Smokie Loco of Evilside Records

17 September 2008

[ Bay ] : Tell us something about yourself. How did you start your rap career? Where did you grow up? etc.

[ Smokie Loco ] : To be honest I've been writing for a long time. My homie Pelon from my hood, ex brother in law is Ballin Ass Dame from High Side Records in Sacramento. They put out Hollow Tip years ago. I was rapping back then just for fun but I've always been writing. My homie Pelon wanted to back me with studio time back then but I was deep in this vida. I was slanging n banging hard in those days you know earning stripes. In 2001 I met Big Oso Loc at the first Siccness BBQ. He was telling me that he wanted to start rapping. Oso's a real homie. You can hear it when he raps. That's when I said to myself, shit I can do this. Thats when I started to take rapping serious. I'm from San Jo, eastside to be exact. My hood is V.N.U.

[ Bay ] : As far as I know "Northern Cali Nightstalkers: The Strangulation" was your first release - what was before it ? What did you do?

[ Smokie Loco ] : The Strangulation Pt. 1 is the first project I put out.

[ Bay ] : Why did you choose to call your compilations "Strangulation"?

[ Smokie Loco ] : I thought the Strangulation sounded sick. We gunna put the game in a choke hold.

[ Bay ] : For those who didn't have a chance to listen to The Strangulation cds, give them a little review. What fans can expect to hear on these releases?

[ Smokie Loco ] : The Strangulation series is a hardcore banged out compilation series. With some of the tightest Northern Cali and Central Cali Chicano homeboy rappers. Sick lyrics, tight beats from solid homies. We bring heat on these cd's.

[ Bay ] : Except for rap what else do you do?

[ Smokie Loco ] : I'm still in the streets. Still kicking up dust. But Im not gunna front. I also have a 9-5 that puts food on the table, pays the rent and lets me live comfortably. Got a few side hustles. I rap and put out cd's for the love of it. Rap's not paying the bill's.Yet....

[ Bay ] : Who's in Evilside Records right now?

[ Smokie Loco ] : Currently on Evilside Records: Smokie Loco - owner, C.E.O., Young Chico, Moreno ,Dreamer SJ, PG, Intack. We are looking at a couple other homies we might add to the family. Let me add there are no fake fuck's on the label. Everone pulls their own weight. If you got a problm with one of us you got a problem with all of us. Intack and PG don't claim, but the rest of us are Northern Cali homeboys.

[ Bay ] : What's your opinion about the boom of norte rap nowadays? Don't you think some of the artists just claim norte cause it's "well selling"?

[ Smokie Loco ] : The NORTENO rap genre is blowing up. Not just in Cali. All over the U.S. and all over the world we are getting recognized. It's been along time coming. The Darkroom Familia has been putting it down for 20 years. Woodie (RIP) and Speedy Loc (RIP) were also doing it and getting recognized in a major way. Much love to all of them for paving the way for the rest of us.
Some fools better not be faking it. Shit, I mean if you say your a homeboy and your rapping about the life you better be about it. Or you are gunna get called on it. We don't tolerate that type of shit. Also fuck a romour. That shit is wack. If you got a problem with someone bring it to their face like a man. I personally have a problem with a few fools trying to salt my name. But guess what? They never brought it to my face. I still haven't forgot about that bullshit. We gunna meet up sooner or later.

[ Bay ] : How do you reconcile gangsta music, claiming norte and all with the family thing ?

[ Smokie Loco ] : I look at it like this: I'm a homeboy first. I'm always gunna be down for my homies. My kids when I have them, when they are old enough they can choose what path they want in life. With the music its a major stress reliver. To get on the mic and let loose - man, thats the best feeling in the world. And to have a homeboy in the Valley or a homegirl in Sac buy your music and bump it n learn all the words, thats cool.

[ Bay ] : What do you think about mixing gangsta norteno music with hyphy shit? Well known artists like Tito B, Lil Coner or Lil Raider made a lot hyphy songs - don't you think it's no longer pure Northern Cali Latin rap?

[ Smokie Loco ] : Everyone's different. You have to realize that all homeboy rappers aren't from the same city, same area code. We are diverse. That's what makes us strong. I can't talk down on any homie doing what he feels, he needs to do to succed. As for me I'm not hyphy. Thats not me. Evilside Records will always be that hardcore gangster type mobbish music.

[ Bay ] : Do you have any plans to collaborate with other artists than those we've heard on Strangulation projects?

[ Smokie Loco ] : Hell yeah wait till you hear what I have instore for The Strangulation pt 4!!!! I'm always looking for new talent. On the Strangulation pt 2 we had Young Lalo from Sacramento. I predict your gunna hear a lot about him in the near future. Everyone on pt 2 came heated.

[ Bay ] : What are in your opinion the most significant differences between northern Cali Latin rap scene and the non-Latin one?

[ Smokie Loco ] : The main difference to me is we don't get the respect we deserve. Or some fools will be like thats tight. But when you leave they'll start talking shit, which is bullshit. Oh and the biggest misconception about the Bay is there is gangbanging. It might not be crips n bloods, but its definitely Northerners and them thangs. You always hear Bay artists say the Bay ain't gangbanging. They are talking about them not us ya feel me?

[ Bay ] : On Strangulation II you've got homeboy artists all the way from Bay Area to 209 and even 559 area code. What was it like collaborating with artists from many regions? Is there more unity than a couple of years back?

[ Smokie Loco ] : It's cool getting homies from all over the Cali map on the Strangulation's. Alot of networking is going on right now. And thats where the different styles come in to play. Its like a big pot of gumbo all the best thrown into 1 cd. Its more of a reaching out to people to see if they are intrested in getting down on a cd. Everyone has pride and sometimes people are like "oh I heard this about that fool, na I dont wanna work with him". Thats some bullshit. Like I said fuck a rumour. I mean I hear stories about everybody including myself. I let'em go through one ear and out the other. I don't make judgements on people from lies, rumours or stories, ya feel me. I mean if you're a snitch, drop out, no good I ain't fuckin with ya - period, point blank. Miss me with all that rumour shit.

[ Bay ] : What is your attitude towards Internet? On one side you have or that promote northern cali rap scene. On the other hand there are lots of sources of illegal downloads?

[ Smokie Loco ] : I'm all for,,, sites that help promote homies music. But fuck all thoes leaching free downloading bullshit sites. Im thinking of one right now but I'm not gunna say the name. But foolio if you read this, if I ever catch you in the streets I'm whooping the shit outta you for putting up all the homies cd's for free download.

Last words (upcoming Evilside releases) :
We have the rerelease of The Strangulation pt 1 remastered with 4 new bonus tracks. It will drop in October this year. Young Chico's comp "Northern Cali's Most Wanted" will drop by October this year. Its a banger definitely in the running for comp of the year. My solo "A History Of Violance" will drop February 2009. I'm stepping up my game with this one. It's gunna suprise alot of people. Then the end of a era The Strangulation pt 4 will drop cinco de mayo 2009. The last in the series. Got a lot up my sleeve with that one. Evilside is gunna be dropping alot of projects within the next few years. Also solos from all Evilside artists. Be on the lookout for all our releases. We are affiliated with Chico's label Sucidal Minds and Moreno's Underground Productions. One big deadly happy family hahahaha. And one last thing - fuck you haters keep on hating....

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