19 February 2015

[ ] : What can rap fans hear on your latest work called "If You Buyin Im Sellin"?

[ Friscasso ] : I'd say "If You Buyin Im Sellin" is just a introduction for me, even though I have been featured on over 20 albums/mixtapes through the years a lot of that was older. Everything in the past was inconsistent, I was caught up in everything going on around me and always on one. I didn't have my own studio to record as I please so that along with the daily struggles of life kept me from actually putting out my own album/mixtape. I am now at a point in my life where I can do as I please with the music, so here I am now. I pretty much fell off through the years, but the past year since I've been building my own studio I've been plotting and pushing to get this project off the ground. So this project is a little bit of me still growing and getting my grove back. Overall I feel I did a good job for my 1st official project. But the fans are getting a variety of vibes and beats. Since I am a fan of all music I wanted to try in give it a little bit of everything. Off course I got my hood and gangsta type of songs, I got a couple songs on the album with a reggae vibe, a few trap style songs, a little bit of struggle and 1 song specifically that the ladies might relate to especially if they've been in or are in a relationship with somebody who has been in problems with the law and been through the stress and struggles of this street life. There's a lot to do with hustling and struggle in my life, because that's what I'm still living in my life, I'm still in the struggle doing everything I can and no matter what I'm hustling any and every way I can, so it reflects in a lot of my music.

[ ] : Did you release any other full length project?

[ Friscasso ] : No besides this I have not released any full length projects, I've only been featured on albums, mixtapes, compilations, DVDs.

[ ] : What about "The Mac of All Trades" mixtape - has it ever dropped?

[ Friscasso ] : Well as far as "The Mac Of All Trades" mixtape I just ended up deciding to push my solo, I know it would have been a smarter move to do the mixtape first to start building a buzz and a following, but I said fuck it and just did my solo. I still plan to drop the "The Mac Of All Trades" mixtape and it will be coming soon enough.

[ ] : Shed some light on your clothing and jewelery business.

[ Friscasso ] : I've been doing clothing and jewelry since I was about 17, I'm 31 now. I started out doing clothing first, I was on 24th st. in the San Francisco Mission District posted up, fuckin' around and some home girls that use to bang and sell dope in the hood told me about a free t-shirt making class a block away on 25th st. that was for youth that was in and out of jail and in programs. So I went and checked it out and talked to the people and they let me attend the class. It was a community organization called "Instituo de Familiar de la raza" and under that program the Art Studio was called "Estudio Ollin". I would be out in the hood all day, then hit the class for a few hours and then go back to the hood. Pretty much that became my schedule. I'd go to school, cut class in go to the block, go back to school then go back to the block or I just wouldn't go to school and hit the block then hit up the t-shirt class. Once I started to get it down and get bumped up from printing paper to t-shirts I started doing different Frisco and hood t-shirts and selling them in the hood, and once I learned that I can really make some money off this I just started going all in and starting investing in equipment. About a year later at 18 years old I had my own basic print shop. The school also had jewelry classes so I finally decided to try out the class. The first I made was some brass buttons. I had to start out with that so I can learn the basics of cutting, polishing, forming and soldering. Once I got it down I made myself a solid gold sf giants earring. And it was on from there. It just got me on a new hustle, I started making all kinds of earring designs. I made a Mission earring design, Mob, 415, 650 and I took them to a local shop on 24th st. and had them use my masters that I cut to cast me a bunch in solid gold. After that I hit the streets and started hustling them to everybody in the hood and other homies from other hoods in the area. Ever since then I been on my t-shirt and jewelry grind. Obviously I fell off through the years due to going in and out of jail, dying in a car accident and coming back, being investigated by the feds, drugs etc., but the last 6 years I've been building my life back up.

I've been drawing my whole life so everything I do comes from that. The reason the shirt printing class got brought up to me was because everybody in the hood knows I use to draw because I use to draw tattoo designs for the homies in the hood. And that led to t-shirts which led to jewelry, then tattooing, then music which I was doing all of in the hood. So the only education of art that I took the time for was the shirt class along with the jewelry class, But the jewelry class all I did was get the basics. There's so much I don't know how to do in jewelry but I have no one to teach me and jewelry classes are expensive, I actually took one jewelry class that I paid for at one of the biggest jewelry schools in the US, I paid like $1000 for like 3-4 days of class to learn how to set diamonds, I learned how to pave set and prong set. Besides that I don't know how to do any other kind of stone setting.

I am still growing and planning to expand and take everything to the next level. Just like anything else it takes a lot of time, dedication, hustle and a good eye for what's dope. You got to know what's dope and what people are gonna like. I was doing this years back when nobody else was in our area. I mean there was a few people, but it wasn't flooded, everybody and their mommy wasn't making t-shirts. Back in the day I could go to any store and pitch my shirts and they would take them and give me what I want, I can do car show booths and festivals all throughout Northern California and make a killin'. Nowadays every rapper, every street hustler man everybody and they momma is making shirts and it's flooded, it's over saturated. Half of these stores don't care to take your shirts and they want to give you pennies. It's definitely not the same game it was 10 years ago. Just like everything in the Bay Area it's over saturated. To make it now you got to be consistent, have hustle and make dope shit, and you have to be taking it to the next level with professional tags, packaging etc. It is hard, but I'm not giving up, I don't give up in anything I do. Especially now my knowledge and connects are much better then they were 10 years back. I just plan to grow and push as hard as I can, and I'm also starting a new clothing line called "American Hustle Clothing Company". I started this so I can push on a world wide level, compared to "Frisco Mob Gear" which is more of a local Nor Cal brand. I mean how far can I really go with a brand called "Frisco Mob Gear", nobody in New York or Miami is gonna wear a brand that represents the Bay Area in a big way.

