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Mr. Kee presents
We Are The Mob
Diamond Digital Muzik / MMEnt. (2020)
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Northern California rap fans should associate the name Mr. Kee with the Latin rap pioneer, one of the most solid and consequent artists out of San Francisco. Let me just recap his discography. This Mission District representative debuted in the early 90's releasing a cassette titled "Living On The Ultimate High" (it was digitally re-released in 2015) and in 1998 he dropped a group album with Poyo Loco and Young Sidewayz as I.T.P.G. titled "From The Womb To The Tomb". Except for that Mr. Kee recorded 13 other solo projects (including "14 Kt. Dreams", "The Latin Boss", "The Great Paper Chase" and many more) and a few more group albums - with Dutch and Dap Daniel as F.E. After almost 3 decades in the game and having around 20 albums under his belt, Mr. Kee is still delivering quality rap. Here comes a compilation called "We Are The Mob".

The project includes 17 songs with almost all verses brought by Mr. Kee and his associates like Itzda Ghost, Spliff Da Beast, CDot King and Mike Dangle. Except for them you'll hear guest performances from artists like Black C, Louie Loc, Erruption, Napalm or Jimmy Da Butcher. You will hear rather more vivid and lively melodies, and mostly street / mob type of stories. Kee and his fellow comrades bring you braggadocio tales full of drinking, smoking and sex. You'll also get to know about driving a rented car without any inhibitions, running after cash and going through some life struggles.

I must admit that I'm really surprised how fresh, awesome and solid Mr. Kee's verses are. After almost 30 years of rapping he might have as well fallen off and lost his passion. But no, his delivery is still outstanding, his voice is full of emotions and he spits out lines like it's a piece of cake. Additionally he brings really catchy choruses and sometimes even gives us some rap singing. What is more, the remaining artists also represent a very decent level of craft. Especially Itzda Ghost rips the mic with pure energy and professional flow. Even though I'm not the greatest fan of female rap I was quite pleased with CDot King and her delivery. I cannot pass by Louie Loc's performance indifferently, as his flow is just perfect, Louie spits fire - no doubt.

Production on "We Are The Mob" is very solid from start to finish and mastering is very clear. Most of the beats have a heavy bass line and distinct, melodious samples. Get ready for mainly faster tempos, however you'll also hear a few slower joints.

Overall the project is a piece of good, classic rap that I'm used to; no modern type of shit, no flat beats, no trite lyrics or strange flows. If you miss dope Bay Area rap, this one deserves your time.

Written by: lethaface
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By TJ on 25 August 2020
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