Bateen aka Young Haitti

16 November 2014

[ ] : What's good Young Haitti?! Or should I say Bateen? Over two years ago we thoroughly investigated your rap career (read the interview from 2012). Let's check out what has changed and what happened after in the last 2 years.

What have you been working on in the last two years?

[ Bateen aka Young Haitti ] : My life two years ago and my life today are like ying and yang. By experience both I was able to gain balance. I've stayed doing music but I've also been finding myself as an artist. We all grow and we go through phases in our lives that lead us on to the next phase and the last two years have been what I like to call my ying-yang phase. Two years ago my music was drug fueled and my life and my world was in turmoil and today my world is so much more settled.

[ ] : Why did you come back to your original name?

[ Bateen aka Young Haitti ] : I went back to my musical roots and became Bateen again because over the last few years as Young Haitti I got involved in the drug life and my whole mental was about that life, if you go back and listen to music from my 'Gorilla Milk' album you can hear in the lyrics and the tone of the album what was around me in my life which was drugs, partying and drinking. Today I feel like a grown man, I've gotten clear and am focused on the art of music and when I step in the studio I let all my creativity out. It's almost therapeutic for me. When I first started in the music industry when I was 16 my mother managed me and I was so different than any other rapper that was around back then and it was all by doing things the right way for the love an the passion of the music. Going out an hustling and pushing my music. I fell off for a minute and got caught up in the wrong side of rap music and all of this seemed to happen during my Young Haitti years, but started with losing my mother to cancer. Bateen is back now, I'm digging deep and making music that is some of my best yet and I'm more hungry than I've ever been. Like with my first single and music video "Better Than That" (ft. Peezy) - a dedication to my mother.

[ ] : Don't you feel that "Young Haitti" did more than original "Bateen"?

[ Bateen aka Young Haitti ] : You know that's a good question, I did a lot of music under both rap aliases but I can honestly say I believe Bateen puts out more quality, powerful music and I definitely enjoy making music more as Bateen because I am clear minded and I am fully engaged and I am able to talk about things with more substance and I'm finding that people are very receptive to music that has meaning.

[ ] : Should we expect to hear some more oldshool, Bay Area roots or more of Haitian flavor inside your new music?

[ Bateen aka Young Haitti ] : There is always an undertone of my Bay Area roots in any music I do, that's something I can't shake. My new music though is a whole new form of Bateen. I'm really focused on the quality I put out and I want this new project to be the most diverse yet. I am working with a lot of different producers on this album and I am extremely happy with the feedback I've gotten on the singles I've put out so far. Like the second single "Oh Susanna" you definitely know I'm from California.

[ ] : Tell us about your latest single and a video for "Burning Bridges"?

[ Bateen aka Young Haitti ] : "Burning Bridges" is my story of coming up in this music industry. I've burnt bridges and I have people burn bridges with me. The song is me owning the bridges that I've burnt, moving past the wrongs that others have done to me and making it clear that I am here. I ain't going nowhere.
I keep it real as far as what it's like to be an independent rapper; have your own back; believing in yourself even when you ain't got no team tweeting for you or no record label paying for promotion and it's just you out there grinding for yourself, gaining fans organically one by one.

[ ] : Back in 2013 you dropped "The Composition Of Haitti" - what people can hear on that?

[ Bateen aka Young Haitti ] : On "The Composition Of Haitti" album you can expect to hear a diverse variety of my music that I did under Young Haitti. I just wanted to leave my fans with what I felt was the best of me during that period in my musical journey and life.

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