Joe Blow

18 November 2011

[ ] : Please introduce yourself to our worldwide audience - who are you and where are you from?

[ Joe Blow ] : My name is Joe Blow and I was born and raised in Oakland, Ca.

[ ] : When did you start rapping? Who helped you jump on the rap wagon?

[ Joe Blow ] : I've been making lil' songs, just fucking around with it, but never took it serious 'till I got with The Jacka.

[ ] : How did you meet The Jacka? What was is it like working with him?

[ Joe Blow ] : He has been my boy for a while. We just never talked about music so he never knew I rapped. It's a blessing to work with him because his work ethic is incredible; and he is just a real nigga.

[ ] : Did you ever think of recording a full length album with The Jacka? Is it possible we can see you two on a joint cd?

[ Joe Blow ] : Yeah, it has crossed my mind, but we'll do it when the time is right.

[ ] : What was your first rap official performance (live show and album appearance)?

[ Joe Blow ] : First album I was featured on was "The Shooterz" mixtape from The Jacka, while my first live performance was in San Jose.

[ ] : I had a pleasure to listen to and review your debut project "You Should Be Payin' Me" and from what I've noticed you polish the lyrical layer a lot. Tell us how long does it take you to write a verse?

[ Joe Blow ] : It doesn't take long at all, 'cause I really live this life so it comes out natural and easy.

[ ] : And how long did it take to record the whole debut cd?

[ Joe Blow ] : It took several months only because I had to get features and wait for everyone to get them back to me.

[ ] : What or who inspire you while writing songs?

[ Joe Blow ] : Tupac.

[ ] : From what I've heard you're quite picky when it comes to judge current Bay Area rap scene. How would you describe the contemporary Northern California rap music?

[ Joe Blow ] : I just think it has changed a lot. Most of these rappers just rap; they don't live the life they're rapping about.

[ ] : Speaking of Bay rap game, who do you respect the most? Who's got the biggest influence on the shape of the rap scene?

[ Joe Blow ] : The Jacka - and not just because he's my label mate, but he has the best lyrics, picks the best beats and stays consistent.

[ ] : Is it true you're working on a group album with Lil Rue and Young Lox?

[ Joe Blow ] : Yeah, that's pretty much done. I also have one coming with Young Bossi from Ohio and one with just me and Lil Rue.

[ ] : Your debut release was marked as a "street album", while the upcoming sophomore cd a "mixtape". Is there a chance for an "official" album with a larger (at least national) distribution?

[ Joe Blow ] : Well, I just wanted to put out a few cds to let people know it's not a fluke with me, so I wanna build my buzz up a lil' more and then I'll be ready for an official solo.

[ ] : Speaking of your next cd, tell us something more about the upcoming "International Blow" project - what will fans hear on it?

[ Joe Blow ] : Once again my life, things I've been going through and went through.

[ ] : Since it's a mixtape, will it feature jacked beats or original production?

[ Joe Blow ] : All original beats. It's actually called "a fixtape" - just a fix for the streets that's been waiting for more Joe Blow music.

[ ] : What are your plans for 2012?

[ Joe Blow ] : Work work work, putting out a few albums and stay relevant.

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