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Javi Picazo
Full Throttle Ent. / Aztec Inc. (2014)
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01. Greatest
02. Supaman f. Poet
03. Don't Wanna Be Right
04. Swag Do The Talkin f. Lucky Luciano & Stunta
05. Push Up On It
06. Beautiful Day
07. Never Sell Out
08. Refuse To Fail
09. Other Work f. J-Minix
10. Ice Cream Dream
11. I Won't Stop
12. A Million Dollaz f. PSD
13. Fly
14. Doin Me f. Smuggla & Baby Bash
15. Got The Flow
16. Dreaming f. Philthy Rich & Smuggla
17. Ain't No Such Thing
18. Fuckin Off My High
19. Show Up Show Out f. Xavier Picazo
20. All Good f. H2 & Yung Dapp
21. Good Man

Truth is, you probably have not yet heard of the Bay Area Latin artist Javi Picazo. I checked my entire collection and the whole data base and found him featured on numerous albums by Merciless, such compilations as "The Bay Is Heat'd", "Funk Season", solos by Philthy Rich and Yung Dapp. It's not bad, but on the other hand it's hard to be even remotely recognizable without a full-length project out. I learned that Javi recorded one over a decade ago, back in 2003, titled "Street Schematics". For various reasons it did not hit the market and remains shelved until today. I mention this to highlight that Javi is not a rookie to the rap game. Despite not being active on the scene he's got experience and know-how to deliver a solo album. And he finally did it in 2014 with the hereby "Painted".

Well, you can clearly hear from the very first tracks that Javi is not a beginner. The way he smoothly follows various rhythms and blends with beats is just so natural. He is characterized by a rather low voice and usually raps in a mild pace, but that may be the result of an overall style of the album. "Painted" features mainly laidback, calm, melodious songs with evocative production and mesmerizing hooks. If you came here looking for gangsta shit, go search somewhere else. It's also not a hyphy or a strictly entertaining project, but it does have a mainstream appeal to it. It owes it to a magnificent production delivered by some of the finest composers in the industry: Happy Perez, Cozmo (those two prepared more than half of the beats), Indecent The Slapmaster, Track Officialz, Javi himself, Russell Lee and Johnny Juliano. If you are into slow or mild tempos and a mellow ambiance, you really can't go wrong with the splendid music these gentlemen cooked for you. Almost every track features distinct instruments in the background, mainly a guitar, electric guitar or a piano. There are also a few joints with a more modern twist to them and a livelier pace ("Swag Do The Talkin", "Push Up On It", "Got The Flow"). A huge emphasis has been put on the hooks, they often appear in the beginnings of songs and there's sometimes an extended singing in the end. That's why I think it's important to mention those R&B performances too, as they played a significant role in shaping the album's soul: Rev. P, Max Minelli, Marty JayR, J-Minix, Indecent, Devioso Clean, Russell Lee and more.

As far as lyrical side is concerned you need to know that Javi Picazo put much work into his lyrics. His rhymes are refreshing and jams actually tend to have a theme, which is kind of remarkable these days. You will hear him talk about his inspirations, plans for the future, ambitions ("Greatest"), fame, glory, dreams to achieve bigger things ("Don't Wanna Be Right"), warning about going commercial and turning into a pop artist ("Never Sell Out"), staying high ("Fly"), chilling and wanting to be left alone ("Fuckin Off My High"), a lot about (and for) women, sometimes more about flirting ("Push Up On It"), sometimes leaning more towards lust ("I Won't Stop") or letting them know that the world doesn't revolve entirely around them ("Other Work"). There's also certainly room for your typical bragging and boasting ("Swag Do The Talkin", "Supaman") and enjoying a good sunny day in California ("Beautiful Day"). See, I could go on and on how Javi paints you a bright, colorful, vivid picture depicting his life on those 21 joints, but I don't want to flood you with the details. I like the fact that it's definitely a positive album, filling you with joy, optimism and hope for the better future. If that sounds like a good alternative to your usual grimy street type of rap, you definitely need to give this project a go, it's worth it. I have intel that the rapper is currently working on his sophomore endeavor, scheduled to drop in 2015, fingers crossed.

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Jose, thank you for sending the album out for the review.

Written by: khamenei
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FINALLY! Good music...needs to be played everyone!
By Joser..sf full throttle family on 07 May 2015
Thanks to the staff at bayunderground much love from the javi picazo family #fullthrottle records is back ..look us up at also on twitter under javipicazo and ig..the same josersf415 thanks for the awesome review much love to you all bart.and the fam...more music in the works ASAP and videos thanks ...joser
By AnonymouSF on 05 May 2015
FINALLY! Good music...needs to be played everyone!

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