24 July 2018

[ T-Loc ] : First and foremost I want to thank for taking time to do the interview. Thank you, it's an honor and I truly appreciate it.

[ ] : Whats good T-Loc, let's start off with a lil introduction. In a few words, tell our readers who you are.

[ T-Loc ] : They call me T-Loc from the deep East Bay Area. I'm a father of 8 kids and a wife that been down and my #1 supporter since day 1. A man that's just tryna express his mind on the mic, and a man that's been the same since back then till now but just tryna live life a little smarter and more focus as I get older.

[ ] : You have recently dropped a solo project called "From Then Till Now" - give us a short description of the album. What can people expect to hear?

[ T-Loc ] : Yea, I just dropped my new album "From Then Till Now" on all digital platforms. Soon I will press cds for shows and for appearance. I have a little of every type of subject on the album, like street, family, political and economic issues and more. I just want the listeners to be able to play from 1 thru 20 and get a good feel of what's on my mind. And I thank everyone for giving it a listen, much appreciate.

[ ] : There are a lot of original East Co Co members featured on your album (Shadow, Lou-E-Lou, B-Dawg, Young AZ). What is your affiliation with Woodie's camp?

[ T-Loc ] : They my homies, my family, my brothers, real talk; it's more than music; we actually kick it and chop it up about everything and anything. I mean my bro Lou-E-Lou will mobb thru and chill and while grabbing a beer out the fridge he might notice that I might be running low on milk or whatever and my bro will mobb to store and bring back and whole fridge full off groceries for the fam... My bro B-Dawg was at the pad chillen and my wife went into labor at 3 in the morning and my bro helped me with my fam so I can take my lady to hospital. My bro Shadow will mobb thru anytime my mind starts to flip out or not and chill. We chopp it up about life and or whatever. He actually knows everything about my kids and my family I mean that's family...
Shadow is one off my closest friends; I got real talk; one of the only friends that will hit me up if I go m.i.a to see if I'm good and if I'm not, will mobb thru with beer to make sure that I'm good and same goes for him; we kick it a lot and talk about everything music, street problems, movies and just whatever. A real friend, a real brother.
U know real homies more than music, real life issues and of course there's more that I cannot speak about but believe it's real b4 rap believe that. Same goes for my bros Storm and Lil Dee.

[ ] : What's the story behind your stage name? Is there any deeper meaning underneath?

[ T-Loc ] : Well my name is Terry and my homies way back then didn't want 2 keep calling me that hahaha, I mean we was hardcore on the block and for a young man Terry was not cool at all smh. So my OG homies started calling me T and a lil later everyone started saying T-Loc but mostly T to this day; nothing big hahaha. [/i]

[ ] : Except for the latest solo, do you have any more (older) projects under your belt?

[ T-Loc ] : Well, I've been doing this for a min but really when I got connected with Lou-E-Lou, B-Dawg and Shadow they told me what I had to do to even be able to stand on the same stage with them, and I did; so "From Then Till Now" is my official first solo. I did do other albums but they're very very underground hahahaha nothing big but yea I do got other tracks out there find them if u can hahaha.

[ ] : Tell us something more about the Triple Overdose. Is it an official group? Can we expect to hear some official material / album from T-Loc, B-Dawg and Lou-E-Lou?

[ T-Loc ] : Triple Overdose (Lou-E-Lou, B-Dawg and T-Loc) is an official group. And will have our official album drop real soon before the end of 2018 for sure - called "The Addiction"; a 15 track album. So yea it's official.

[ ] : Why didn't we have a chance to hear you on Northern Expozure compilations?

[ T-Loc ] : Well at the time when they was blowing up I was young and dumb and in 2001 I left the 925 and joined the C.C.C. (California Conservation Corps) and was up north for 8 years before I came back home and to tell you the truth I would've never been ready to hit the stage with all the legends at that time. Things happen the way it's supposed to so I'm here now and will continue to do more music with my bros.

[ ] : Can you give us some details on the upcoming, highly anticipated solo album from Shadow? Is it dropping on August 8th?

[ T-Loc ] : Shadow's "Based On A True Story" will be officially out for everyone to listen to in August. It's a super dope album and has every type of subject matter on there and I am very happy I made it on the album. U will not be disappointed, trust me, it is finished and ready to hit them speakers, it will be on all digital platforms and pressed real soon after for shows and appearance a very dope album, trust.

[ ] : Can we expect to hear some bigger East Co Co reunion? Is there a chance for NE part 8?

[ T-Loc ] : U never know, anything is possible in life, but that is not for me to speak on.[/i]

[ T-Loc ] : I'd like to thank everyone that took their time out there day to read the interview and listen to my album, I appreciate it 4reals. And if u haven't, go to any digital outlet and look up for T-Loc "From Then Till Now" the official album.[/i]

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