02 December 2011

[ ] : What's good Unknown, it's been almost 3 years since our last talk in January 2009. What you've been up to?

[ Unknown ] : I've been pretty busy as usual. I built a new studio in Turlock, Ca with my boys Klever, Chomps and Jay The Butcher from Shark City Ent. I've been workin' on a lot of new music last year; the only thing I've really dropped was my solo mixtape "The Soundtrack Of My Life". I've got a lot of shit in the works right now though. I'm also a professional tattoo artist out here in Modesto, so I've spent a lot of time on my artwork as well.

[ ] : Any plans to reunite with Darkroom Familia? Did you guys come to agreement or just went in different directions?

[ Unknown ] : No plans to reunite with Darkroom, Will Never Happen! Our split from Darkroom was pretty messy and still 3 years later I have not been paid a dime for my solo "Addicted To The Hustle", "The North Pole" album, or several others. Still didn't get a check for some of my acting as well. I talked to Duke on the phone when shit was getting out of hand and we came to an agreement to just go our separate ways and leave it at that. However I still continue to hear rumors like the one that they kicked us outta Darkroom, because we weren't "real" and nobody knew us in the streets. lol; Me and Venomous were the only 2 members of Darkroom at the time actually in the streets on some real shit, catchin' cases, in and outta jail. Regardless I'm done talkin' about the past. It was a learning experience for me and I'm on a whole new level with my music nowadays and all my fans continue to support me as they always have. I spoke with Dyno on the phone after he was released from federal prison and he told me that he never got paid his cut for anything the whole time he was locked up either. So just to set the record straight, me and Dyno are koo, KID, Oso, D-Roll, Young D and everybody koo in my book too. But you'll never gonna catch me or Venomous's names on anything with the word Darkroom on it again.

[ ] : You stayed silent in 2008, 2009 and 2010 - what was the reason for it?

[ Unknown ] : Honestly after all the betrayal, dishonesty and hate that has come my way through the years I was kinda done with music for a while. It's in my blood and I'll always continue to work on music but as far as bein' on a label and droppin' shit like I was from 2000-2007, I just needed to take a step back for a minute. I also caught a 4 felony drug case that I've been dealin' with, so that slowed me down a little as well.

[ ] : 2011 brought two projects: your mixtape and "Thug Money" collaboration with Venomous. Could you tell us something more about these?

[ Unknown ] : I decided to drop my solo mixtape, because it had been so long since I had any new music out there. I felt like my fans were gonna forget about me if I didn't start makin' some moves. I'm constantly gettin' hit up on Facebook, e-mails and MySpace by fans lookin' for new stuff, so this one was for them. I wrote and recorded my whole solo mixtape in a month. It made me realize that I'm in my prime right now. I'm better than I've ever been and the last few years have been so hectic that I got a lot to get off my chest right now. As for the "Thug Money" album it is still not out yet. It's been sittin' around for so long I feel like we can do way better music and drop a whole new album. It's all music from 07-08 that we never released.

[ ] : What made you focus on digital only format? Any chance to have them pressed?

[ Unknown ] : I wanted to focus on digital sales for 2 reasons. First, let's face it, we're in a new day and age where cds just hardly sell anymore. Everybody is downloading onto iPhones and iPods nowadays. Second, I found out after leaving Darkroom that I was never paid for any of my downloads. They were through a separate company from City Hall that sent out a completely different check which I never received, not once. So I wanted to see how many downloads I was getting by dropping my mixtape strictly digitally. I'm still in shock over my downloads! I had not released anything in 3 years, did no promotions or whatsoever and my mixtape is being downloaded all over the place. I've got downloads all over the country plus Australia, Europe and Canada. I will be pressing copies of my new upcoming music though.

[ ] : OK, now I hear about upcoming "Still Standing" solo. Tell us more about it, what will make it different from your previous releases?

[ Unknown ] : "Still Standing" is my best album by far. It's a blend of mixtape and original music. I wanted to show everybody my versatility and give the best of both worlds on one album. The album has the infamous diss track that everybody's been talking about as well as the song "Profit" which is being used as evidence against me in my recent felony drug case. The album is different, because it's my masterpiece, it's me at my best and it's on some real life shit!

[ ] : I can see the "Thizz Latin" sign on the front cover. What's the story behind this collaboration? How did you meet Goldtoes?

[ Unknown ] : Well, after seeing all the downloads my solo mixtape was gettin', I realized if I'm gonna make a push and get serious about music again I need to do it now and I need to do it with somebody that's got my back and can help me push it on another level. I had done an album with Darkroom and Black N Brown way back and I know Goldtoes has been doin' his thang, so I hit him up. I e-mailed him some of my new music and told him what I'm workin' on and what I'm tryin' to do. He hit me back the next day and made it official! It's not just a collab, I'm now part of the Thizz Latin fam, so we all workin' together.

[ ] : You're still cool with Venomous and Young Crayze? What are these 2 up to?

[ Unknown ] : I'm still koo with Venomous, he's stuck by my side through thick and thin. He's like fam to me and always will be. He's still livin' outta state, I'm tryin' to get him back to Cali right now, so we can get to work. As far as Crayze, fuck him, he's a Sucka with a capital S in my book. I did a lot to lace his shoes and get him involved in everything I was doin' and dude just stabbed me in the back but that's how the game goes, fuck it.

[ ] : Other than "Still Standing" is there anything else we should keep our eyes open to? What are your plans for 2012?

[ Unknown ] : I got a lot in the works right now. I'm working on a brand new all original solo album that will drop in 2012. I'm working on a album with my boy C-4 from San Jose, we've already got Mistah F.A.B.'s and San Quinn's verses, it will be my next one to drop. I'm also still workin' with Jay Tha Butcher and my other San Jo homies on a group album. The group is called High Risk, so watch out for that too. I've got a couple of videos in the works right now that should be out in the next 3 months. Other than that, Thizz Latin projects and shows. I'm back though and I'm in it 110%, so keep your eyes and ears open! I'm opening a new studio in Modesto and I've got studio time, productions, mixing, mastering, graphics and features for affordable prices so check me out.

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