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LS presents
Over Due
unknown label (2014)
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01. All Or Nothing - Jay-C
02. Band It, Fold It - Nappy Brown & Snoop
03. For Tha Bay - Nappy Brown
04. Pull Up - Brisco Tha Kid & Jody Bravo
05. This My Shit - Nappy Brown & Jay-C
06. Side 2 Side - Jay-C
07. Spaceships - Jorillo
08. The Truth - Jay-C

I have not heard about San Jose producer LS thus far. Due to the nature of his rap alias it is hard to find any information about him on the net, so hopefully this article will at least help spread the word about his endeavors. So as far as I'm aware the hereby "Over Due" is his first release as a producer, available both in digital as well as pressed copies (cardboard sleeve with a cd).

The album contains 8 tracks with production exclusively handled by the host, LS himself. What is more, all songs contain regular verses performed by people unknown to me, probably all representing San Jose as well, although I had problems finding any additional information on those artists. Truth be told, I have not heard any of them before. Anyway, let's cut to the chase and have a look at a production first, as it's a producer's project. LS focuses on mild and slower tempos and mixes instrumental backgrounds ("All Or Nothing", "The Truth") with other type of sounds, but you won't find any real club-type entertainment with a mainstream appeal to it. Which I guess is good, because being a fan of West Coast vibes for so many years now I can barely stand the so-called hip-hop aired on TV nowadays. If I were to sum up the beats I heard on "Over Due" I'd need to say they are generally ok; decent, probably average. Nothing truly stands out as brilliant or really mesmerizing, something that folks would like to throw on their mixtapes. Instead I just keep on bobbing my head to the rhythm and think that the melodies I hear are just fine, but nothing more than that. I'm glad that music changes when hooks come in. I also like that dark, grim, Darkroom Familia-like production on "Pull Up". On the other hand I detest what I hear on "Side 2 Side", that beat is so poor in sounds, too minimalistic for my taste. I also have a feeling that something's missing on "For Tha Bay" and "Spaceships", both these beats are acceptable, yet you definitely need more than that in today's oversaturated rap market. Finally some of those laidback instrumental melodies like "The Truth" might actually make up good songs if only proper verses came with them.

Which smoothly brings me to vocals performed by overall 6 people. However the majority of them contain Nappy Brown and Jay-C. That first one did not make a good impression on me. Even though he properly blends with the rhythm he doesn't offer anything interesting rhyme wise, and he has a boring flow. It reminds me of certain East Coast artists who simply talk to the beat with voice deprived of any emotions. Jay-C came out a little better, but in the long run I also need to say that his verses turned out to be monotonous. Both his solos "All Or Nothing" and "The Truth" had pretty good instrumental backgrounds, but slow tempos and impassive flows made them eventually uninteresting. The only verses I actually enjoyed were the ones by Brisco Tha Kid and Jody Bravo. As you can see I did not enjoy the vocal side of the project, and it would require an epic production to save it. Yet it is what it is, so I can't recommend the album to you. But these guys are not bad artists, they stick to their emotionless flows an probably some of you might actually feel such style, so give them a listen, there are a few free songs under links provided at the bottom. As far as LS goes, there is certainly room for improvement and I will gladly check out his future endeavors.

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LS, thanks for hooking us up with the review copy.

Written by: khamenei
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