Da Tykoon

04 March 2012

[ ] : What's good! Let's start off with some basics - who are you and where are you from?

[ Da Tykoon ] : I'm Da Tykoon, born & raised in San Francisco.

[ ] : Tell us about the beginning of your rap adventure. When did you first touch the mic? What was your very first appearance and a solo project?

[ Da Tykoon ] : I first got in the rap scene when I was a kid; since I was 12 or 13; I'm 29 now. The first time I actually got in the booth to record I think I was 22 or 23 years old. As far as appearances, honestly I was performing even before, I didn't even have anything actually recorded. My first 2 shows were here in the city at some local events and since then I've performed at many other places, opened for many artists, have been a part of Meet & Greets, and even put together my own shows. I've come a long way. As far as my first actual solo project, I've dropped many mixtapes, but my first official project was "It Was All A Dream", which to this day continues to sell both digitally and in the streets.

[ ] : From what I know you own a record label Outta Da Gutta Digital. Tell us something more about it. Who's on the roster? Except for your solo endeavors what other cds has it dropped?

[ Da Tykoon ] : The roster currently consists of So Sik, Jodie Jo, Nikateezy, Visual Eyez, S.O.G. (So Official Game), B. Nutti, my brother Young F.A.T. and myself. We've dropped plenty of mixtape cds, but as far as albums - Nikateezy has recently released his debut album "The Phenomenal One" on iTunes, CD Baby etc.

[ ] : Does "digital" (in your record label's name) mean that it releases digital only music? Do you completely dismiss pressing hard copies?

[ Da Tykoon ] : No, we also press up hard copies as well.

[ ] : I have one of your albums ("It Was All A Dream...") in hard copy. What are the other cds that you pressed?

[ Da Tykoon ] : At the moment we have a few mixtapes pressed up, as far as albums we Have "Get On Ya Grind" EP available now and should have some pressed up real soon, we've been very focused on our upcoming projects and most likely will be pressing up a lot of the newer projects.

[ ] : Tell us about your digital rap game. You've dropped over 10 digital albums within last 2 years, out of which most were (and still are) free for download. Do you still plan to give away your music for free or can we expect to get something more official?

[ Da Tykoon ] : It's actually a lot more then 10 projects. Digitally we prefer to put out our mixtapes for free download to build the hype that comes before dropping an official album. We do however press up some of the free digital music in order for our real supporters to purchase.

[ ] : Please elaborate on your other business - Get Ya Gear Up clothing company. What does it sell? Is it somehow affiliated with Outta Da Gutta Digital?

[ Da Tykoon ] : It's not a clothing line, Get Ya Gear Up Clothing is a service we provide for people to get their own custom Clothing, Heat/Silk Screen shirts, Hoodies etc. As far a being connected with Outta Da Gutta Digital all the artists on our roster have merchandise pressed up through Get Ya Gear Up.

[ ] : How would you describe yourself as a rap artist? How do you differ from dozens of other Bay Area emcees?

[ Da Tykoon ] : I consider myself a versatile artist. I'm not really stuck to one particular sound. Honestly, just check out my music and let the people be the judge.

[ ] : What do you feel about the contemporary state of the northern California rap scene? Is it going in the right direction?

[ Da Tykoon ] : The scene doesn't have nothing to do with it; it's about the artists going in the right direction. The artists are the ones creating the scene. It's all a reflection of how we - as artists - represent. There's a lot of creativity out here, we've been creative, we've been innovators, a lot of people already know this. We made our mark in the industry, so as far as if we are going in the right direction, yes we are. Sometimes I just feel the mainstream is just overlooking a lot of the talent. They've tried to shutdown the hyphy movement, but look at what's going on in the South, it's like they've turned their back on us, but they let the South do it. Like how come when we do it, it's not marketable, but when they do it, they let it be. Honestly it has a lot to do with the powers to be. Even before the hyphy music, mob music, the West Coast has been known for evolving from gangsta rap to mob music to hyphy. In the South they went from bounce, chop & screwed to crunk and now trap music. To me crunk is like hyphy, trap is like mob, so why does the industry consider it different and pretty much tries to hold the Bay Area back. But we will continue to move in the right direction like we always have.

[ ] : Who's your biggest influence in the rap game?

[ Da Tykoon ] : The game itself, the industry. The industry is my biggest influence. The ups and downs. I see what goes on around the industry as well as with myself. I've been rapping for years. The industry is my biggest influence and that's why I kinda put my own career on hold to run the other businesses and focus on the bigger picture.

[ ] : Point out best rappers out of San Francisco.

[ Da Tykoon ] : Ya Boy, cause he's making the biggest impact on the scene right now.

[ ] : Who do you think will blow up and flood the market in 2012?

[ Da Tykoon ] : Hopefully me and my camp, Outta Da Gutta.

[ ] : And what are your plans for the nearby future? Would you stick to a digital game only or do you plan to press some of your most significant releases?

[ Da Tykoon ] : I'm working on / completing 6+ projects at the moment, "Hustle Journal", "Minor 2 A Major", "We Run The Streets", "Ca Made, Mt. Paid", "Millionaire Mindstate" with Blackdream through iSlap Entertainment, "Where's My Issue" The Mixtape with DJ IgorBeatz / BayLife Ent. and more. I'm basically looking to flood the market. We will be pressing some of these cds, as well as past albums.

[ ] : Anything else you'd like to add?

[ Da Tykoon ] : Free my brother Young F.A.T.!

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