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King Reegz
Clubber Lang
The Beat Cellar (2016)
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01. Intro (skit)
02. I Told You
03. Follow The Drip
04. Szechuan Sauce
05. You Know What It Is f. Lachelle Renness
06. Personal
07. Residential
08. Always On Somethin f. Big Mack & Nina Ross
09. JJ's Skit (skit)
10. Be My Bitch f. Ashton Kent
11. I Dont Know
12. I Just Wanna f. Ashton Kent
13. Gone f. Cait La Dee
14. IP Man 2
15. All-A-Dat
16. Solitaire
17. Deep Water f. Champlu & Keda
18. Euphoria f. Jules Jones
19. What's Ya Phone # f. Jules Jones & M Dot Brando

King Reegz aka Regal is a San Francisco native with quite a substantial discography. He debuted in 2004 with "Tha Campaign" project, then a year later he dropped "The Arson Report"; in 2008 he released "Guess Who's Bizzack", while in 2010 he recorded a collaboration album with M Dot Brando. In 2012 the rapper changed his stage name to King Reegz and brought "Reeg-Wu" mixtape. Same year he came out with another duet release recorded with Zak1 ("Real Life Soprano" part 3). 2015 brought "Long Live The King Vol. 1" project, while in 2017 Reegz comes back with another solo - this one right here titled "Clubber Lang". Overall this SFC representative released 7 albums. Project number 8 was pressed in a digipak, but is also - as his other products - available in a digital version on BandCamp.

As you can learn from the above Reegz is an experienced emcee with over a decade long workshop, therefore his flow is definitely smooth and fluent. He follows beats the right way, so you won't hear any off beat verses. Major part of his lines are spitted in a moderately slow pace, his voice is deep and raw, so eventually the whole thing sounds more street like. There is one or two cuts with a modern / mainstream taste to them (e.g. "I Told You", "Follow The Drip"), yet most tunes are either heavy (#4, #6, #7, #7, #8, #14, #17) or laidback and soft (#5, #10, #11, #12, #13, #19). I feel like Regal fits into street music much more than to bedding type of tracks, yet all those songs about women and sex ("You Know What It Is", "Be My Bitch", "I Just Wanna") are melodious and pleasing. I must say that I appreciate his wordplay and lyrics more than his flow; what I want to say is that the way he spits verses might seem quite unsophisticated after a few songs, but at the same time his rhymes and similes are on point. Sometimes it even sounds like he's more like a hip hop artist than a rapper. Anyway, enough about the host; let's see how the other "Clubber Lang" contributors performed. Most of the guest appearances you see in the track listing are RnB artists (Lachelle, Ashton, Cait La Dee) who perform nice and catchy choruses. Except for the vocal layer Regal has also made some beats on his own. Part of the production - it seems like the heavier one (the one I said fits Reegs much more) - was done by himself. The rest of the music was brought by Jay Stilla. Overall the production is solid and melodious, maybe except for a few tracks that I don't feel. I'd also polish a few bass lines here and there. You must also know that the first song - "I Told You" - is the only track where King Reegz spits that modern, off beat, strange rap that I'm definitely not the biggest fan of.

Props to King Reegz for sending the album for review purposes.

Written by: lethaface
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