Casper Capone

09 June 2015

[ ] : What's good Casper Capone, let's start with some basics for those of our readers who are still unfamiliar with your name and Gwap City Entertainment. Tell us who you are and where you are from.

[ Casper Capone ] : First and foremost I wanna give a crisp salute to the BayUndaground for all the support you show homies from all over. Now let's get down to business. My name's Casper Capone I am founder and sole owner of Gwap City Entertainment. Gwap City is a label based outta Modesto, but has artists from all over the Bay and Valley. So as for me I started out in this rap game as a replacement artist in the group Spit Sick Entertainment. As time passed a few artists went their separate ways. This is when I formed Gwap City Entertainment. Trying to pursue the dreams of running my own label along with my homies who helped light the candle from day 1. I met an individual by the name of Tony (Tone Loc); an online president of Thizz Latin. He embraced me and my label mates and introduced me to Julio (Goldtoes) and Serg Knight. I was later given the opportunity to run my own chapter in Thizz Latin. Thizz Latin Gwap City was born. A year later I lost my friend Anthony (Ant Locz) to the streets. RIP Anthony. His dream was always to have our own label and run everything in house independently. This is when I decided to step away from the much bigger label Thizz Latin and go out on a journey to pursue Anthony's dream. No love lost with Thizz Latin, I highly appreciate them for opening the door for me when I needed that extra boost. Gwap City Family was born in 2014, an elite and organized circle of artists from different areas pushing for the same movement.

[ ] : Give us some details on your record label - Gwap City Ent. When and how did you found it? Who's on the roster right now?

[ Casper Capone ] : Gwap City Family is founded by a circle of homies and myself who all play their part in this struggle to pave the way for future homeboy artists out of all surrounding areas. We are all equal voices. No voice goes unheard, we work together as a unit breaking barriers and accomplishing goals and hurdling obstacles moving forward with every move. As far as who is on the roster we have an up and coming artist named Lil Sneaky. He is based out the 707 and is making his mark on a daily in this Northern California rap game. We also have artist such as Danny Boy out of San Leandro, Mama OG outa Stockton, Tank outta Modesto, Mandito Brown outa Los Banos, Lou E Slicc outa Monterey County, Namelezz outa Modesto, J Ridah outta Modesto, Young V.C outta Santa Rosa, Hex outta Modesto, Menace outta Visalia, Clone outta Modesto, Pancho out of Poros, Mr Alamo from T.C, Venomous outa Modesto (formerly from Darkroom), Unknown outa Modesto (formerly from Darkroom also) and we also work hand in hand with all surrounding brother labels such as Connected Inc., M.A.E, Red Rag Ent., Shoot First Ent., Mental Illness, Drunk Funk, Open Shop, way to many 2 name them all. One love Gz...

[ ] : What is the main goal of Gwap City Ent. How does it differ from other homeboy labels? What is the label's biggest asset?

[ Casper Capone ] : Our main objective is to open doors for the younger generation of artists that will be coming up after us and paving a more equal environment and playing field. When homeboy rap first started coming alive back in the early 90's we were made fun of and frowned upon by individuals, but now it's 2015 and we are a force that has to be reckoned with as we continue to strive. I salute all the pioneers that paved the way for us and it's a pleasure to work with them now. As far as us being different then other labels. I'd say we just have different objectives and morals. The money we gain is from fans that enjoy our music. I don't take from fellow artists like myself. I rather build a bridge and keep it strong signifying signs of unity amongst one another. Just my small opinion, I don't judge anyone else who does otherwise.

[ ] : Let's focus on Casper Capone's discography. If I'm not mistaken you're still quite "young" to this rap thing, because your first album dropped in 2013 (The Murder Zone?). Was there anything before it?

[ Casper Capone ] : My lifestyle when I was young held me back from pursuing a rap career. I actually been rapping since a kid as far freestyles in the hood while we do what we do... My first album was before "The Murder Zone" called "Thuggen On The Block". It was a hood album recorded on a 4 track put on tape. Only ten was released back in '96 in West Side Market in Modesto. I do not have a copy myself, but have the poster I made. I discontinued making music until I met Jose Espino. He was the manager for Spit Sick. He gave me the motivation to start rap again and build up my career. We then dropped Spit Sick Ent. "Everything Goes". This album is available at on hard copy. That was my first album I was officially part of and played a major role in. With that album we continued to win a Appolo award, Rock Latin fest, X fest and even make the newspaper.

