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1 A.M.
Devilish Ways Recordings (2016)
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If you have at least peaked at the list of reviews we wrote and published on, you have probably noticed that we've had few opportunities to check out the feminine part of the California rap scene. It's not only because rap is dominated by men, but we simply know few women whose recordings we enjoy (sorry, no disrespect, it's just the way it is). I can count on one hand verses by femcees that I was really impressed by. Therefore I was rather skeptical about this underground release from a female artist named 1 A.M. representing Gilroy in the 408 area code. I must admit that before the "Invisible" project appeared in my collection, I wasn't even aware of her existence. As far as I've learned she recorded a lot of music before the hereby solo, at least 7 releases, out of which most were done as O.G. Chuhks. The artist switched her name to 1 A.M. somewhere around 2014. Let's see if there's something special about her work.

The "Invisible" album is wrapped in a simple, yet polished and clean artwork and a digipak. It is made of 10 songs, all done by 1 A.M. herself. I must say that her delivery is really pleasing; there's a lot of smoothness and easiness in her flow. Fortunately she doesn't try to follow male rap, she doesn't "harden" her flow or make it falsely rough. Her voice is nice, light and full of genuine emotions. Sometimes this is very audible (for instance in "Classic"), somewhere else much less ("Fire"); sometimes her flow is soaked with a lil bit of hip-hop ("How It Goes"), elsewhere she's much closer to singing ("Sunlight"). By the way, I do feel her rap delivery much more than her singing. 1 A.M. has a lot to say, which means you won't hear your typical rap tracks about being a king (or rather a queen) of the city, doing her own thang, hustling etc. However you'll definitely receive a bit of braggadocio ("Classic"), but that's an exception. She touches on some metaphorical topics about her life, problems she faces, emotions she experiences, or simply spits lines straight from her chest to all other chicks out there ("Girl"). Beats are well-fitting, matching all the topics and change from very slow, laidback and kind of mysterious ("Unseen") to some heavier slaps ("Classic", "Alpha"). The music was done by Dustfingaz, SammyOB, Lo Prophet, Saavane, 3 Point Beats, Booglain, Ignorvance and Canis Major.

I know that this album is probably a product that typical gangsta rap fans would not appreciate as much as women, because it's not really dripping with testosterone symptomatic for rap projects recorded by adolescents. On the other hand this artist has skills that would embarrass many rappers. You can check it out yourself on her BandCamp.

Props to Reckless for sending out the cd for review purposes.

Written by: lethaface
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