Fury Figeroa

30 July 2013

[ ] : What's good Fury, tell our readers more about yourself.

[ Fury ] : Wassup Bay Undaground! I am originally from the Bay Area (San Francisco & Vallejo). My family moved to the central coast 831 when I was age 12. I did music & worked hard to build a name for myself in Salinas. After the "Ferocious" album I had my first child. Recently I have relocated my family out of the Salinas ghetto to a better opportunity in Santa Cruz, CA. It is a much more hip-hop friendly atmosphere & now my network is stronger than ever.

[ ] : What pushed you to rapping? Who were you influenced by?

[ Fury ] : I was born into rap. I was birthed in 1981 in San Francisco, the same year the crack epidemic hit the Bay Area. I wrote my first rap in 3rd grade. We used to listen to the Fresh Prince, Run DMC, MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice in the Bay Area. Believe it or not these were my first influences! Once I reached a teenager, I got all my independent hustle game from artists like E-40, Too Short & JT The Bigga Figga. Brotha Lynch is one rapper who I have been highly influenced by.

[ ] : Tell us more about your debut release with King (props to Gemini aka Grindhouse who laced me with it over 10 years ago!). How did you two hook up together?

[ Fury ] : S/O to the Grindhouse for that plug. Ok, so King is my protege, I taught him how to make beats & basically the whole recording process of creating music. King noticed I was doing my thang musically in high school, 'cause I was pressing up my own cassette tapes & selling them at lunchtime. He had a passion for the music & approached me to lace his shoes up on how to create songs. Eventually King became more proficient than me in the recording process as he invested in his own studio equipment. It came to be known as the Dragons Lair! Reputable artists from all over Cali started taking notice of what we were doing. We networked & collaborated with some of the best, including the rappers I looked up to as a kid.

[ ] : By the way, wasn't that album one of the first releases from the 831 area code? What were fans' reactions? Did it make you somewhat recognizable?

[ Fury ] : Yes, it was one of the first albums ever from the 831. I feel fortunate to have manifested that project at the age of 21, it gave us a running start in the game. We even had worldwide distribution through UrbanLife records. People really felt our production style & selling beats really took off for us. It made us recognizable because anytime someone mentioned King, they would mention Fury, & vice versa. Music wasn't on computers then so we really took pride in our craft & had to know what we were doing.

[ ] : Your debut solo "Ferocious" dropped two years later. It had well-known features on it: Marvaless, Dubee, T-Nutty, Young Dru etc., shed more light on all this networking. Yet again, I think it was one of the first such Central Coast and Northern Cali connections.

[ Fury ] : Yeah, "Ferocious" was classic before its time. The buzz & hype on that album was so thick that I got 100 pre-orders from the local record store. On the release date I was greeted with a $600 c.o.d. from Street Beats music store in Salinas. No other Central Coast artist had ever done that. Like I said the buzz was so thick that we had well known artists such as T-Nutty, Marvaless, Young Yru & more traveling down to work with us in trade for production. So the networking came kinda natural because real recognize real.

[ ] : You also managed to release a collabo project with Yun-Gun titled "Cali Crookz". Tell us more about it.

[ Fury ] : Sorry, no comment.

[ ] : Your second solo endeavor "Typhoon Hoggin" dropped only digitally. Why no pressing? Any plans to have at least a limited print run in the future?

[ Fury ] : "Typhoon Hoggin" is a collection album of features & collabos I did. They were unreleased & just laying around. I basically just put it out digitally to let the fans know I'm still in the game. I took a break for a couple of years when I had my son, so I just wanted to put something out online to let the fans know I'm still relevant. It actually did a lot better than I thought it would, it's still selling plenty of units & songs with no promo. Cd sales slowed a lot. That was my first digital release, I wanted iTunes money, that's why I didn't press it. If I do ever press up CDs BayUndaground will be the first to receive it!

[ ] : 2013 brought your most recent cd - a joint venture with S.B. aka Baby Cougnut from UNLV. How did that one happen? Tell us more about this release.

[ Fury ] : We're both originally from Frisco, so it was destined. I grew up listening to Cougnut, I.M.P., UNLV, so it was actually an honor for me to work with S.B. He's a pioneer of this Bay Area movement. I hollered at S.B. to do a song on my "Method 2 Tha Madness" album. It came out great & we worked so good together that it was actually S.B.'s idea to do a whole album. Well I jumped at the chance to work with one of the Bay Area's all time greats. It took 2 1/2 years but we finished it. We was really in the studio on every song, no e-mailed tracks or none of that type stuff. Both our styles are vicious & the album sounds dark, so we called it "2 Headed Monstah", it was highly anticipated & has been critically acclaimed.

[ ] : What will the future bring? We've once written about the upcoming "Top Of The Food Chain" solo. Shed more light on it.

[ Fury ] : I promise you "Top Of The Food Chain" will be my crowning achievement. I'm in my prime right now & I'm going to play to my audience. I am a true artist, so I'm not afraid to try new things. "Top Of The Food Chain" has been created with the same formula as "Ferocious". It will be 14 hit songs in a row. The most mobbish beats ever & super-fast raps. That's what my fans want & I'm going to deliver. The album will feature Hollow Tip, Bleezo, Ross Rock & more. Due out early 2014.

[ ] : What's the state of contemporary Salinas / 831 rap scene? Any prominent names?

[ Fury ] : Can't name everybody, but there's a few artists out here to take seriously. Such as myself, DeeBoi, Key Loom, Salineros, Ross Rock, Chris Rene, Dre Nitty, Yung Puppz to name a few. A couple females doing their thing like Sharde & Ms. Versatyle. A few up & coming rappers making some noise are Sam-Sin, Lee Earl & Frankie Feddi. For the most part with the advent of protools & recording software, there's a bunch of wannabees, trend followers & bandwagon jumpers. Sad to say, but now almost everyone thinks they a rapper. Anyone can put a mic in their closet now. As far as I'm concerned, if you ain't gettin' rap money, doing shows, & selling on iTunes, you are not official to me. A lot of people think this is some type of hobby but I don't have a job, I really live this.

[ ] : You've been in the rap game for more than a decade now. Can you compare 2013 to 2002 when you debuted with "Talk Is Cheap"? Is it harder or easier for new cats?

[ Fury ] : It's both. Easier because of technology. It's much cheaper & easier to record now than in 2002. Home "studios" are everywhere. Also Facebook & Twitter make it simple to connect with fans, A&R's, record labels & more. Harder in the fact that the game is now saturated with all types of mediocrity. It takes a lot to stand out now. And if you didn't already have your foot in the door, it might be a waste of time trying to start something up now. While the music has changed, the politics haven't. It don't matter how good you are, it's all about who you know. You have to build relationships.

[ ] : Do you have more tricks up your sleeve? Are you working on any more collaborations?

[ Fury ] : I got the "best of fury" album in the works. As well as a collaboration album with DeeBoi titled "Stand Up Guys". For the most part I am staying busy getting this show money. I love to perform & am booked on a regular basis for shows in the 831. Eventually I think recorded music will be completely free, but live performances will last forever. That's where my career is headed, the live aspect.

[ ] : If there's anything else you'd like to share with your fans, now's the time.

[ Fury ] : Thanx to the fans for the last decade of success. I'm currently the head engineer at my own studio in Santa Cruz CA. There I am assisting independent artists develop their sound & doing production for an extensive client base. I'm not to worried bout being rich & famous at this point, just content making a comfortable living off my talent & creating timeless music! For fury beats or to network contact me at

You can also find more info on Fury on his ReverbNation page.