Smokie Loco

16 November 2015

[ Smokie Loco ]: First off I want to thank BayUndaground for supporting Evilside Records all these years.

[ ]: Thanks, our pleasure! You've done 4 parts of The Strangulation compilation series (volumes: 1, 2, 4 and 5). How did you and your camp evolve during those years? What are the main differences between the first and the last parts?

[ Smokie Loco ]: Well, from the first Strangulation I had a vision to drop a sick compilation series. I believe I succeeded with the success of the Strangulation series and all the other albums we have dropped over the years. Part 6 called "Back To The Trunk" will drop next July and will officially wrap up the series. It will be like the first one - a homeboy rap/horrorcore hybrid. Something like Brother Lynch Hung's "Season Of The Sickness".

[ ]: Tell us about your latest release "Stay Solid". Why wasn't it just another part of The Strangulation? How does it differ from the series?

[ Smokie Loco ]: "Stay Solid" is different from the Strangulation because it's all about being proud to be a Northern Chicano. It's a true homeboy rap album in every sense. It's more than an album; it's a movement. "Stay Solid" Part 2 will drop next year.

[ ]: How did Evilside Records change since its early years? Who's on the roster right now?

[ Smokie Loco ]: Our message over the years has stayed the same. Fads over the years have come and gone. Homeboy rap right now is not the cool trendy thing to do, but we are blessed to still sell what we press up. We still have a great fanbase that supports us to the fullest and we appreciate that. On the label right now is Moreno - that's my right hand man right there. His album "Bad Intentions" is next up and will drop next March. Lucky Loco is currently serving a 19 year sentence in prison. We will try to do an X-Raided type album from him from behind bars. We haven't forgot about you homie. Mr. Forgettable is serving a couple years; he will be out soon; homie has talent. We also have a brother label called NR Records. They are based outta San Jose, but work a lot with homie rappers from Mexico. Check out their videos they are on youtube. Homies in Mexico have heat. And let me clear something up real quick. NR Records is the label name that doesn't have anything to do with a certain bullshit drop out gang here in Northern Cali. We are all solid Norteno homeboys. Don't get it twisted.

[ ]: Why are planning to hang up the mic? Is there going to be any last project from Smokie Loco before that?

[ Smokie Loco ]: Well, I'm hanging up the mic, because I believe I'm getting close to saying everything I've wanted to say on the mic. I'll be working like crazy the next two months to wrap up some projects. I'm still gonna drop my "Gambler" solo album in March. I'm also gonna drop a solo album called "Bangin In The 90's, When It Was Grimy" and 2 EP's: "The ties that bind" and "To the last". So over the next couple of years you're still gonna hear a lot from me. We got hella shit recorded in that can't just wait.

[ ]: What about "The Game Of Death" and "The Soundtrack 2 My Soul"? Did you happen to finish up material for those two solos?

[ Smokie Loco ]: I have material recorded for both of them, but I just might use those tracks on other projects.

[ ]: Are you still planning to film that "Nightmare Gang" mini movie?

[ Smokie Loco ]: It's my dream to film a mini movie. Who knows, I might just do that; I'll have a lot of time on my hands soon lol. I also have the Stay Solid clothing label I'm gonna start pushing hard.

[ ]: Would you still run Evilside Records and push music from your homies after you hang up the mic?

[ Smokie Loco ]: Evilside Records will always be in effect. I will continue to run the label and invest in the homies. I'm not going anywhere, just away from the mic.

[ ]: What is your biggest rap achievement? Which of your releases would you consider your best thus far?

[ Smokie Loco ]: I love all the projects we have done. I really think the 1st Strangulation album was special, because there was real homeboy unity around the time that album dropped. Nowadays a lot of people have egos. There are still a lot of solid homies doing music, but it's not the same. "Stay Solid" is another project I'm really proud of. The album is straight fire. I believe "Murderer's Row" is a great album that didn't get the recognition it deserved.

[ ]: Any last words to the big bad norteno rap stage?

[ Smokie Loco ]: Wait till you hear the albums we have coming down the pipeline:

- Moreno "Bad Intentions" - March 2016
- Smokie Loco "The Gambler" - March 2016
- "The strangulation Pt.6: Back To The Trunk" - July 2016
- "Stay Solid 2" - August 2016
- Smokie Loco "Bangin In The 90's, When It Was Grimy" - September 2016
- Evilside Records / Fairlas Records double disc album sometime in 2016
- "Nothing But The Ill Shit" Volume 1 and 2 dropping early 2016

I'll also have another solo and my solo EP's dropping in 2017. Other projects will continue to drop. Evilside records ain't going anywhere. We are always looking for new talent. Send demos to I want to thank all our fans worldwide for the love and support. We appreciate you all. Thank you once again, LethaFace. Continue the great work with BayUndaground.

One last thing - I want to thank all homie artists that have been on all Evilside Records projects. You're a huge part of our success; thank you all. One love...

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