ADR Lavey

14 August 2013

[ ] : For those who don't know about ADR Lavey - please give a short background of who you are and what you do in the rap game.

[ ADR Lavey ] : San Francisco native born and raised, started off as a DJ. Then I was recruited by a local group Polynesian Posse and at 16 was when I first stepped into a recording studio. Was approached by a childhood friend to do production and DJ work for. Friend and that's when Triple 666 was created. Process of us recording the album little by little I started approaching the mic and I've been on the mic ever since. I bring a dark entity to the music. I try to take you on an emotional roller coaster and paint a real graphic picture for my fans.

[ ] : Tell us how and when was Triple 6 founded. Who's in the group right now?

[ ADR Lavey ] : Triple 666 was founded at Bank Roll Studios in San Francisco in 1991, by Fila Phil, Undertaker and myself ADR. Then we picked Face Dog and SOS, as of now the group is no longer together, but everyone is just a phone call away if we decide we want to do any projects together.

[ ] : Let's get back to the very basics of your rap career: in 1992 a debut cassette by Triple 6 "Nothing But Reality" is released. Tell us more about this oldschool record. What rap fans could hear on it? Was it ever pressed in a cd format?

[ ADR Lavey ] : "Nothing But Reality" was never pressed in a CD format. That project consisted of a few songs, the majority of the songs just featured Fila Phil only, the rest of the group was only in one song. We were testing the waters to see how people would react to it. What can be heard is a lot of street tales, from drug dealing, murder and pimp tales.

[ ] : Four years later Triple 6 is back in the game with "Hustlin' 4 My Paper" cassette. How was it acclaimed back then?

[ ADR Lavey ] : "Hustlin' 4 My Paper" was received with mixed reviews taken with a grain of salt, that was our first big step into the horror core. It was the beginning of the transformation, it still had the dark element but it took a turn. It got more into more demonic music.

[ ] : When was Apt.3/DNA Ent. formed? Who was originally behind the whole thing and what was its main purpose?

[ ADR Lavey ] : Apt.3/DNA Ent. was created around 2003, it consisted of Gabriel Vaughn, Anthony Hernandez and myself. It was created for the purpose of keeping the mob music alive, not following trends, we wanted people to know when they heard or read our name they knew they were getting that mob sound from the Bay which it's what the Bay is known for.

[ ] : Let me try to summarize the whole Apt.3/DNA Ent. catalog:

ADR Lavey "Leviathans Creation" 2002
ADR Lavey "Leviathans Creation" (re-release) 2005
ADR Lavey "6th Year: The Sacrifice" 2013
Triple 6 "Hustlin' 4 My Paper" (cd re-release) 2002
Malice "Concepts" 2004
Malice "The Redo" 2007
U.D.I. "The Hangover" 2003
Tre-8 "Enemy Of The World" 2003
"Apartment III Soundtrack" 2002
"Theme Music To Drug Dealinz & Killinz" 2003
"Known Associates" 2005
"Known Associates 2" 2008
"Known Associates 3: Homeboys -N- Killahoes" 2010

Anything else so far?

[ ADR Lavey ] : No, that pretty much summarizes the catalog as of now, we are working on releasing many more projects. The Night Breed group album is untitled, I have 3 more solo releases that are pending. Closer to Halloween fans will get the second release of the trilogy "The 6th Month The Exchange".

[ ] : Speaking of which, let's talk about your latest series of mixtapes. So far we could hear "6th Year: The Sacrifice", while "The 6th Month: The Exchange" and "6th Day: Evil Was Born" are about to drop. Tell us something more about the whole concept of this series.

[ ADR Lavey ] : The three 6 series is a lot of work I have created during the past few years that for one reason or another it was never released so I came up with the concept of releasing the past work and also including new songs that I have recently worked on. So the fans can get a taste of old an new material. The idea of the three sixes was just what 666 means, the sixth year, the sixth month, and the sixth day. When all 3 disc are released the story is complete.

[ ] : And what about the highly awaited "King Of The Devil Block"?

[ ADR Lavey ] : "King Of The Devil Block" will be released after 666 series is released; we have plenty of new material for this project we wanted to be solid all the way around.

[ ] : Give us some more details on The NightBreed group. Who's in it and what's the status of its project?

[ ADR Lavey ] : The Nightbreed Group current status is that album is almost complete. It consists of myself - ADR Lavey, Lil ADR aka D High, Soda, TSpoon, Vito, RJ Boone, Lil Rue the true star, $kuhdaddle, SWRothstein, Malvo and Mustynutz.

[ ] : What about other upcoming albums from Apt.3/DNA like Malice "Westbound & Down", T.Spoon "Homemade Explosives" or Mars "Some Girls Deserve To Die"?

[ ADR Lavey ] : All these projects are complete but no release date has been set.[/i]

[ ] : Any chance to collect Cougnut's music and release his official long play solo?

[ ADR Lavey ] : No

[ ] : Any chance we'll hear ADR collaborating with other horror rap representatives besides Apt.3/DNA members?

[ ADR Lavey ] : There is always a chance for me to collaborate with other artists besides Apt.3/DNA Ent. family. "King Of The Devil Block" will have some featured artists that are not fellow label mates.

[ ] : Anything else you'd like to add - please take it off your chest.

[ ADR Lavey ] : I just want to give a shout out to the fans and thank them for supporting me through the years. Be on the look out for the new CD's coming out, I know you won't be disappointed. It's been a long road over the past 20 years in the music business and we will continue to feed the fans with new horrorcore music and continue to keep Apt. 3 / DNA Entertainment on the forefront.


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