17 October 2011

[ ] : First of all, please tell the world who Berner is.

[ Berner ] : I'm an entrepreneur first and foremost I guess.

[ ] : Let us know how it all began. Where were you born? Tell us about growing up in San Francisco.

[ Berner ] : I was born and raised in San Francisco and I wouldn't trade the experience for nothing else in the world, it's very fast living going on out here.

[ ] : What was the reason you moved to Arizona?

[ Berner ] : Umm... I lived there for a little while when I was around 16 or so. My dad was supposed to open a Mexican restaurant there and I was trying to better myself but things didn't work out, for some reason I kept getting in trouble so I moved back to San Francisco.

[ ] : Tell us more about living there. What were you doing back then?

[ Berner ] : You know what? I actually learned how to rap while living in Arizona. Funny story... I was in continuation school while I lived there and this kid named Wicked Wizard approached me asking me if I could rap because he was trying to sell me some BS equipment. It was a karaoke type machine and he challenged me to rap. So I did it and he said "yeah, you can do it, you're good". I bought the machine and that was pretty much where my rap career began on the playground. I still have the microphone stand to this day.

[ ] : When and how did Bern One Ent. come to life?

[ Berner ] : I started Bern One Ent. myself in 2007. I was doing my first group album with Equipto. I started the label so we could distribute the album correctly and it's been on ever since.

[ ] : Who's signed to your label?

[ Berner ] : Me, Myself and I as of now which means I have the best artist signed to my label. LOL

[ ] : What was its first release?

[ Berner ] : Wow, ummm let me think, that seems so long ago. If I remember correctly my first album released was "Track Money And Pack Money".

[ ] : Let's talk about your own music discography. As far as I'm concerned you debuted with "Dirty Sneakers... Plenty Ways To Get It" back in 2007. Was there anything before it?

[ Berner ] : You know what? You're right! That was my first album. I was on a couple of compilation albums before that but I don't even remember them.

[ ] : Then, within just 4 years you dropped... 10 albums, right? What's your recipe for quality music?

[ Berner ] : Production and packaging is key and just really giving a shit about putting out good music. When you put your heart and soul into your work and music it shows.

[ ] : As a fan and promoter I remember that a few years ago people were hating on you, not really feeling your music. Today they say "Bern is the shit!" What changed since then?

[ Berner ] : Truthfully, I learned how to rap, it's that simple. I'm going to be honest and say something most rappers won't do and say I sucked at first but it's an ongoing process and all in learning and honing your craft.

[ ] : You hooked up with the Mob Figaz member The Jacka and recorded two joint projects with him. Tell us about the "Drought Season" series and what was it like working with Jack. Can we expect to see volume three?

[ Berner ] : It was pleasure to work with him because I always wanted to work with Jacka. Being a fan of his made it so much easier because I knew exactly what I wanted to hear him on and the streets were missing that solid b-boy mob shit so it made it easier.

[ ] : What about a collabo album with other Mob Figaz members?

[ Berner ] : If I did another one I'd probably do it with Rydah. We record on the same type of beats and I think we'd collab together well. But I am releasing Fed-X's solo album and the production on it is freaking amazing.

[ ] : You've also managed to release a mixtape and an official album with Equipto. How did you two meet? What's the story behind these two cds?

[ Berner ] : How I met Equipto? Ahh, there was a rapper I was having a problem with back in the day (we'll leave his name blank) who was a friend of his and I decided to show up to Equipto's secession to talk to him about the situation. In the end we ended up vibing and the rest is history.

[ ] : There was also a double release from you and Akron rapper Ampichino. What can people hear on "Traffic" projects?

[ Berner ] : You know what? Just some good music to ride to from beginning to end, no bullshit.

[ ] : What can you tell about the connection between Bay Area and Ohio rap scenes?

[ Berner ] : The lifestyles and the type of music we like to listen to is very similar. The Midwest... Ohio... is just on that street life type of gangsta shit. We have that mob life thing in common. There's always been that connect between the Bay Area and the Midwest, there's always been that connection, real recognizes real. Shot out to the Midwest.

[ ] : 2009 and 2010 brought two installments of "Blow" series with Messy Marv. What can you tell us about you working with Messy and "Blow" projects?

[ Berner ] : It was the same thing with the "Drought Season" production; I knew exactly the type of production I needed to make it stand out. Things just flowed right on that project. And on "Blow 2", at that time there was an ongoing beef between San Francisco's two biggest rap artists, Messy Marv and San Quinnton and I brought them together on my album on two songs and they worked together for the first time in years, that's pretty big.

[ ] : This year you came out with your second official solo cd "The White Album". Why do you rather focus on collaborating than on solo music?

[ Berner ] : Well, I'm still building myself as an artist and I know what I want my albums to sound like. Working on collab albums is quick, easy and makes lots of money and you have to remember for every group album I do, it reaches out to a different fan base. It's a great way to be marketed and heard.

[ ] : There's a huge buzz around the remixed version of the song "Yoko" that was originally featured on "The White Album". The video and the remixed song include verses from Chris Brown, also Wiz Khalifa and Big Krit. How did you manage to get at such a figure as Chris? What was it like working with him?

[ Berner ] : Just being at the right place and at the right time I guess. Working with Chris was way different than I expected. For being in the position that he's in at this point in his life he's super humble. You know, he heard the song, he loved it and he decided to jump on the track. He definitely blessed the track. I had super fun doing the video with Chris. Both Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown are two of the biggest artists in their genre right now and they were the most humble people I've ever had the pleasure of work with, along with Big KRIT.

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