Haji Agent8

16 November 2011

[ ] : Tell us who you are and where you are from.

[ Haji Agent8 ] : My name is Haji Agent8 and I'm from East Oakland.

[ ] : What's the origin of you rap nick name?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : It's Arabic, it means "the walk of life".

[ ] : Who's behind the Hard Hittaz Entertainment and who's signed to it?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : Hard Hittaz Ent. is made of Sunny Riches, Bruh-E & myself and we're always looking for new talents.

[ ] : What releases did you and Hard Hittaz Ent. bring so far?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : Since 2000 we dropped "Cali Nights" - it was a group project, two DVDs: one called "Underground Hip-Hop: The Unseen Bay", the other called "Go Hard Or Go Home", two albums from me: "Free Agent" & "Free Agent Vol. 2", a solo album from Sunny Riches called "Dirty Money" and a solo from Bruh-E "Up North Bi Polar".

[ ] : And who was featured on "Cali Nights" album? Who's behind 'the group'?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : 3 people I use to rock with back in the day.

[ ] : Please elaborate on "Go Hard Or Go Home" DVD.

[ Haji Agent8 ] : We took people on a tour of the streets of the Bay, we wanted to show that it's not a game in the streets. People are really out here dying or doing whatever it take to stay alive. So if you have a chance to do something that's going to take you out of that, you should go hard at it.

[ ] : And what about the "Underground Hip-Hop: The Unseen Bay" DVD?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : We showed what the Bay rap scene was, at the time no one was shooting videos and there were no social networks. We hit the streets and interviewed the local rappers that were grinding such as Nump, J Dandrige, myself and more.

[ ] : Shed some light on Gunz Down movement.

[ Haji Agent8 ] : I feel like it's great. We need more things like that. It's not a game out here, we're killin' ourselves fast. We gotta come together.

[ ] : Tell us about the "Free Agent" series. What's the story behind its title? Are you planning to release more volumes of it?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : "Free Agent" is a three part series, so I have one more coming like around mid next year. I called it "Free Agent" because I freestyle everything, I don't have a major deal and my nick name is Agent8, so the agent is free, LOL.

[ ] : Where people can buy your cds and DVDs? Are they still available?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : "Cali Nights" and "Underground Hip Hop" are no longer available, but if the demand pick up I might release it. "Go Hard Or Go Home" is available at Rapbay.

[ ] : You've recorded tracks with a few well known faces from northern California turf (Big Rich, Dem Hoodstarz, Beeda Weeda, Haji Springer etc.). Who else would you like to work with? What other collaborations can we expect from you?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : Off top I'm a fan of good music, so if you are working hard and putting out dope music I'm ready to work.

[ ] : What are your plans for 2012?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : To step my game up on every level. Better music, more exposure, network harder. I'm just trying to take my music to the next level.

[ ] : Any last words ?

[ Haji Agent8 ] : I appreciate and love all the support and if you enjoy my music, just know I'm working hard to improve it so you'll love it. If you don't know who I am you can check me out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or ReverbNation.

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