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unknown label (2013)
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01. Intro
02. The Least I Can Do
03. Impossible
04. Thank You
05. Go Off f. Illuminate & Lynell
06. Father To The Fatherless
07. Jesus Loves You Like That
08. Take Me Away
09. This One's For You
10. This Is The Moment
11. Time Of Your Life
12. Just Want To Worship

Seven-T hails from Modesto in the 209 area code and is one of the few Christian rap representatives putting it down for the northern Cali. I was only aware of a couple of his releases, in fact we've been mentioning his endeavors in the News section since 2010. However I learned that he debuted with a collabo album "Eternal Praise" with Michael Bettencourt in 1999. The first solo "Fired Up" dropped under the name of Tony T in 2002, then came "Out Da Hood" and more. The hereby "Impossible" is at least his seventh solo project.

You know, Christian rap artists just keep on surprising me. I always at first expect to hear something soft, but I still remember how both Brother Ig and San Joe caught me off guard with the charismatic way they deliver emotions, put heart into their verses etc. Same can be said about Seven-T, he's not a type of guy to simply talk over a beat. Instead he'll loudly express his feelings, raise his voice when it's necessary, pour his heart out, so you can hear the significance of his lyrical content. On top of that he obviously properly follows the rhythm, comes up with pretty interesting rhymes, so overall I need to say that Seven-T should definitely not be overlooked by people craving for good vocals. When it comes to lyrics, they are Christian and religious from left to right. You will hear the artist talking about the fact that God will accept you the way you are ("Jesus Loves You Like That"), there's nothing impossible for Him, nothing that could stop Him from saving you if you only believe in Him ("Impossible"). He talks about an importance of family and having a father figure in it ("Father To The Fatherless") and dedicates a whole track to all priests and churchmen for promoting faith among people ("This One's For You").

Unfortunately "Impossible" is an uneven album. On the one hand you will hear really splendid, nice, laidback tracks with great instruments in the background. These include for instance "Thank You" with a soft piano or "Jesus Loves You Like That" with a distinct guitar. Such jams also feature nice R&B vocals on hooks performed by the likes of Michelle Tubera, Stephanie Ogle, Elizabeth Mendoza, Jon Shabaglian and more. It is quite often that Seven-T has two verses and then there's sort of an extended chorus in the end of a song. I truly enjoyed all of these serious, instrumental joints, I feel they bring the best out of the artist. Then there are also "Intro" as well as "The Least I Can Do" that are more lively and a bit harder than the rest of the album. Those are still good tracks, if you didn't focus on lyrics you might think they are typical street / gangsta rap. Beats on those were handled by Epistra (great job!), Francis Le Vesta and Don Jarvis. Now let's talk about the four disappointing titles. "Impossible", "Go Off", "Take Me Away" and "Time Of Your Life" feature a completely different production. It's got more of a mainstream attitude, up-tempo with electronic, cosmic sounds in the background. Unfortunately the latter two sound like a mixture of pop and techno (hardly any rap in them), and I couldn't force myself to listen to them more than once. It's truly sad that the project is so unbalanced. Four tracks out of twelve is a quarter of a solo, and that's a considerable number. On those occasions beats were prepared by "Beats By Jake", Elliot Waite, Francis Le Vesta and Don Jarvis. You can see two videos embedded below. They clearly show a difference between a regular "Intro" and a peculiar "Go Off". It's a pity though that there's no video for an instrumental song, but believe me, they are really great. With this said, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, so the overall rating is lowered by the fact that I have to skip certain joints in order to hear the good stuff. Despite that Seven-T is definitely an artist that needs to be on your radar if you are into Christian rap.

You can purchase the album and learn more about the artist on CD Baby and
Seven-T, thanks for hooking us up with a review copy.

Written by: khamenei
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