09 February 2015

[ ] : Let's start off with some basics - tell our readers who you are and where you are from.

[ Happy ] : Well, they call me Happy and I'm from Watsonville 831, Santa Cruz county and as for me... I'm just like any other homeboy out here in the struggle... tryna get myself heard wit this music shit.

[ ] : What's the story behind happy - the rapper? How did you start your rap adventure? Was there anyone who introduced you to the rap game?

[ Happy ] : Well I started rappin' just fuckin' around on a cheap mic and program just to pass the time. Me and my brother Crook - who is now doing 24 years - would just sit there n record blaze n drink n trap out. We didn't know much nor really cared for the rap game till we worked on a group project called "Norcal Hotboyz" featuring me (I used to go by Case), Crook (who also used to go by Lil Soldier), Sneaky and Jamez Da Youngsta. Soon enough we got laced up a little on how to go about this music shit.

[ ] : Good to know, it appears we've even promoted Nor Cal Hot Boyz album on

Who is your biggest inspiration?

[ Happy ] : Other artists? Or just in general?

[ ] : Both I guess; whatever inspires you to rap.

[ Happy ] : Well, artist-wise I'd have to say Messy Marv, Joe Blow, Woodie, Lil Toro, Too Short, Oldies, Corridos lol, Lil Sneaks, Rulie, Lil Blood , Tupac, The Thizz Latin Oakland chapter, Mac Dre, A-Wax n many more any music!! But overall in general I'd have to say my biggest inspiration in music are the homies from my hood. They push me to really do this; feels good to know I have their full support.

[ ] : Did you use to go by the name of Happy Locz, or is this a different artist?

[ Happy ] : Nah thats another homeboy rapper from Salinas I think... whole different person and set... shouts out tho from my side!

[ ] : We've recently mentioned your name in our news section, promoting your upcoming solo release called "Chasin C Notes". Shed some lights on the content of the album. What will we hear on the album? When is it dropping and where will we find it?

[ Happy ] : Well "Chasin C Notes" will be my first solo project and first official release off Ghetto Ballin Ent. It drops on March 17th 2015... basically the whole album revolves about real life situations that I've been thru or that my homies have been thru n also just shit I see in my every day life. I wanna make it clear to anyone wondering; I'm from a real hood and I'm a homeboy before a rapper and really live this shit. Most of my music speaks on a lot of my people struggling, losing years of their lives in county jails n penitentiaries; it also speaks on hood life in my town and set. Hustling just to get by and of course the bitches, lol; them trife ass hoes you feel me?? Haha, it will be available on iTunes and all major digital distribution stores and also I'll be sending out hard copies as well as pushin them at car shows, streets etc. and hopefully most local underground rap stores.[/b]

[ ] : Is there anything else except for "Chasin C Notes" that you consider a part of your discography?

[ Happy ] : No, just Norcal Hotboyz and just other projects I've been featured on like Lil Sneaks the "Wake Up", Xplisit "Shaccin Succas And Headshots", Smiley from Le Grand compilation "Huelga Zone" and "The Minds Of Psychos, Killers And Gangsters", Downer's "High Life" album, Smokey Locs "Been Doin This" album, Fat Danny's "Through The Eyes Of A Real Homeboy" and more.

[ ] : How would you describe your style? What differs you from other cats from northern California?

[ Happy ] : I don't necessarily have a certain style cuz I'm into it all... sometimes I rap fast sometimes slow... shittt sometimes both lol, I do that gangsta/struggle/hustler/breakin' hoes type shit.

[ ] : Tell us something more about Watsonville rap scene. Are there any artists from your city that bay area rap fans would recognize? Who do you think is the biggest asset of your turf?

[ Happy ] : All I gotta say is that Watsonville has a lot of hidden talents; not only in gangster rap but hip hop as well so no... not really many would be recognized, but all that will soon change. Shout out Ghambit, Sincere, Flesh, Boy, Lil Dusty, Flakez, DJ Pumba, Solo Grindin Ent., Lil Thugzy, Young Listo, Krooked fam... just some names out here doin' their thing... Salute!

[ ] : "Chasin C Notes" will drop under Ghetto Ballin Ent. - a Watsonville record label. Tell us something more about this stable. What artists does it represent? Are there any other projects released under the label?

[ Happy ] : Ghetto Ballin has a roster that consists of me, Flesh, Sincere, Dusty and Cartoon from my hood, and Lil Thugzy and the CEO of course Tank. Ghetto Ballin has been around way before I even thought about rapping so I'm not really laced up on its history, but since two years ago I hopped on the boat and started working on my album n since then we only dropped two projects and that's Sincere's "Machine Gang Vol. 1" hosted by DJ Ghost and also Flesh's "Guttaville" hosted by Nima Fadavi and also me and Sincere are just about done recording our duet EP/album "Forever Thuggin" coming soon; we also got Lil Thugzy, Dusty and Cartoon working on solo projects as well. I'll have more info on that soon.

[ ] : I've heard that Ghetto Ballin Ent. and 2 Face Ent. are collaborating. You may already know that showed support to Tha Grindhouse (aka Gemini) and 2 Face Ent. since day one, so we're truly interested on your common movement. Tell us something more about it.

[ Happy ] : Like I said. I'm just the new guy on the label, but as of now we're just focused on our roster tryna get all our artists heard; just know as long as you're real, we'll fuck wit you. U don't gotta be a gangster, don't matter what you are, just keep it real n come correct n its all love!

[ ] : You've been featured on Sneaks' (from BMC) project "The Wake Up", which was produced entirely by Flakez - the same beatmaker who did the music on your album. Is there a chance we'll see a collabo between Happy and other BMC artists?

[ Happy ] : Yeah I was featured on that. Shout out Lil Sneaks n Flakez for givin' me the chance to hop on that. I got a lot of good feedback off those songs but yeah Lil Sneaks is also featured on my album. Songs are really dope too but as far as BMC I'm not too sure if they're still doin' that cuz I seen Sneaks start up his new label called Murk District. They got a solid team, but other than that I would wanna collab with them. Conspiracy and Slim Gutta are dope as fuck. Shout out to them!

[ ] : What are your plans for 2015?

[ Happy ] : Basically continue to chase these c notes n keep my ass outta trouble n outta jail n you know just going hard on this music, start up my next album, do some videos n shows!! Get it in!!!!

[ ] : Anything else you'd like to share with our readers - now's the time.

[ Happy ] : Just keep ur eyes open and spread the word!!! "Chasin C Notes" the album March 17th 2015: features from Lil Toro, Sneaks, Xplisit, Downer, Sincere, Cartoon, Crook, Dusty, Lil Thugzy, Flesh, Chango, Rukus and Crow. Also I give a big shout out to my boy Ghost and my brother Crook and of course my hood Clifford Manor Locos free all my brothers down. Free Raskal Maniac, Lonley Boy, Cholo, Weasal, Badboy n I'm out!!! Shout out BayUndaground!!!!!!!! Salute!!!