[ ] : What's hidden under Frisco Mob Gear ( and The Mac Of All Trades (

[ Friscasso ] : Here I am now years later bouncing back harder then ever before and now I've got 3 websites up and running getting hits from all over the world. My first website is pretty much a little bit of everything and anything. I can sell online and have access to, from t-shirts and jewelry I make, cd's, other clothing companies, Trippy stix's, Hats, Stickers etc. My second website is a Bay Area/Nor Cal brand that I started when I first started printing, so that website is there just to help build and brand that specific line which focuses on designs which relate to people in and from these regions. My 3rd website which was just launched is is strictly for my music. It just focuses on everything and anything to do with my music, my bio, music history like albums, cds I'm featured on. Fans can preview and purchase my music along with specific t-shirts, hats and jewelry that tie in with my albums and or specific songs on my albums.

[ ] : Do you design your clothing and jewelry products by yourself?

[ Friscasso ] : Yes, at the moment everything is made by me. Every shirt printed is printed 1 by 1 by me. I either hand draw my designs or I have graphic artist that I will have whip up my designs with my sketches and strict direction. Everything has to be perfect so I'm always there telling them to shrink this design, make this line thinner, this is uneven, this don't look right. Until I get it right and exactly how I want it, we just keep editing. And yes, for the jewelry it is the same, I do everything from start to finish. I design, cut, solder and polish every single piece, I do not have anybody that I pay to make my jewelry and say that I made it. I actually do it all myself.

[ ] : Can people order jewelry designed by themselves or by their specific guidelines?

[ Friscasso ] : Yes they can, I've always taken custom orders and will continue to. At the moment the best way to get at me for custom jewelry is Instagram. I check that and actually pull customers off of there on a regular basis. I plan to open up a shop again where I can take custom jewelry orders but I haven't found a descent location yet. And I plan to set up a jewelry website in the future too or just adding a custom jewelry section to my music website. That might actually be the smarter thing to do, but we will see what happens.

[ ] : How does it work? I mean, what do people need to do to get their custom logo turned into a necklace? How long does it take etc.?

[ Friscasso ] : Just send me a message or email me your design if you have one along with your requirements and budget and we can go from there. Once everything is worked out the customer can drop a down payment for me to start the piece. I will send live footage and pictures to the customer so they can see it coming along and once the piece is finished they can send the final payment and it will be shipped with tracking and insurance. The time it takes to make depends on the actual detail of the design and the size, but a average wait can be 3 days to a week. Or if it has a lot of detail it can take 2 weeks.

[ ] : Would you rather call yourself a businessman or a rapper?

[ Friscasso ] : I really don't care for labels, but I guess a business man. The Mac of all trades, a Jack of all trades, the Ultimate Hustler, The Hustler of hustlers, The Hustler of the century. Shit I don't know, all I know is I've never met a person that hustles harder then me in life. I've done it all in the past, there isn't anything I haven't sold. In the past I've sold every kind of drug you can think of, I've had bitches selling their ass on craigslist, myrebook, city vibe etc., I've dabbled in counterfeit money back when it wasn't all blown' in up, I've sold t-shirts, jewelry, I've tattooed for about 10 years, I've done murals, custom airbrushing, I've sold stickers, styrofoam cups, cd's, plane tickets, sold bootleg clothes like rockawear, jordans, gucci etc. I mean shit I'm sure if I really think I can bring up all kinds of shit I've sold and done to survive and try to get ahead in life. I worked myself back up to a point where I can survive off my clothes, jewelry and music all together. I just need to keep pushing, planning and growing so I can take these legitimate businesses to the next level.

[ ] : Let's get back to rapping. What can your rap fans expect to hear from you in 2015?

[ Friscasso ] : Being the person that I am, I just want to grow and learn, I want to learn more so my music can sound and be better then it was before. Dropping this 1st official release on my own has just been a huge motivation for me, so I'm planning to just come better on my next project, from the production, lyrical content, subjects and everything overall. I want to do it for myself and for all the fans that support me and want me to keep pushing. All I can say is expect my to keep growing, to keep getting better and giving it my all. At the moment me and my bro Cannin (who you can hear on "If You Buying I'm Sellin") have a group project all produced by SF Traxx that we plan to finish up and release somewhere around May/June. After that, I'm not sure, I plan to do a compilation with all Mission Artist so I can keep my hood poppin' and give the homies some shine but I don't have a date in mind for that. Mainly I just want to get this music stacking up and growing on a consistent basis. But either way I'm planning to just keep it consistent, I want to get to a point where I can drop a project about every 6 months. And always a mixture gangsta, reggae, RnB, trap, some songs with some Spanish, I just plan to give the fans a little bit of everything cause that's just me; I like a little bit of everything. I figure you can't go wrong with that, Ima do this with my own little twist on it, feel me. But we'll see how that goes. You know the way life is you never know what bullshit is gonna pop up.

[ ] : Any last words?

[ Friscasso ] : I appreciate all the support have given me and taking the time to interview me. Just tune in to everything I got going on cause I'm doing everything I can to grow and expand and I plan to and want to get out to the UK, as well as other parts of the world to push my music, jewelry and work with other dope artists. Ima keep something dope hittin' these streets on a constant basis weather its clothes, jewelry and or music Ima keep it coming so tune in and check me out on and or holler at me directly on instagram @Friscasso.

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