self titled (2003) - it was the first Gorillapits album which was started in 2001, but was completed and released in 2003. That album was our biggest learning experience as far as releasing albums, shopping for distribution etc.

- "Block Burnerz" (2004) - it was released in 2004 and we also released a compilation the same year called "Dope Factory, Throw a Dollar On The Beam". This project was compiled form work by us, JoeB1, Lil Mike, Worffless and many others who were recording at the Dope Factory Studio during that period of time.

- "Generation Of Renegades" (2005) - this was our third album which had one of our biggest songs up to date. "Scrapin" featuring Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk was one of the songs that broke out the Hyphy movement. Shortly our name began to spread around the northern region of California and soon after we started doing big events. This album had many features from the Bay Area such as Mistah F.A.B., The Jacka, JT The Bigga Figga and many more.

- "War Of The Monstaz Vol. 1" (2006) - this was basically a mixtape we released with numerous features to give our audience a sample of our growth in the game. We had a lot of good feedback from the previous project "Generation Of Renegades", so many sponsors and DJ's supported our movement. Also on this mixtape we had many DJ's doing drops instead of artists, which no one did at the time. In 2006 we also dropped a co-album presenting another San Leandro artist by the name of Jimmy Newtron called "The Best You Never Heard Of".

- "Son Of A Witch" with JoeB1 Kenobi (2007) - it was a pre-album promo mixtape for the Underworld album with JoeB1 Kenobi.

- "Concrete Jungle" (2007) - this mixtape was put together by Demolition Men DJ's which was recorded at their studio, showcasing the Gorilla Pits music by blending it with current popular music.

- "Thizz Nation Vol. 21" (2008) - it was a real album put together specifically for Thizz Ent. whom we've been working with prior to Mac Dre's death. The Gorilla Pits are also a part of Thizz Nation.

- self titled with Bang Bang Gang (2008) - this is another co-album released by us and the Bang Bang Gang, which was a mixtape showcasing Tweez, Caution and Kadence.

- "Underworld" with JoeB1 Kenobi (2008) - it was co-produced and overseen by JoeB1 showcasing his skills in the music, whom we've been working with since day one.

- Grit N Grind Ent. & Gorilla Pits present Tweez "Grind Time" (2009) - this was a mixtape arranged and mixed by the Demolition Men highlighting Tweez of the Bang Bang Gang.

- "The Street Album" (2010) - this album was put together during the time to show our constancy and drive, which we dedicated to our fans. It was also a pre-release to prepare our audience for the long awaited "GP4, Another Day" album release, which we plan on releasing in 2012. This will be our "Senior" album.

[ ] : If you had to pick one of your albums and tell your fans "that's our best work; go and buy it!" which one would that be?

[ Gorillapits ] : The upcoming "Monstasquad" album we have with The Dragons. This will a trendsetter.

[ ] : When did XSF and Remy Red start working together?

[ The Dragons ] : Mid to late 90's, during high school years.

[ ] : Was "Rapademics 101" your first release? What can you tell us about that album?

[ The Dragons ] : "Rapademics 101" was our first official debut. During that time we were working heavily with Thizz Ent. and had been working on an album already which made possible for us to release it soon after.

[ ] : How did you hook up with Thizz label?

[ The Dragons ] : In 2004, a friend of ours was at the same half way house as J-Diggs. We hooked up with Diggs and did a lot of music work and have been a part of the movement ever since. This was before the late Mac Dre passed, which many people don't know.

[ ] : And what about your sophomore release "Smokehouse: Chronicles Volume One"? What was it like working with Demolition Men?

[ The Dragons ] : This mixtape was originally an album and as far as production and features it packed a punch. But during that time we were also working on 2 other projects, which on the long run delayed our release. After meeting the Demolition Men at local events we began working with them and decided to turn the album into a mixtape. We compiled our best at that time and jam packed 22 tracks on the "Smokehouse Vol. 1". This project had many features and was an overdue release since our "Rapademics 101" which are 4 years apart. The Demolition Men did their thing on there and they're still current with their mixtape game, which we plan on utilizing for our "Smokehouse Chronicles Vol.2".

[ ] : From what I've heard you're working on your sophomore group album called "The Backdraft". Any details on this one you'd like to share? And why does it take so long to drop it?

[ The Dragons ] : "The Backdraft" album artwork was leaked and has been seen on multiple websites and magazines since 08'-09'. But we're planning on releasing another album before it, which is a group album we did with Yukmouth called "Dragon Dynasty". "The Backdraft" will be an EP, which we plan on releasing soon after "Dragon Dynasty".

[ ] : As far as I know XSF has been participating in some freestyle battles back in the days. Are you still working on your freestyle craft? Are there any freestyle verses on any of your official cds?

[ XSF of The Dragons ] : As far as freestyle battling, that's a phase I've outgrown. I'll freestyle as a form of "sharpening my sword" & do mixtape tracks without writing them. For an album material, I've quit writing altogether, I just dictate in my head until I have it memorized & ready for the booth.

[ ] : Tell us about the upcoming album from Gorillapits and The Dragons called "The Monstasquad". Who's going to host the project? When is it coming out? Any more details you can share with us?

[ Gorillapits ] : Since it's an official album, there will be no host. It's coming out Halloween 2011, and it's going to feature solo material from each of us (K-Loc, Tone Bone, Kra-Z-K, Remy & XSF) as well as features with various artists from around the Bay Area. "Crazy" is the first song we decided to leak from the project & included a video which has been featured on numerous websites since. We are also doing a special pre-release promo where the first 20 people to collect each of the five individual Monsta Squad flyers will receive a free copy of the album, plus a poster autographed by all of us and a limited edition Monsta Squad T-Shirt.

[ ] : What are the other plans for Gorillapits and The Dragons?

[ Gorillapits ] : The Gorillapits have the long awaited "GP 4: Another Day" coming soon. The Dragons have "Dragon Dynasty" with Yukmouth in the works as well their EP "The Backdraft". In between all of that each artist is also working on a solo projects for the near-future.

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