Dame Daniels

07 August 2017

[ ]: Let me start off from the beginning. Tell us about growing up in the King City, California.

[ Dame Daniels ]: King City, Ca is where I settled at from Salinas, Ca when I was 6 weeks old until I was 17. I left in 2002. Childhood was cool. It started getting crazy around age 12-15. A lot of my Friends started gang banging or hustling, soon dead or in jail doing bids! A lot of friends I grew up with got divided over a color. King City to me is the real Central Coast.

[ ]: As far as I know you've started messing with the microphone at the very young age, performing in some local talent shows. How did it all begin? How did you managed to be "a rap artist"?

[ Dame Daniels ]: I started rhyming at age 12 after listening to this song by Wu Tang Clan called "Triumph". I started messing around with Friends trying to freestyle and shit. I used to Freestyle at the school spot and take money hitting my lil jug aha for a freestyle verse; we used to play this game called "stump the rapper" (haha), they used to hate the hell out my ass, used to taunt me and all that made me go harder. My music teacher seen me doing it and asked me if I wanted to perform at this showcase in King City called "Night of the local stars". I was 15. At this time I just got charges dropped over some street BS, I guess you can say it was a sign to get out of Cali.

[ ]: Before we move on to the ATL part of your life, tell us more about your music career back in California. Did you manage to blow up in the small city of Monterey County as a rap artist? Is there anyone from King City that has made some major rap moves and turned out to be a known rapper?

[ Dame Daniels ]:There is not too many artist when I started from Monterey County. There was an FM radio station in Salinas Ca that supported a lot of local talent (97.9 Enfuego), they played me a lot on they mix shows when I was 16-17 years old. There is a few people who has made a lil noise in the central coast before me, but never really took it outside of Monterey County. I did see a lot of success locally, getting a lot of support with local newspapers in King City as well. I guess you can say I'm on some pioneer shit Haha!!!

[ ]: As far as I know, you moved to Atlanta back in 2005, at the age of 20; tell us something more about moving to State of Georgia. How did it influence your life? Have you ever regretted this decision?

[ Dame Daniels ]:I actually started to go to Atlanta when I was like 17 until I made the move permanent when I was around 18 I knew my homie, "Huztlaz Greed" since I was 16. He is from College Park, Ga (Southside Atlanta). I learned everything from the business, even how to write music, from him. I left to Atlanta with no family and basically raised myself since I was a teenager; I lost all my homies to gang violence, life sentences or death or dope. I had money stacked up so I was good for a while. I got my first place in Atlanta, had my first son in Atlanta, car, My Ls, Haha, even got my first REAL 9-5 there too haha. To me Atlanta is home.

[ ]: Tell us about your work with Atlanta artist Huztlaz Greed.

[ Dame Daniels ]:I met Huztlaz Greed when I was 16. We look at each other like brothers. Greed was the first dude to really give me a shot. He is the One who gave me the Name "Dame Daniels". He taught me everything I know in the music game when I first started out. How to be humble especially. He is responsible for helping me put together my first EP called "Project: Kings Town". Good, good dude, he did go into other endeavors outside of music as well, but he also does still write music with me to this day. But we got a LOT of unheard material we might just re-vamp.

[ ]: Since moving to Atlanta it seemed that your music career started to ride on the right track. You've dropped a few projects, including "King Of This City Vol. 1: The New Era" (2006), "Project: Kings Town" (2010), "Trappin & Mobbin" with P.O.L.O. Da Playboy (2015) and "Atlantafornia" (2017). Was there anything else?

[ Dame Daniels ]:I am working on a full length album "Battle Scars". We just started production for it. Also got "Mob Season" with a 209 artist Looney Luckz and about 5 mixtapes in the vault. Just waiting for the right time to drop em.

[ ]: What's up with "King Of This City Volume 2"? Did it ever drop?

[ Dame Daniels ]:Haha, well we are still scheduled to drop it. "Atlantafornia" has been doing very well so we decided to hit em by the end of the year with it. The line up is tough, got West Philly artist Tone Trump, C-Murder's protege Cuttboy G-Dinero, former 3-6 Mafia member T-Rock, Silent G Mr 843, Casper Capone, Looney Luckz and a few others.

[ ]: And what about two other projects - "Ground Zero" with Casper Capone and "Project HuMon" with Huztlaz Greed - that seemed to be never released or vanished in the underground?

[ Dame Daniels ]: Well we do have "Ground Zero" complete. While we was recording for "Ground Zero", our good Friend Ant Locz from Gwap City passed on. That was a major blow for the camp so we wrapped up the album as soon as we could. Some records have leaked, but me and Casper has been talking bout cooking up some fresh music for the project. Me & H.Greed album, I WOULD LOVE to get at least a single together with Greed. Just depends how Greed feels about getting back in the booth again.

[ ]: By the way, tell us about your partnership with Gwap City fam.

[ Dame Daniels ]: Casper Capone and I were label mates when we were on Thizz Latin. One of the only artists to reach out to me from the 209. Solid Homie since day 1. From then on I appeared on a lot of records for other Gwap City artist such as Unknown, J-Rider, Tank, Ant Locz (Rip), Danny Boy etc. I did a few shows as well in Modesto with Tweety, C-Dubb, Hex, Thre4t etc. I gained a lot of fans with Gwap City. I am not a signed artist but I am very loyal to the homie Casper Capone.

[ ]: Are you still working with and under the Thizz Latin brand?

[ Dame Daniels ]: Unfortunately I am not. I NEVER spoke on why I left. I left Thizz because I had some legal issues going on back in ATLANTA I never took care of. I'm not mad at them whatsoever. I've always had my Same team (Different managers though) who been guiding us to the right direction. I was actually homeless before I was on Thizz Latin. I've known Tone Loc for years before everything went left. Still got love for them. I learned a lot from Goldtoes as well. I just wish things would've ended on a better note. Shout out to everyone over there, and no love loss.

[ ]: How did you meet K-Rino, the Houston rap legend? What did this partnership bring to your career?

[ Dame Daniels ]: I met K-Rino back in 2005, I heard his album "Worst Rapper Alive" when I worked with my old co-worker at the Footlocker in Atlanta in 2005. I tripped out on his lyrics so I looked him up. I reached out to him and we did a song. I was 19 going on 20 when this happened. He's one of the most Humble artists I ever worked with. Shout to K-Rino, Spc, Houston Texas, rip DJ Screw. The song we did actually still does good to this day. I get a lot of overseas love from that song.

[ ]: In high school you've been involved in wresting. Tell us about this episode of your life.

[ Dame Daniels ]: Wrestling has always been my First Love. I started in the 7th grade and ended my career junior year in high school. I wrestled in Tournaments all over Cali and even had recruiters knocking at my moms house when I was in 10th grade. I was forced to quit due to a separated shoulder and broken ribs, I suffered in the C.C.S (Central coast); still love the sport. Shout out Mike Chicerilli and Jason Soliz (X Marine) who trained me. That sport will push you to ya limit!

[ ]: Any other thoughts you'd like to share with our readers? Any future plans for the second half of 2017?

[ Dame Daniels ]: Got a lot of power moves being made. New album new movements, New vibes, New everything. Got a visual I'm dropping with JD films off my Atlantafornia EP #Hustle homie got some dope ass work. Shout out all my beautiful Family I just reunited with since I was a toddler. My cousin Jackie is like my biggest fan now!!! Haha, but for real much love to everyone who has followed this movement all these years.... I'm only just getting my feet wet. Stay Tuned! Shout out to

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