[ ] : Most of your music releases are collabo / group / compilation albums - "The Gwapilation", "The Family Reunion" series (1,2 and 2.9), "Thug Money Volume 2", "Carnalismo" etc. Why do you focus more on group work than on a solo career?

[ Casper Capone ] : I focus on my artists more then myself sometimes 'cause I see a lot of potential in them and I wish someone would've done the same for me when I first was coming up in the rap game. When I look at a young artist I tend to see myself a few years back. I feel and know their struggle. The feeling of trying to break ground with no hammer. So if I can be their hammer we can break barriers and hurdle any obstacles that fall in our way. I reach out to my fellow artists for collaborations just to test their demeanor. Some artists' intentions are not pure and they're in this game for all the wrong reasons. I don't pay for features nor do I ask twice. I feel that together we can move mountains pushing as one. Got to understand times is hard with money in these streets. Poverty is at an all time high so I can't see myself taken someone's hard earned money for a verse. I'd rather make my money solely from my music and supporters. This is my opinion only, I don't discriminate on anyone that chooses to charge etc. I'm not your everyday normal artist, I'm not here for the fame or money. It's the love of making music for my gente.

[ ] : Tell us something more about your latest releases: "Gwap City Family" and "Life Of A Gangster". What can rap fans hear on these two projects?

[ Casper Capone ] : We've just recently dropped "Life Of A Gangster", this album was two years in the works. By far my best work yet. This album was put together by myself and Eclipz. Eclipz formerly known as E-Clips from the Darkroom Family. He is now signed to M.A.E and is currently helping to run the label. This album is available on hard copy directly through us or rapbay. We also just dropped "Gwap City Family" which is available as well. I also will be dropping "Life Of A Sinner" in the next months to come. My goal is to not only flood the market but to make good music that people love to play on a daily. As far as what to expect to hear on our albums. Expect to hear this: a small part of my life and childhood memories put together with music with an essence that everyone can feel. Everything I do is from the cora (heart) so expect to hear some of the realest music available today.

[ ] : It's strange, but I couldn't find those two releases anywhere online (no digital distribution?). Not that I'm a fan of mp3 music, not a all, but nowadays it's kind of "must have" for any music to be available online in a digital version. Tell us about the distribution of those two albums and your opinion on a digital era.

[ Casper Capone ] : As far as digital, so far I have had great experience. I started out with Goldtoes and Serg Knight with Digital Distribution. So if you need DD Goldtoes has GT Digital and Serg Knight has Mytunes Digital. You can reach them on their FB accounts. It's a great way to make your music available to those that have no way of obtaining hard copies. I am in process of getting all my digital back up and going so be patient my Gz.

[ ] : How would you describe Modesto rap scene? Is it united? Are you collaborating with other homeboy camps? I remember that you were close with Lil Coner and his Connected Inc. - what happened with that?

[ Casper Capone ] : As far as Modesto rap scene there is a lot of artists striving to get their voice heard. It saddens me to say we don't all work together, but my door is always open to those who choose to walk righteously with same goals and objectives, so we can forward advance in this industry. There is a few brother labels out in Modesto that I see shining, but I also see a lot of haters at the same time blinded by individuals that like to spread gossip and slander but what is done; in the dark always comes to light. The truth never bends just as the truth needs no defense, the righteous will always prevail. At the end of the day only the solid will remain as we weed out snakes in the industry. I love my town to the fullest and I'll never stop putting on for my city. As far as me and Connected Inc I am still signed as a solo artist and will be releasing a solo album here soon so stay on the look out for that. There's nothing wrong with an open door my gz, we're all pushing in the same forward direction. I wanna send my love to all homeboy labels out there pushing a hard line. Be on the look out for the Red Rag Ent boyz Lil Milo, K.C and Sammy Boy. Eclipz has a new solo also coming so be on the look out 4 that also. RIP to all my fallen soldados, you're well missed. Can't wait tell all my brothers free from behind them walls forever forward homeboys can't stop won't stop as I strive for the exit bandana held high also remember my gz never give up on your dreams for where there is a will there is a way. Take in great mind unity is a must to advance. Forward stride as I sprint smile on my face as I dash for the finish line One love BayUndaground!!!!!!!! Shawooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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