04 November 2015

You can read the interview below or download and listen to its audio version.

[ ] : What's good Baineco, let's start off with your background - tell us who you are and where you are from.

[ Baineco ] :What's good BayUndaground. My name is Baineco, like you said, but my real name is actually Trey. I'm from San Francisco, California, Hunter's Point district. I've been doing this music shit for about... since I was about 8, I'm 26 now. I'm just happy to be here, happy to be alive.

[ ] : Let's focus on your debut solo release called "Rich B4 Riche$". Tell us what people can hear on it?

[ Baineco ] :"Rich B4 Riche$" is a project, my debut project, on my own label - 100 Ways. I've joined up with Bay Area legendary producer One Drop Scott that did a lot of shit for Mac Dre, C-Bo, Keak Da Sneak, Luniz, just you name it, he's done it... I've linked up with him and we ended up creating this album and I called it "Rich B4 Riche$", because a lot of people coming out with projects now is so focused on money and being rich and becoming rich, so I felt like finding a value in your life before getting rich is important as well, like finding your happiness before you get to where the money, cause money ain't always everything, so that's what "Rich B4 Riche$" is about. And on that you can hear a lot of different stories, I tell a lot of stories, no two songs sound the same.

[ ] : How would you convince rap fans to buy your album instead of dozens of other releases that are flooding the market each day?

[ Baineco ] :I feel like I shouldn't have to convince the fans to do anything or to listen, I feel like if you do a good music, the music should convince you. Period.

[ ] : So how would you describe your music style?

[ Baineco ] :I wouldn't. I would let you describe. I would let people listening describe it. I don't describe my music style. If I did I would put myself in the box. So I don't know what the fuck I might come up with. I never describe my music style.

[ ] : You've put a lot of effort to promote and drop your solo: social media movement, album release party, video etc. Is it hard for an up-and-coming artist to get through the market barriers and hop on the scene?

[ Baineco ] :I don't know cause I haven't done it yet, but I feel like it's the same challenge everywhere, I feel like muthafuckas make excuses, cause we out here in the Bay and it's hard to make it here, or it's hard to make it in LA or wherever you're at, I feel like it's just an excuse to hold you back. If you really wanna work towards something, it's going to be work. I feel like anything you trying to do big is gonna be hard or challenge. And if it's not challenge it's just not worth going for. So yeah, this shit's hard.

[ ] : Tell us about Hunter's Point rap scene, its past and current condition. Are there any slept on talents?

[ Baineco ] :Of course, there are slept on talents everywhere. It's just gonna take somebody to open the door to flood the gates, but there are a loooot of young talents out here. A lot of people think about the city and they don't know that Hunter's Point actually has a lot to do with San Francisco rap music in the early 90's and late 80's, shit like RBL Posse, BNT, Big Block Records, WestMob, you know what I mean so people really don't know the history, but hopefully they don't know the future, cause it's a lot of gas out here.

[ ] : Tell us about 100 Ways & Drop City - who are they and what do they do?

[ Baineco ] :A 100 Ways is actually my own label, but 100 Ways is my family, everybody. I called it 100 Ways cause it represents equality and splitting everything equally with your family, with your brothers. So if I had 100 dollars and 100 brothers, that muthafuckin 100 is gonna go 100 ways, that 50 is gonna go 50 ways, that whatever is gonna go equally, everybody is gonna get that dolla; that's how it is. And Drop City - that's One Drop Scott, that's his production company, he's been here way before I came along, we just partnered up and made a 100 Ways & Drop City.

[ ] : What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to collab with other SF rappers?

[ Baineco ] :Yeah, definitely plan on collabing with everybody that wants to collab with me; and I can't let you know too many of my plans, I don't like telling my plans, cause then I feel the pressure of having to do the plan exactly how I said it, so I'm not gonna let you know the plans, but just know it is some plans, some collaboration plans coming up in the very near future. I would like to work with a few people, and the few people I'd been reaching out: Larry June, Big Rich, 40 Keys... there are definitely names out there and people I'd like to talk to and I've been talking to.

[ ] : What do you think about the current state of Bay Area rap? How would you improve it?

[ Baineco ] :The current state of Bay Area rap? I can't really say we need improvement, I just feel like the attention is gonna come here soon enough and it's gonna happen in due time. It's nothing really I can do to improve a whole, and even if there was an improvement needed, there's nothing one person can do, it takes a group, it takes everybody and different efforts, like Atlanta didn't blow up with one person, Ludacris didn't blow it up by himself, T.I. didn't blow it up by himself. It took hella mothafuckas coming in and make that shit hot.

[ ] : Anything else you'd like to share? - feel free to shout out.

[ Baineco ] :Yeah man, go to, check me out, all my content is up there, go to my Instagram @baineco, check me out on WorldStar, I've just uploaded up to WorldStar, you can check me out, the "Who Knew?" video, shout out to my whole city, my hood, my family, my daughter, I luv everybody that's fucking with me right now, the niggas that's watching me that's quietly hating on me, I love ya'll too. It's Baineco, I'm out muthafucka.